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Which Is The Most Useful Scrimshaw?

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#1 Isobel



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Posted 29 January 2013 - 05:54 PM

With the release of the player-owned ports update came the release of a new item; the scrimshaw, which is held within the pocket slot. Once 4 scrolls and 10 ancient bones have been collected, players can make a scrimshaw; the tradeable version of which can used for three hours before it crumbles into dust. There are 10 different kinds of scrimshaw which provide effects when used during skilling:

Log-splitting scrimshaw - gives a 15% chance of splitting a log while Woodcutting, which gives extra Woodcutting xp.
Rock-crushing scrimshaw - gives a 15% chance of crushing ore while mining, giving additional mining xp.
Tree-shaking scrimshaw - gives an increased chance of finding bird's nests while Woodcutting, as well as finding implings.
Gem-finding scrimshaw - gives an increased chance of finding a gem after mining a rock.
Scrimshaw of vampyrism - takes 1-5% of the enemy's health once every hit.
Scrimshaw of the elements - adds extra damage to elemental magic attacks.
Scrimshaw of cruelty - range hits have a chance to cause bleed or poison effects.
Scrimshaw of ranging - increases the chance of making a critical hit with range by 2.5%.
Scrimshaw of magic - increases the chance of making a critical hit with magic by 2.5%
Scrimshaw of strength - increases the chance of making a critical hit with melee by 2.5%.

Bearing this information in mind my question is: would you consider using a scrimshaw yourself/do you think they could become widely used by players? Which ones and why? How much would you be willing to pay for the benefits of the scrimshaw?

I think that certain scrimshaws have the potential to become commonly used items. Though the GE prices of scrimshaws remains around 10M per scrimshaw, I believe that the prices that they buy and sell at are much lower than this; but in my opinion a greater price decrease is required in order for scrimshaws to become more widely used.

The log splitting and rock crushing scrimshaws seem like items that could become used in training in Woodcutting and Mining. They could increase the experience rates gained from training, both by increasing the amount of experience earned from gaining a resource and by decreasing the amount of banking required. The effect of the rock-crushing scrimshaw is said to grant 50% bonus experience of mining that type of ore. This equates to around 7.5% bonus xp on top of regular mining training, adding ~20k bonus experience gained over 3 hours of use of the scrimshaw (assuming mining training giving 90k xp/hr). The effect of these scrimshaws may seem small, but it would add up over the potential hundreds of hours that go into achieving 99 Mining/Woodcutting. For that reason I believe these two scrimshaws are probably the most useful.

I know less about combat, so I am not sure whether the effects of the strength, magic, ranging, cruelty and vampyrism scrimshaws are very useful or not. Perhaps these scrimshaws could be a worthwhile investment for pvm'ers. However ordinary monsters, such as those killed by slayers, do not seem sufficiently strong enough to necessitate the use of the boosts from scrimshaws and for that reason I see limited use for these scrimshaws.

I believe that the gem-finding and log-splitting scrimshaws may be the least useful of the scrimshaws available. Initially there was much hype over the gem-finding scrimshaw, with many people claiming to have received multiple onyxes from using a single scrimshaw. Since then more testing has been done, showing that these rumours greatly under-exaggerated the rarity of getting an onyx gem and the scrimshaw price has subsequently fallen. The increased nests gained from the tree-shaking scrimshaw are also unlikely to make much money, given that crushed nests are much cheaper than they used to be, unless the player gets lucky and finds a high-level seed inside them. Some players have reported finding kingly implings due to these scrimshaws, though it is not at all clear how often these high level implings appear. Given the cheapness of the items commonly gained from these scrimshaws, and the rareness of more expensive items, it seems that these scrimshaws will remain the least useful unless their price falls extremely low.

All this information was taken off the unofficial RS wiki pages about each scrimshaw.
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#2 spoonheb


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 06:01 PM

I would use a scrimshaw, if they weren't so expensive. In a few months when people kind of forget about them I'll probably buy some to help me while skilling.

I see the most useful ones as log-splitting and rock-crushing because they have a high % of activation and will benefit you constantly.

After that, I saw in a video someone used 2 gem-finding scrimshaws and got 1 onyx gem so that could be luck or it could be that common. If it is that common those will probably be overpriced for the rate of gathering onyx gems anyways because that's kind of how the game's economy works :-P.

Currently I don't see much need for such a small damage or lifepoint boost when PvM'ing because you simply don't need to spend the money to increase your trip length by 1 or 2 kills. Unless these become affordable I don't see them being commonly used.
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#3 Milktea4me


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 06:15 PM

For me, it'd be the Scrimshaw of Vampyrism. When it comes to Bossing, i feel this would be the better choice overall because camping is more important than a small percentage like 2.5%.
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#4 Mikuri


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 06:46 PM

Vampyrism looks like the most interesting for me.
Other combat ones are kinda low % to be worth it :/
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#5 Aflstar



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Posted 31 January 2013 - 04:37 AM

For me, I'd have to say the gemfinder would be the most helpful. I've moved on from most PvM and this seems to be the most beneficial. I've always been against bonus' that take away from the items your gathering (a la, the items that burn logs whilst woodcutting), as personally, the reason I train those skills are for the gathering aspect.
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#6 5 x

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 04:56 PM

To me, the Tree-shaking scrimshaw looks interesting. I wonder what kind of implings can appear and what are the rates/rarity of them. Also, will it stack with strung rabbit's foot for nests? I guess time will tell and this will be tested. Personally I won't invest in a scrimshaw any time soon unless the prices fall even more.

I heard from a few sources that the Gem-finiding scrimshaw only produces a few gems before vanishing and supposedly it's not worth it. That chance for an onyx though...

Posting in an Isobel thread :o
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