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The Ultimate Smithing Guide to 99 ~ With Artisans Workshop Mini-Guide

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#1 Hound02


    Junior Member

Posted 02 September 2011 - 06:59 AM

The Ultimate Guide to 99 Smithing!

This is a video guide for Smithing which has various methods to use for 99, with very detailed in-depth and accurate xp rates as well as cost/loss and profits!

This guide shows:
~ Fast Method (1-99)
~ Cheap Method (1-99)
~ Gold Smithing Method
~ Artisans Workshop Method/Guide (Ceremonial Swords and Burial Armour)

If you enjoy this guide, tell me which guide to do next through comments!

This video shows the best ways of doing Smithing to 99, gives useful smithing tips/tricks, very accurate xp rates per hour, bars needed for each section, and how much loss/profit you make through each part, how many SC hammers you need for each section, with the boosted xp rates and reduced costs to save you doing it!
All xp rates and costs are from what i've tested, bought and sold before the announcement of the Bonus XP weekend, as these prices will stablize back to these after, making this video accurate majority of the time. If you have any questions for me that your unsure about, and i'll post a guide to it (written) or just answer your question on here if it's simple.

This guide will be better with your suggestions and comments! Whether there good, constructive, or bad (but would love an explaination for this, to make it better), so please post them here or on the video. I will make the guide that has been asked for most through your comments. If possible I will post my future skill guides on here, to make an "Ultimate Skilling Guide" which supports more skills over time, but we'll see :unsure: So keep checking here if you like my guides.

I used my own format as I think it looks neater then the selected formatted ones for a video guide, and hopefully a selection of other skills guides I create will be allowed to be posted on here, to which I could section them out clearly and not look to cramped with alot of text :thumbsup:

Hope this guide helps, and hope you enjoy the video!
~ Dusk of Evil

If the video goes to fast for you to read it all, PLEASE pause the video, so you can finish reading it all

If the video is to small for you, or wish to comment/like the video, click on the title which is on the top of the video

P.S. To the Mods: Sorry for the thread I created yesterday (I thought I would be able to re-edit it after I posted it to suit my satisfaction, so if you could possibly ignore that one and use this one, or vice versa and i'll re-edit the other guide if its accepted!), also if you feel this is best suited for the video guide section, that's fine! But would prefer a thread as I plan to add more videos to this soon.

I also know the banned list mentions no skilling guides, but in the content camp, smithing guide was in the suggested list :) And like I mentioned before, I plan to make this the most in-depth guide for most/all skills overtime, and will try and keep it up-to-date as often as possible!
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#2 R.XepT0R



Posted 07 March 2012 - 09:56 AM

No comments yet? i found this a very good and entertaining guide!

Thank you for that!
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#3 Jun Kai

Jun Kai

    Junior Member

Posted 30 May 2012 - 11:07 PM

This video is not available on mobile... :/
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#4 bayba


    Junior Member

Posted 03 January 2013 - 12:06 AM

This is exactly what I have been looking for!

I had heard of the artisans workshop, but never tried it out. I have 87 smithing and ALWAYS mine all that I smith. (MIning level is 96)

Thank you for this guide as I just returned after not playing for a year or so, to find this game has totally changed, and I do like that. I am just wondering if it is still up to date? I will read up on the artisans workshop to see how that works, but thanx again! :-D
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#5 Joggins


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 05:47 PM

This is a great guide! Thank you for posting!
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