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2007 Price Guide + Marketplace Reminders & FAQ

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 02:49 PM

2007 RS Price Guide + Marketplace Reminders & FAQ

Old School RuneScape has brought back the pre-Grand Exchange method of trading. This has opened the door to abuse by the less honest players among us. Here are some tips and hints to help keep you safe while trading with other players.

The biggest ally in scam prevention is the second trade screen. Do not spam the accept button when performing a trade; be sure to look over the window carefully before clicking accept. Pay extra attention when buying items that may look similar to each other. For instance, when players are selling magic logs and they switch them for willow logs or yew longbows for willow longbows. These are just two examples of many ways players can trick you! If they changed the trade at all, it's safer to hit decline. This way if there's been a mistake, it can easily be completed through another trade request.

A player has asked me to meet them in a PvP world. Should I trust them?

Never meet a player in a PvP world. While some may have good intentions, there is no reason for you to meet them in a PvP world. The transaction can just as easily be completed within another world. If they want to sell/buy an item bad enough, they will use another world!

Are there any other dangerous areas I should be worried about?

Other dangerous areas include meeting players in locations such as Brimhaven, Draynor or Entrana. Often players will trick you into entering dangerous areas that will result in you being killed by NPCs and thus, dropping your items. This is especially important if you are a skiller or a generally low combat level. (For example: Draynor jail guards)

What about quest kits? What are they and should I trust them?

Quest kits contain all the items you need to complete a quest. This is obtained from the 'required items' portion of any quest guide. It saves you the time of gathering them all. However, some players are less than honest. When buying quest kits, view the quest item requirements before accepting the trade. They may not contain the required items at all and are instead entirely useless to you.

I saw an item on the price guide that a player claims to be rare; and it certainly seems so since I've never heard of it before!

Sometimes players claim a useless in-game item is very valuable and rare when it is not and charge you an exorbitant amount for it. (Would you pay 5 million GP for a tile?) If you have never heard of the item, then it probably isn't really that rare at all and is a scam. This shows that you must do research first before buying anything such as this. If you spot an item such as this listed in the price guide, please report it!

A player claimed they were muted and asked me to add them on Skype. Should I be suspicious?

You should absolutely be suspicious; never contact someone over Skype to perform a trade. Potential scammers will often claim they are muted to convince you to add them on Skype where they can exploit security vulnerabilities in the program to obtain your IP address. They can use this information to perform a denial of service attack upon you, which will cause you to disconnect from the game for the purposes of them stealing your items!

A player posted a topic selling/buying something in the marketplace, but they scammed me. What do I do?

Please report the topic using the "Report" button and provide as much information as possible. Providing screenshots and/or other evidence will help us in our investigation. Do not post on their topic saying that they scammed you; your post will be removed. Alternatively, you can contact a Marketplace CL directly through the private message system (names listed at the bottom of the Marketplace forum under 'forum led by' and this topic).

Don't forget to report them in-game as well. This is extremely important because we have no power over players in-game and by reporting them, Jagex can take action against them which can prevent other players from being scammed in the same fashion.

A player posted an offer on the OSRS Price Guide and scammed me, what do I do?

Similarly, you can report them to us using the report feature. On every item and player page there will be a link that looks like this:

Posted Image

Clicking the link will give you a box to explain the situation. Please try to provide as much proof as possible of the incident. For example, if you are reporting them claiming they lured you into a PvP world, perhaps get screenshot evidence of them asking you to enter a PvP world.

I need help validating for the OSRS Price Guide!

The following video guide will assist you in the validation process:

If you require further assistance please post a new topic in this forum.

I no longer need to buy/sell an item but it won't let me mark it as complete.

In order to mark an offer as complete, you need to be logged into an account on these boards both when you make an offer and when you mark it as complete. If you are not logged in when you make your offer, you will not be able to remove your post even if you log in to an account! This is because of technical issues. You need to be validated with the price guide in order to use it!

I've been scammed by users posting on this site, is there anyway I can get my items back?

It is unfortunate that this happened to you, but Zybez does not return lost items and is not responsible for anything lost in-game through trades or otherwise.
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