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Posted 24 September 2005 - 6:17 PM


Clan Wars and Fights Rules

This board is specifically for posting of Clan vs Clan Events (including but not limited to Wilderness encounters, skilling events, or minigame fights.) Recruiting topics belong in the Recruiting. Everything else relating to clans belongs in Clan Discussion.

I. No Inappropriate Material or Language

  • This includes filter evasion and swearing. This is not permitted.
  • Pornographic or other inappropriate material is not allowed. Pictures with inappropriate language are also not tolerated.
  • Racism is not tolerated in ANY way, shape, or form.
  • Spamming is not tolerated AT ALL. This includes (but is not limited to): posting "+1", and any other form of posting for the sake of increasing post count. Try to also limit quoting large replies (with images), if the staff thinks the post is too big and/or useless, it will be removed.

II. Flaming

  • Attacking someone with insults about them or their personal life is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any capacity. Breaking this rule will result in a warning or suspension based on severity and frequency.
  • Genuine criticism towards a clan or group of people is generally fine but don't cross the line into inappropriate insults.
  • Posts made solely to bait flaming from other people will be removed. Warnings and suspensions will be handed out to frequent offenders.
  • Note: Staff will use their best judgement to moderate cases of flaming.

III. Evidence is Key

  • All Topics posted without suitable evidence of the fight or event happening (either originally or edited in within 5 minutes of posting) will be locked.
  • Every topic posted regarding a single event must have enough evidence in it's own opening post, even if other topics have already shown your participation. This is to combat low effort spam.
  • Each topic must also contain a short description of the event, this helps provide staff with context to the evidence provided and again prevents low effort spam threads.
  • Note: Staff judgement will decide whether or not the evidence provided is enough.

IV. Only Post Replies that Relate to Clan Fights and Events

  • Simple as that. If it does not relate to the discussion of something related to Clan Fights and Events then do not post it here.

V. Do not argue with the CLs of the Clan Discusson or Clan Fights

  • This is one of the most important rules. Do NOT argue with the CLs of the Clan Discussion. We have the experience and know how to handle things. If you have any complaints about us, PM it to us. Don't create a new topic. The same goes if you disagree with our actions. Just PM us. Remember, we have the right to remove ANY topic.

VI. The fight must be over for you to post the topic

  • Topics concerning fights or events that have not concluded will be locked.

VII. Who gets to post the topic

  • All participating groups of the event are welcome to post their own version of what happened.
  • Topics from third parties will be removed.

As you can see rules II+III are especially important. These rules apply to any version of Runescape. I hope you enjoy this board.
Note: If you flame bait, flame, spam, troll, or otherwise ruin a topic, you will be suspended. Please make sure you review the rules of Clan Discussion, as they apply to Clan Fights and Events as well.

These rules are subject to change without warning.
That's it, please contact Jaacco if you have any questions or complaints.

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Posted 17 March 2009 - 7:18 PM

Our policy regarding the "no RSC posting" rule clans sometimes agree on before a fight takes place:

Lately clans increasingly started to use the "no RSC posting" rule. Sometimes clans don't live up to this rule, and post their victory topic anyways. In cases like these, RSC will not be closing these topics. We want the clan world to figure this thing out by themselves. Does a clan not live up to their own rules? Don't fight them anymore, or work it out with them in private (or perhaps even on our boards). Besides, we find the whole "no RSC posting" to be somewhat of a strange rule that we'd rather not support. Other than that, this rule is not exactly helping our board in terms of activity, because topics that would normally be posted now wouldn't be.

So this is just a quick note to inform you, if you've got any questions or complaints feel free to PM Jaacco.

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