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Demon Slayer - Reinvented For No Good Reason?

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#1 Dark Sun Tan

Dark Sun Tan


Posted 29 January 2013 - 10:16 PM

Apparently to my surprise as I was looking through my quest list , I found that Demon Slayer has been the third quest, following after Rune Mysteries and Stolen Hearts ( a reinvention of the former Prince Ali Rescue quest - IMHO ) that I have noticed that has been now, reinvented. Its seems to me that Jagex has started on a path to reinvent their f2p quests since the EoC. This a sign of really poor planning on their side. When you reinvent a game all over again as a programmer - it means that there was no after thought for expansion or change. The whole game has been in my thoughts, as an example of a horror story in the programming world as suriving by creeping featurism to extensions adding creeping featurism to previous creeping featurism (see http://foldoc.org for this terminology definition). You don't have to worry about this since your just the end user. What the heck am I talking about? See way below below...

To understand the Demon Slayer quest, I went online to Jagex website to copy this info and it reads after their event of demon flash mobs description as:



Demon Slayer Quest Rework (free players and members)

The Wilderness isn't the only place where demonic forces pierce the veil. In a rework of the old Demon Slayer quest, you'll help Grüfeld Bach - demon hunter extraordinaire - to foil a wicked plot against Varrock by finding the legendary sword Silverlight.

The new quest is a much more focused experience than its travel-heavy predecessor, as you complete trials to test your mind, body and spirit on your quest for the sword, and comes complete with shiny new graphics and amazing audio.

If you've already completed the old version of the quest, you'll be able to replay this one. You won't get any more Quest Points for doing so, though, and you won't need to complete the new quest in order to wear your quest cape or completionist cape.

So whats the point ? I get another silverlight sword... or I just waste my time for a quest I have already done? Is this a trend that some of our member quests will be redone in the near future? Maybe this is good in some way, but bad if we have to do it again. It seems that some of the quests dont meet the challenge standards - now that we have EoC. I guess Jagex didn't realize that they made the game easier not challenging, as they thought in the first place.

creeping featurism is like this.....

The way RS has changed would be comparable to a hypothetical famous book author publishing a popular book that sells, and then a year later changes the book story adds/subtracts portions of what he/she thinks should be modified and then republishes it. Now which book makes sense to you, the one where the good guy wins at the end or where the good guy dies at the end? More often the story author has the tendency to add more vs. subtract parts of the story plot line as it is modified. It would be similar, but not exactly - to the way director Peter Jackson doctored J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings original story for the movie series so that your confused from what you read in the book(s).

Similary I am confused why Jagex bothers changing Demon Slayer with a new story plot line ( or for that matter Rune Mysteries, or what was once the Prince Ali rescue quest , that is now Stolen Hearts ).

Maybe I am wrong about the f2p quests being reinvented, perhaps the next new generation of RS players will appreciate it. As far as you who have been playing RS since its inception - may have been asking why and what for is this happening in your thoughts. For me, it doesn't ruin my enjoyment of RS, it just adds confusion - but that about all it does.

I don't understand the reinvention of Demon Slayer.... do you ?

Dark Sun Tan

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#2 Renkotsu


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 10:24 PM

Well you also have to keep in mind that some quests (like Prince Ali Rescue and Rune Mysteries) get reworked to better reflect the new atmosphere in the game. Keep in mind, these quests haven't been touched since their debut in RS1, so as time comes to pass, these quests begin to show their age. RuneScape is in dire need of fresh blood. Most of the people on here have been playing for years upon end, so in order to attract newer players, they have to rework things to make it more appealing to a different audience.

#3 Cypher


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 11:49 PM

Don't forget that they also replaced the Romeo and Juliet quest with Gunnar's Ground in 2010 long before eoc was in development or even thought about. Doric's quest was also completely overhauled. I believe Jagex just decided that they didn't want to have boring fetch quests in the game. Two other fetch quests, Witch's Potion and Sheep Shearer, were completely downgraded to mini-quest status with no quest point rewards attached. RuneScape has a good reputation for having quests that are actually engaging with a plot and unique characters, rather than simply making you collect an item or kill a few monsters. Jagex is just going through the older quests that don't match this model and updating them to actually be worthy of being called a quest. Even Demon Slayer used to be a simple fetch quest combined with slay this monster. You collected the items you needed for silverlight and then killed the demon. Not much plot there. Granted, I haven't played the new Demon Slayer yet, but if it's anything like the other remakes, it should actually feel like a quest instead of an assignment.

So I am wholeheartedly for these quest remakes. Rune Mysteries had me take an object to the wizard's tower, then to Aubury, then back to the wizard's tower and I was done. Now there's actually a plot and the quest (plus its sequel) is actually quite a bit of fun. I actually don't understand why you dislike the remakes. Keep in mind though, if you've already done the original quest you don't have to do the remake and can pretend it never existed.

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#4 Dark Sun Tan

Dark Sun Tan


Posted 30 January 2013 - 12:03 AM

View PostThe Puppetmaster, on 29 January 2013 - 10:24 PM, said:

Well you also have to keep in mind that some quests (like Prince Ali Rescue and Rune Mysteries) get reworked to better reflect the new atmosphere in the game. Keep in mind, these quests haven't been touched since their debut in RS1, so as time comes to pass, these quests begin to show their age. RuneScape is in dire need of fresh blood. Most of the people on here have been playing for years upon end, so in order to attract newer players, they have to rework things to make it more appealing to a different audience.

Well if thats the case , why doesn't Jagex rework the quests where you need another partner such as shield of arrav and heroes quest, and others of the kind so that you can do it alone? Its a real pain in the neck to find someone of the opposite gang ( Black arm or The Phoenix ) , because those kind of quests with that requirement are a real hold up in trying to enjoy the game. Most of the quests of RS are solo anyways so why not have those quests solo too?

Well now that you mention it - why didn't they have the swept away quest originally located in the f2p world location instead of at the where it was in the p2p world location near the seer's village (where I solved it)?

Dark Sun Tan

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#5 Ankit


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 12:03 AM

Wasn't demon slayer already remade in 2007ish already?

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#6 Mikuri


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 01:00 AM

Well, remakes are cool in my opinion. The rune mystery serie updated not long ago was somehow nicely done visually and it felt like a totally new quest, so I liked it. Keep in mind that I like quests.

Havent't done this demon slayer one yet but I should clear it soon.
I guess in the end, it's a better thing to show f2p for them to be attracted to more quests (member)
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#7 ʸᵃʸ


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 01:14 AM

No one at Jagex could have possibly anticipated the game lasting this long. There's just no way if you told me "hey, this game you're making in your bedroom in your spare time because you're bored? yeah it'll be a guiness world record winning multi-million dollar game in ten years, better future-proof it as hard as you can!" I would have believed you. Not only is future-proofing ANYTHING for 10 years nearly impossible, knowing the quest environment in RS in 10 years would be flat out impossible. Even the best guesser in the world couldn't predict that. Think anyone making Chef's Assistant would have predicted we'd be doing ME:Pt2, WGS, or even Desert Treasure only a few years down the road? No.

Expecting Jagex to make every single quest feel up-to-par with modern quests, when there is zero way to predict what "modern quests" will be even six months from now, let alone ten years from now, is absolutely insane.

#8 Dakk.



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 11:48 AM

The reinvention idea and direction were completely fine, just the execution wasn't that great.

The main objective was to reinvent the quest to make it a bit more serious without all the Wallies and silly knights who lose keys in severs. This quest was about good old heroism and demonslaying.

What went right:
-The boss fight was pretty cool actually. I was generally surprised Delrith didn't go down in one hit and managed to sneak in a fine amount of damage in relation to the challenge level of the quest. The visuals and models were good too.
-I loked how you act like the big hero and pull the sword out of the stone like the Excalibur.

So what went wrong?
-The trials were too cliche and lacking. Combat, a simple puzzle and obvious questions. The combat part I'm fine with, after all it's still just a noob quest. The puzzle could have been more thought-provoking instead of 'follow my directions!' style of a puzzle. The questions should've been clever riddles instead of questions about the quest.
-In the end the quest didn't feel too heroic. Maybe if there was voice-acting and the quest giver didn't just go and recruit you in a church. Would've been better if the quest started like Regicide did; a random priest wanders by and asks for your assistance.
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#9 Bow


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 03:12 PM

I don't mind the remake, or any of the quests that have been redone.  I think when so much time passes on certain things it becomes out of date.  To bring it back around again and make sure it lines up with the current train of thought is only necessary.  However, with that kind of thinking will lead to a lot of things needing to be updated over time and can often get on people's nerves if too much of a focus.

I see it as part of the game, everything is a work in progress even after it's been released, and is always open to being altered again.  That is why there is so much adjustments and changes made over time, re-making quests here and there is just a part of that.
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#10 Kaur



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 04:21 PM

Keep in mind this is the content that gives first impression of the game to new players and well, first impression means everything.
If you have to abandon a quest out of frustration because you can't find some key at the end of sewer system, there's something wrong with it.
The quest also required any player without a photographic memory to write things down outside the game world in order to remember the correct incantation(Purchai Camerinthum gabindo carlem aber, yeah right I remember that!). If you need to come out of the game to complete a puzzle, then you are breaking immersion and losing the flow of the content.
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