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Zybeznet Rules

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#1 Ramu


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 08:47 AM


Hello everyone and welcome! Zybez is pleased to present you with ZybezNet - our very own official RuneScape clan! We are proud to announce that it has a full-fledged Tier 7 and is almost always 500 strong, so it's time to celebrate and rejoice! Maxing out was an awesome achievement, which took a lot of time and effort from a plethora of dedicated and talented individuals - for which we can't thank them enough. We are always looking for new faces to join and help take our clan to the next level!

How to Join

Simply click on the clan chat tab in game and join 'ZybezNet'. Ask anyone for an invite and they will arrange to meet you somewhere. World 60 is our clan's home world.

Why Should I Join?

In addition to being part of a great community there are several aspects to enhance your Runescape experience.
  • Clan Avatar: When the skilling buff is active you receive a 3% experience boost on the same world and a 6% experience boost if you are within 22 squares of the avatar.
  • Free Experience: Each skill plot at the citadel gives free experience each week. You can easily get over 300k for 2700 resource.
  • Bonus Experience: Once you've skilled enough in the citadel you can redeem bonus experience for various skills that can be used within or outside of the citadel. Receive it from the Quartermaster to the left entrance of the keep. This bonus experience can be used on Woodcutting, Mining, Firemaking, Smithing, Crafting, Cooking, and Summoning.
  • PvM & Events: There's always people and groups tackling the strongest monsters (Nex, KK, Vorago, QBD, Telos) as well as very experienced PvMers willing to share bossing advice and experience. If you're more of a relaxed skiller or quester, don't worry, lots of us love to get involved in the latest quests, content, and holiday events.
  • Support: We are a very welcome, friendly, and laidback bunch. Come to us if you wish to chill while you're off exploring Gielinor. We also enjoy helping others and giving advice.
  • Diversity: We hail from all over the world so there's bound to be someone you can relate to.
  • Company: Our clanmates mean so much to us. Chat with and get to know awesome people and you won't be #foreveralone.

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#2 Jaddy


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:58 AM


As the official clan for the Zybez fansite, Zybeznet is linked with our official Friends Chat, Zchat. It is important to note that they all follow the same basic rules, so here's clarification on what those are. Remember, the rules are there to promote a positive atmosphere within the channel. Whilst we don't want to crush conversation - we don't want people to feel uneasy either. They include but are not limited to the following:

1. Do not spam in the channel. Those who do, for whatever reason, can be automatically kicked depending on the nature of that content. This rule covers everything from Quick Chat messages, profanities, website advertising, account selling, and so on. We do not want you to make an eyesore out of the chat.

2. Racism, discrimination, and/or excessive flaming can earn you a kick without warning. This is completely unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Please note that it is left to the moderator's discretion regarding what exactly constitutes such activities - so even if you are joking bear in mind that not everyone will find it funny.

3. Other more minor offences, for example the discussion of drugs and other illegal substances, will generally result in verbal warnings only. However, showing repeated disregard for those will result in a kick. Again, it is the moderator's discretion in regards to what is considered warn-able or not.

4. Treat other users with the same courtesy you would expect of them. If someone asks a question, for example, either provide a clear and concise answer to the best of your abilities or refrain from saying anything at all. Do not by any means, however, shut them down for being a "noob", "idiot", and so on. Users who persistently bully, harass, or 'troll' other users without heeding a moderator's request to stop will be kicked. If you think someone is deliberately being obtuse, please do contact an Admin+ and let them deal with the situation. It is not your place to take it into your own hands.

5. Players who circumvent their kick will be banned from the Clan Chat for a minimum of one week. If you are in such a situation and want to rejoin, then you must lodge an appeal with the moderating team. Let them discuss your case before deciding either way. Players who do not respect the rules may be subject to extended bans, or even permanent blacklisting.

6. The language of the chat is English. Whilst we appreciate that RuneScape contains a global community, this rule is for the sake of everyone's convenience. Discussion in anything but English will earn a warning. You are encouraged to PM those people you wish to carry on the conversation with instead.

7. Do not impersonate other users with similar names. We take this very seriously. Individuals who do so to insult or defame those people will be kicked without warning. If the target is a chat moderator, you will be permanently banned from the channel.

8. Do not criticize a moderator's decision in public. If you feel one has warned or kicked someone/yourself unfairly, the issue should be addressed and resolved in private via PM. Trying to whip up a mob-frenzy about them in the chat will not be tolerated. Our moderators volunteer to do their jobs so please give them the basic respect that they deserve. Incidents which you believe are particularly serious (for example, a moderator consistently abusing his/her powers) should be reported to the clan representatives Ramu and Ninjasteak either in-game or by sending them a message on the Zybez forums.

9. Follow the rules of the game. Abide by the Rules of Runescape and Runescape Forums Code of Conduct. Breaking them is an act of defiance against Jagex, Zybez, and Curse. This includes, but is not limited to: account trading, account sharing, claiming to be able to give free membership or Player Moderator status, promoting or using any type of macro program or third-party software, scamming or refusing to pay debts owed to clanmates, flaming posters or posting inappropriate content, and the advertising of private servers. Players found to be participating in any such activity will be permanently banned from the channel with no option to appeal. All Zybez accounts will also be suspended or banned indefinitely.

All kicks result in a ban. Owing to the fact that kicks remove people from the clan entirely, moderators in the vast majority of cases will only resort to them when verbal warnings have clearly failed to leave an impression on the troublemaker in question. None of us want to go down this road, but be clear on the fact that we will not hesitate to if necessary for the good of the clan as a whole.
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#3 blmred



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Posted 05 February 2013 - 12:04 PM


Recruit: one carrot; Starting rank
Corporal: two carrot; Reaching and maintaining 3 fealty (this takes 4 weeks; trial week plus 3 weeks to get 3 fealty)
Sergeant: three carrot; 8 weeks of maintaining 3 fealty
Lieutenant: bronze star; 12 weeks of maintaining 3 fealty
Captain: silver star; 16 weeks of maintaining 3 fealty
General: gold star; 20 weeks of maintaining 3 fealty
Admin: bronze compass; Avatar Wardens
Organizer: silver compass; Not used
Coordinator: gold compass; Not used
Overseers: bronze key; Moderators of RSC, Citadel Keepers, and Clan Leaders
Deputy Owner: silver key; Senior Moderators/Kings of RSC
Owner: gold key; W13

How To Get Ranked

Each month the keys will check everyone as best they can and will adjust ranks accordingly. You are able to get one rank adjustment per month up to General. If you have 3 fealty you will be bumped up one rank. If you want to ensure you are not missed then remind a key to check you.

Becoming a Moderator

  • Seniority: Those who are in the clan the longest will be the first to be considered for promotion to Admin. To gain seniority, the best thing to do is to advance the ranks and become a General.
  • Activity: Those who are active in the clan will improve their chances. The best way to appear active is to talk in clan chat. Participating in events, helping clan members, and making friends in the clan also help.
  • Utility: Those who are useful to the clan will improve their chances. Capping in the citadel, recruiting clan members, helping those in need, attending events, and not causing problems are among the things the moderating team values.
  • Trustworthiness: Those who cannot be trusted have no chance of becoming an Avatar Warden. Don't break the rules of Zybeznet and Jagex. Be respectful to your clanmates and listen to the high ranks.
  • Patience: Please do not brown-nose anyone to become an Avatar Warden. We will be promoting new ones gradually and only after careful consideration. Additional criteria may be considered, such as timezone and availability.
  • Communication: You must have and maintain a registered Runescape Community (RSC) account upon promotion to Admin/Warden and beyond. You will be asked to create one when the time comes. Those who cannot commit to checking the forums on a regular basis will not be promoted. Similarly, those who abandon their accounts at any time as Admin will risk demotion.

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#4 ZeroGwafa


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Posted 06 February 2013 - 09:06 AM

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned from the clan and find that you are ready to appeal, you may PM Ramu, Ninjasteak, Mellon Colly, Jaddy, ZeroGwafa, or theaman09 with the following information. Click on their names to see their profiles and message them. Remember to be as honest as possible.

RuneScape Name:
Reason For Ban:
Date Banned:
Appeal: (Why you think you should be unbanned)

All kicks result in a ban but the duration of that ban varies. Appealing does not guarantee that you will be unbanned. Once you appeal expect a decision within one week. Do not send more than one appeal unless told to by the moderating team. This could lead to denial of your appeal and an extended ban time.

First kick - 7 days minimum wait to appeal.
Second kick - 21 days minimum wait to appeal.
Third kick - 60 days minimum wait to appeal.

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