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I Had A Thought, And It Turned Into A Couple Paragraph's

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#1 death treads

death treads


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Posted 22 January 2013 - 11:05 AM

Everyone has their opinion of RS Pre-2007 and Post-2007, The majority of people being on the side of Pre-2007.

I don't play runescape anymore, in fact i haven't logged in to actually play since before free trade was reintroduced, I started in early 03 and went on for at least 6 or 7 years strong, as it was a big part of my life when i was growing up, even to this day i frequently check forums and youtubers for content updates and pvp videos. I don't know why exactly i always find myself searching for these, i know for sure i will never start up playing again.

Im constantly seeing posts, comments and whole threads dedicated for people telling everyone how much they would rather be playing Pre-07 to Post-07. I have a thought about the reason why, a reason I've never read or heard before.

I figure the majority of people who started RS in the beginning, found the game on gaming websites. Most of the games were flash games or ya know small simple arrow key games, RS was the first mmorpg i had ever seen on these sites. Either this happened, or your friends showed you, either way they most likely found RS from one of those library of games sites. We started playing rs, had no idea what we were getting into. At the start we were all the same, clueless kids infatuated by the game because there was always something new and unknown that could make our accounts better.

Back then the community was mostly a group of kids the same age, who else was playing these games on those games sites but kids? The majority of the community was made up of kids not even in their adolescence. This meant it was just a virtual playground, a fun place for any kid who is still learning. The childish excitement of reaching your RS goal or obtaining your first rune item, whatever it was it was important back then.

Now lets look at Post-07. The community has grown and be diversified. Die hard scapers who started years before are still going, while new kids are just starting. I could go on forever and create a huge tldr thread about the conflict this creates, ill just say basics and hope most of you who read this understand. The two groups now create a huge conflict, scamming/luring flourished, the ability to lie or manipulate people became so much easier. Youtubers were becoming a popular trend and many of them exploited their impressionable fans.

Most people who played Pre-07 and continued to play for a while after, understand everything in the game basically. Nothing is new anymore, nothing is exciting. You want a certain skill level or a quest done? easy, Grind grind grind or look up a quest guide. You know almost everything in the game and you've probably made more than one account on the way there,

So now you find solace in glorifying the old days and blaming jagex for taking it away from you and leaving you with all these horrible updates, never listening to the players infamous "we pay we say" speaches. Let me share my perspective on this. You all grew up, grew through your adolescence and now harbour responsibilities you didn't have back when you were carefree, always excited to play to reach your first goal. You became bored when the excitement went away, you learned everything to earn was the result of grinding and nothing more. You asked and recieved more than enough guides for literally everything on runescape. You turned on jagex, never letting the next "RS Pre-??" generation to have what you did, instead you made them listen to your rants and complaints. established youtubers who promise prizes for views/likes/subs. Started selling/buying your rsgp. That new generation came into a game where noone cared about (i know this is a cliche) "honor" or in retrospect, morals as if the person you were interacting with was your friend and you two were playing a video game.

In my opinion, jagex didn't ruin this game, it was the vast majority of players who contributed to refusing to mature and leave the game after they lost what made them love it to begin with. Its not jagex's fault you instictively log into runescape everyday without the passion for it, that's your own personal problem. Ive seen a lot of jagex squeezing every penny they can out of their players, who the hell wouldn't after everything that's been done? The majority of players aren't appreciative, they bot, they gamble and they lie all the time. Hell, i bet without the SoF spins, if you pooled all the RS youtubers together, they probably make more than the most paid person working under runescape, and MOST of them constantly complain about the game.

To recap and for all those TL;DR people. The misconception is RS was at its best PRE-07. I think the truth is, how you felt about the game, the memories you made with people your age in Pre-adolescence, the whole community in general, The constant passion to learn more, get high stats and gain money has all dissappeared. The reality is, you learned this game is nothing but grind, you ranted and complained for 6 years and ruined the game for yourselves. You should've quit when you lost the passion you had when you first started playing, rather than be zombiefied for years after, playing a videogame that's lost its entertainment value because you've lost touch with distinguishing the two different realities.

Anywho, Thank you to all who reads this, whether you agree with me or not, I appreciate being given your time to explain what i think about this.

To the people who have played all these years, been through it all and still enjoy the simple calm of skilling, i don't know how you do it, I've always wanted to know how you had so much patience and how your passion from the beginning didn't burn out like most of ours. Im talking to all you skillers/pvmers who rarely pvp, never gamble and always seem to have a stable bank aswell as mind set in the game. I had tried many times before, to "restart" my account by selling my items and work towards buyable 99s, but i get bored after 20 minutes. I've made a few skillers, which i ended up turning into pures -.-

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#2 spoonheb


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Posted 22 January 2013 - 12:53 PM

A "couple" paragraphs, eh?

I saw this game on those gaming sites your refering to, but I never played it from there. I don't know why, I guess I was just looking for a quick time-killer type game there. I began playing when my IRL friends introduced it to me, at first I was skeptical but now I am the last one who still plays it.

I think that the YouTube partner community began introducing a different aspect to the game, which was around the same time RWT'ing was flourishing. Now RSGP is readily converted into currency and you know that people such as flower hosts or lurers / scammers generally sell off their gold. Many of them openly admit to it (Not in-game though :-P).

I believe there is something to be said for morality on the internet, but at the same time you cannot ask too much of a person. Say someone played for 2 years, killing green dragons or whatever and then a random player accidentally AFK'ed and died in front of them with a partyhat. That person may have worked just as hard for the pixels as the other person but would you expect the majority of the general RS population to give it back? I certainly would not.

I have no misconceptions about when the game was in it's peak. I will say more people played the games at certain times and some updates made people quit but those people would be equally upset if there was a lack of updates. Some people just can't accept that things change over time and Jagex as a company must continually find new things to create or introduce to the game to try and keep some players entertained, even though it may not be for a majority of the players.

Also I guess I would be in that group you touched on, the players who have played so long that nothings really surprising or unknown, but with the evolution of combat that changed a bit since for awhile I did not know how to PvM (I still don't know very well). I am hoping the new skills introduced this year will be fun and different, because let's face it what new gatherer skill could they introduce that has something worth or needing to be gathered. Since I cannot think of anything interesting, worth building a whole skill around that should be at least entertaining for awhile after release.

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#3 I Love You

I Love You

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 05:04 PM

I agree with you. The community has changed, but that' to be expected as time goes on. I also do agree that it was the community that partially ruined the game but also Jagex. I mean, yes, back then, the community was full of fun people to talk to and kind people who didn't instantly flame when you typed something. However, Jagex did allow their game to be overrun by bots. And as much as they said they are trying to prevent it, they receive a huge loss of profit whenever they ban bots.
But I think people shouldn't continue to hate on Jagex or this game. This game has provided years of entertainment to us and I think we should all just enjoy the time we have playing it, or if you quit, then the time we spent playing it :)
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#4 Magick



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Posted 22 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

There is nothing new here, everything that you posted has been said before, unfortunately.

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#5 Tee 3

Tee 3


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Posted 22 January 2013 - 05:56 PM

I've been playing since 2004 and think post 07 is better than pre 07. I usually only complain over rwt-esque things (solomon pisses me off) but eventually I get used to them. It's my game and I love it and nobody can take that from me.

Imo community had way, way more scammers and trash pre 07 but now we have to put up with the annoying grognards too :-P

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#6 death treads

death treads


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Posted 22 January 2013 - 06:31 PM

There is nothing new here, everything that you posted has been said before, unfortunately.

I do keep up with the forums and videos quite often, but not often enough to have known that. Either way, i wasn't trying to discredit anyone i was making a topic for discussion. If you didn't want to revisit your thoughts on this, theres no need to pointlessly build your post count. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just demonstrating the way you came off.

Rene i completely agree with you about the botting situation and how little efforts went into a solution on jagex's part. I guess the blame is on both sides. Im more gearing this towards the ideology behind losing interest in the game, but staying as if in spite of jagex to continuously complain update after update rather than to stop playing and move on. I was victom of it, i never looked at it this way until now for whatever reason. Im curious to see what others think about my opinion or if they share similar view
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