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Marketplace Rules - Use The New Osrs Topic Prefix

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 10:07 PM

Marketplace Rules

Welcome to the Marketplace board. This forum can be used as both a discussion based board and a way to trade of RuneScape items. If you need buy, sell, or trade your goods, this is the place for you.

1. Be a Good Member. Being a "good member" includes following all of the universal rules within the community. Specifically to Marketplace however, this includes:
  • Not interrupting others' topics.

    Do not post your advertisements in someone else's topics, or try to "steal away" their business in their topic.

  • No flaming or spamming.

    No flaming is a given. If you do not agree with someone's offer, just respectfully decline. There is no need to belittle another member. Also, do not spam. This means, do not post an offer in a topic if you do not plan on actually going through with the transaction.  Essentially, if you bid, you are promising you will deliver with payment.  If you are caught fake bidding, there will be a consequence.

  • No excessive amount of topics.

    Keep all of your sales in the board in one topic, please. There is no need to have an individual topic for every sale you intend on completing. The exception to this, is if you desire to have a topic for all of your buying/selling transactions, and a separate one if you have a shop or lending. Therefore, you may have a grand total of 5 topics. One for buying, one for selling, one for a shop/service, one for borrowing, and one for lending. Anything outside of that will be closed.

  • Report topics that violate the rules via the Report System.

    This is the fastest way to ensure the board remains clean and no problems arise. If for some reason the report system is down, PM an active moderator with the situation.

  • No Luring.

    The marketplace is not the place to lure other players. Any attempts for luring others will result in suspension from the community.

  • No Trust Trading.

    Zybez does not condone any sort of Trust trading. Whether it be gambling, lending, or a service. This is to ensure a healthy and safe Marketplace. This includes all buying, selling, and services.

  • Only Sell Items Through Runescape.

    In accordance with Jagex's rules, it is illegal to sell Runescape items for anything in real life. They term this act as "Real World Trading." If you attempt to sell your account for anything, you will be banned, no questions asked. This includes selling the account for items in Runescape as well. It is a bannable offence in Runescape, and therefore is one here as well.

  • Do not post a topic with a starting price that is lower/higher than what you are willing to sell/buy for.    

    These topics just create SPAM within the board, and therefore are unnecessary.  If you continuously do this, you may receive a consequence.

  • When placing a bid, make a reasonable bid in relation to the previous one.    

    Do not make any outrageous bids. This means, do not bid 1gp more than the person before you (unless you are bidding on objects such as runes, ores, arrows, etc.).  A good general rule of thumb, is for every 10k of worth the item is, you should bid at least 1k higher than the previous bid.  Example: Someone is selling a Rune Plate. The previous bid on the Rune Plate was 50k.  Your bid should be at least 55k. This includes trying to buy, sell, or trade item for an amount that is to high or low.

  • When starting a topic, post a tag!          

    As everything is in one board here, please add the correct tag in front of your topic title, to make it easier to sort out what is going on in your topic. Add a (B) for Buying, [S] for Selling, [L] for Lending, [Borrow] for any topic regarding borrowing items, and [Service] for any type of service.

  • Do not post a topic for purpose of begging.

    These topics just create SPAM within the board, and therefore are unnecessary. This includes asking for donations. If you continuously do this, you may receive a consequence.

2. Discussion Rules.
  • All discussions must be pertinent to the trading of RuneScape items and their trading trends.
  • Follow universal discussion rules.
  • Advertising of your site(s) is not allowed within the Marketplace, regardless if there is a link back to Zybez's RSC.
  • You are not allowed to state that people should contact you on any Instant Messaging program (MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) to complete a transaction.
  • RuneScape Classic services belong here.
3. Giving away Gifts.
  • All gifts must be given within 48 hours.
  • You must provide a screenshot of the item(s) you are giving away

Gifts aren't a competition or a bid - they shouldn't take long to give away. You will be PM'd on the 2nd day reminding you of your thread and asking about the gift. At the end of the second day, your thread will be closed.


Additional Information:
If a person is buying/selling something, and is never on RuneScape, or doesn't reply to his/her topic, then please PM that person. If you do not receive a Response within 7 days, Please PM a moderator or Money Making & Marketplace CL.

Breaking any of the above rules can result in:
  • First Offence:

    Warning Via PM

  • Second Offence

    Rating Deduction and Temporary Suspension

  • Third Offence:

    Rating Deduction and Longer Suspension

  • Fourth Offence:

    Possible Permanent Ban

Note: The staff reserves the right to adjust the punishments as necessary to whatever situation arises. They may not necessarily follow this exact guideline.


Marketplace Leader


Marketplace Staff

The duck, Jim, Jaddy, Evi, Ninjasteak, Luftey, The Corf

If you have any questions feel free to PM us or any other moderators.

Zybez Runescape Community Marketplace Staff

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 03:33 PM

Attention all: We have created a new OSRS thread prefix that you can select when creating a topic.

If your thread concerns OSRS then please tag it as such so that we all know!


For those of you who don't know what or where to use the prefix it is located on the page when you go to post a topic. It is the highlighted blue box. Just click the drop down box and select "OSRS."

Posted Image

Edited by Jim, 31 March 2013 - 12:43 AM.
Added a "How to use prefix"

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” - Will Smith

Always beefin' in #cdrsc till the day I die


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Posted 18 June 2013 - 05:12 PM

We have changed a part of the rules. The change allows multiple topics for buying, selling, lending/borrowing, and services. With this rule you should post all "Buying X" in 1 topic. The same goes for Selling, Lending/Borrowing, and Services. This allows a total of 4 open topics at one time.

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Posted Image

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