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A Day In My (Rs) Life

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#1 Daviddts



Posted 17 November 2012 - 06:14 PM

Hiya Everyone! :-D
I've played RuneScape now for about 5-6 years, over that time I've experienced so much and met so many awesome players -- I've had some really great times on RuneScape and I'd just like to take the time and share some of my RuneScape memories with you all and hopefully in return you all can share some of yours! Be warned, this will be a long topic, as I have a very active scape life! Also, all the display names will change but all screenshots are me, I just change display names a lot so when you see for example God of Nacht or Cookiess don't get confused, that's me! :innocent:

Before I became involved in clanning I loved to chill on W56 and fish,, although I never gained 99 fishing until about 2011 I would still just fish and relax even though I was very slow at catching sharks, I still had a great time. I really enjoyed hanging out in a W56 popular friends channel and talking to locals there. This had to be some of the most fun times I've had in RuneScape because I knew so little about the game life, and I could just socialize and have a great time, the small community in W56 is really what got me into the clan community world. Sadly though after about a year of just chilling with people on W56 and just worrying about fishing and questing the owner of the chat had some downfalls and the community chat went down, when the chat went down I was a little upset as I didn't have the "flow" of people to talk to like I had before, so I started to take up questing as I loved the rewards and it took up time -- however, eventually I became bored with questing and I took up leading a clan on my own.

I'll start with the period that really got me into the 'community' side of RuneScape. About ~6 months after playing RuneScape in late '06 or early '07 I started getting into leading a clan, leading a clan is really (IMO) what brought me all of the great times I've had in RuneScape -- I've met some awesome people, had the opportunity to host some events alongside the past clan CM team, and many other fun times. When I really got involved in the clan community was with my clan "Wolfs Eye", when I started Wolfs Eye I can easily say I was a "noob" in clan leading, I had very little experience in leading, and really had no idea what I was doing other than wanting to chillax with some friends and other people from RuneScape.

Fast forward to about ~2 years of leading Wolfs Eye I met someone from the LFC forums who probably became one of my closest RuneScape friends, I won't name her but will just call her Reddy. Reddy joined Wolfs Eye and was wanting to test out the clan world for awhile and get views from other clans, we started talking and both had leading experience and connected really well, helping each other with skilling and a lot of other things. For now I'll leave a gap in the story of Reddy and I as really nothing major happened in the period between this other than chatting, however, she'll come back soon enough! :-D

During the "golden times" of Wolfs Eye I was working on questing, chatting, and skilling. I tried focusing on all skills as my goal was to complete every quest in RuneScape (Amazing Right?!) I remember I would always come to Zybez and scroll through quest and be like "OMG!!!! I SOOOO WANT THAT REWARD!!!! :woeh:" and I'd get the levels and sub-quest needed to do it and then eventually I'd complete it. After a year or so of skilling and just having fun I ended up finishing all the quest, although I didn't have a party I told some close friends when I got it. After this I started focusing on getting a 99, so I thought I'd maybe get 99 fishing so went to go to W56, however W56 was under maintenance so I went to 55 I believe where I met another great friend who I'll call Bear. Bear was there, he was a really awesome energetic person and a crown fitting of his personality. :king: I started to make jokes to him about how he stole goldilock's stew and ruined her house, and eventually he had to go and I figured that's the last I'd see of him -- however to my shock he PM'd me the next day and our friendship grew from there, we are still great friends and we've done so much together it's hard to believe we've been friends for so few years.

When I realized I couldn't get 99 fishing I went and got 99 cooking, while cooking I became active on the forums again (I'd previously been an avid poster) and applied for Leader only forums. After getting 99 cooking and having a celebration for my first 99 I started to become an avid poster in the Leader Forums, I loved the area -- it had *awesome* players of the community and the 2 greatest J-Mods I've ever met. Through out my time in the Leader Forums I started to host events within the leader community, bringing together Clan leaders and really connecting with the J-Mods there as well. Awhile after getting access to the Leader Forums Dungeoneering was released and Reddy and I started talking about how great it would be to lead a Dungeoneering clan open to everyone, of course I was game for the idea! :lmao:

Myself and Reddy opened up a Dungeoneering clan that allowed everyone regardless of their level, and we didn't allow leeching. At the start, we did not expect the clan to take off the way it did. I mean, there were tons of other dungeoneering clans, why would they join us? So we started recruiting on popular Dungeoneering Worlds "Join FC for Fast Floors!!" and we started getting a large amount of people, after doing this for a week straight to our shock we had acquired a 24/7 Dungeoneering clan. I have so much history tied to this clan alone I could take up pages and pages of a thread going on about it, however, the main focus on the Dungeoneering clan is it grew and grew and we added more ranks, more ideas, and it continues to grow today, the original founders are still the leaders and we've been through a lot, it says a lot for a few founders to be together 2+ years later with the clan still going strong.

In between working with DS I started to focus on getting my scapelife long goal of 99 Fishing, while going for 99 Fishing I saw the price of chinning had went down so I sold most of my beloved bank and spent ~160M on chinning supplies, getting my fishing level to 98 by catching rocktails and then I started to focus solely on range. While working on Range my friend Bear PM'd me and he'd been working on fishing and was very close to 99, so I told him I wanted him to get 99 Fishing with me (Such a coincidence that we met fishing now we were about to get 99 together!) so I got 98 ranged with maybe 1,000 exps left and told him whenever he was ready we'd get 99 Fishing and Ranged together, so we planned a date and many of my friends and his came to a huge 99 party where we both got 99 fishing at the same time and then we walked to my POH where I got 99 ranged.

After getting duel 99's I continued to expand my activity in the Leader Forums, I started to outreach to community wide events and trying to work with the J-Mods to make that possible. I hosted a Halloween Fest for all players, inner events/clubs, and helped with a Clanentine event organized by Mod Kathy where we would "Help A Noob" by answering questions they had and then eventually doing a conga line to the fally party room where we hosted a major drop party. After being in the Leader Forums for awhile Mod Kathy was moved to another area and we had to say good bye to our sea queen so hosted a large good bye party where leaders from all parts of the leading community showed up to say their goodbyes to the queen of seas. However, my activity and initiative carried on in the Leader Forums with the remaining J-Mod Timbo.

After being active in the Leader Forums for many more months it came to the time where Mod Timbo was to be appointed to a new job, so we lost our little Noob Timbo and of course -- we had a huge goodbye party all expressing our good wishes for him and saying how much we'd miss his noobiess. This was a sad time as he was a great charismatic person who was great at leading clan leaders (It's hard to lead a group of leaders!).

..............Please take the time to share your RS historial photos and memories with them^_^

Some Pictures of my RuneScape Life:


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#2 Nitromanic


    Pure F2P

Posted 17 November 2012 - 06:35 PM

Well o.O this is a very impressive collection of photos with Mod's! An amazing read and amazing photos, good luck with your clan in the future, you've done very well so far, keep it up :-D

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#3 Daviddts



Posted 18 November 2012 - 10:29 AM

Thanks for reading and replying. :-) And also thanks for wishing luck on running clan, at the time I'm not in one so I need to get those details worked out this summer! :-O
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#4 RxSam



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Posted 18 November 2012 - 12:38 PM

Very interesting, I enjoyed reading this! :D
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#5 Daviddts



Posted 18 November 2012 - 12:48 PM

Glad you all are enjoying.:-) I'd love to see some of your alls stories as well!^_^
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#6 Milktea4me


    I aim to please!

Posted 18 November 2012 - 09:35 PM

Glad this thread has found it's agreeable home. Impressive introduction and pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing some new blood into the forum and can't wait to see some results from all your experience. :thumbsup:
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#7 Jay


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 09:37 PM

Loved reading this, the pictures brought some memories back.
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#8 Daviddts



Posted 18 November 2012 - 09:38 PM

Glad this thread has found it's agreeable home. Impressive introduction and pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing some new blood into the forum and can't wait to see some results from all your experience. :thumbsup:

You aim to please and you certainly do!;) (I just noticed those words above your name now:p)


Thanks Jay, it brings memories back to me as well sometimes I wish I could go back to the old runescape at least with pictures people semi can.

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