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Trump cancels N.K. summit meeting

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 12:58 AM

But that's just a silly article. Substance is indeed more important ; NK-foreign relations are at an all-time high. To my knowledge, no president since Bill Clinton visited a NK leader.. There is a now a working hotline between the two, there's increased cooperation between the koreas and recently there have been some site dismantling and remains of US soldiers were returned.
If you were to be alive before the fall of the USSR and you would watch it from the telly back home in USA, you perhaps also wouldn't believe it would ever happen. Give it time and believe in the cooperation between the diplomats working very hard behind the scene.

Trump's own White House has said NK has not taken any steps whatsoever towards denuclearization since Trump's talks with them. I'm glad you're so.. hopeful and optimistic about Trump's negotiating skills but when it comes to North Korea I'd rather see it before I believe it.
Also, what diplomats behind the scenes? We still don't have an ambassador to South Korea. If the  diplomats work out a peaceful solution, it won't be because of American ones. Why should Trump get credit for that? We have some of the greatest diplomats in the world but they're not getting any support from the executive office. Our State Department has been hobbled. 
No President has visited NK because they didn't want to legitimize a brutal regime without actual progress. Kim Jong Un has been elevated to the same level as the leader of the world's most powerful nation, and we've given up military exercises in solidarity with South Korea for what... remains that for all we know could be animal bones? I'm no historian so I don't know much about what actually caused the collapse of the USSR but I doubt it took a couple of mean tweets and then a photo op.
You will see in due time. These "sources" vary day by day. I remember when you guys believed a certain country had weapons of mass destruction. In fact North Korea broke some facilities before.

As for legitimizing governments - valid point but the UN spearheaded by the US had no problem with appointing Saudia Arabia for womens right or Robert Mugwabe for health issues. It is very easy to resort to "humanitarian needs!" when there are more countries that gravely break these boundaries.

Furthermore I believe your information to be off: in fact an ambassador was selected. https://www.cnn.com/...orea/index.html

In the end cooperation between the koreas is key followed by close bonding with America and China.
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