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Zybez Content Team

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Posted 14 July 2011 - 09:33 AM

Zybez Content Team

About the Zybez Content Team

The Zybez Content Team is the food and water of Zybez, the people who make it work and function in tip top shape. The members of the team are very skilled individuals and have expertise in a number of different fields. Each and every member is knowledgeable in web-scripting, has excellent grammar and writing skills, are hard workers, and are some of the most well rounded members on Zybez. Most of their work goes by unnoticed by the public, though it is needless to say that the members of the Content Team are the most important members on Zybez, and their superior work has kept Zybez running strong for over a decade.

Positions in the Content Team

There are a few positions that a member of the Content Team can belong to. Some may be higher up than others, while some may have more access than others, but it doesn't hide the fact that each and every position of the Content Team is key and the roles that are carried out are crucial to maintaining Zybez. In total, there are 4 positions in the Zybez Content Team: Editor, Senior Editor, Manager and Head of Content.

Editor- Editor is the starting position for all members entering the Content Team. They have access to most of the content on the site and can edit and add mostly anything. Though the position may be at the bottom of the totem poll, it is one of the most important positions on the team due to the extensive amount of responsibilities.

Tasks of the Editor are:

- Adding new Item and NPC pages
- Creating and working on guides
- Fixing corrections
- Approving and denying of user submissions

Senior Editor- Being a Senior editor means that you have been recognized by the Managers and Head of Content for your great work on Zybez. A promotion to Senior Editor may or may not happen within a few months of your time on the team, and is only given to a few dedicated and hard working team members. Their access to the site is more than a Editor, with them not having access to the admin tools. Their tasks are the same as the Editor's.

Manager- The Manager is in charge of the whole team and conducts what everyone is working on. It is their responsibility to delegate the work load for when a new update is released in RuneScape and make sure everyone stays on task and that the update is released as quickly and smoothly as possible. They also deal with any team conflicts, the recruiting process, and report to the Head of Content with any issues or changes and ideas. The Manager has access to everything on the site.

Tasks of the Manager are:

- Delegate work for updates
- Keep the team happy and focused
- Manage the members of the team
- Make sure the site stays in excellent shape

Head of Content- The Head of Content is in charge of everything on Zybez and the team. They have the final and decision making say on large content updates and new features to the site. The Head of Content primarily stays behind the scenes on updating and maintaining the site, though plays a huge role in the running of the site. They have access to the whole site and make executive decisions. Their word goes.

Tasks of the Head of Content are:

- Communicate with the Managers on changes to the team and large changes to Zybez
- Accept applicants during the recruiting process
- Carry out big additions or features to Zybez
- Address and conduct the team in special situations

Hierarchy of the Content Team

Head of Content

Phoenix Zero




Senior Editors

Brad S - Guides work

Fitchfalcon - Guides work

Jimdm3 - Guides work

Ramu - Database work

The Digital Leader - Database work

Wee_man - Void Dance, A guide, Guides work




Dr Destiny

Elder Jr



Lieutenant Dan







Sector Six



Zybez Alumni

Throughout the years of Zybez' illustrious history, there has been many excellent members to be a part of the Content Team. However, only a few have made major contributions to the team and site, and have drastically changed Zybez for the better. These members have left a great mark on Zybez, and are part of the Zybez Alumni.

Agentscott00 - Former Content Manager
Ben_Goten78 - Former Head of Content
BSE - Former Content Manager
Cyrax - Former Content Manager
Ile89 - Former Head of Content
J36miles - Former Content Manager
Jeremy - Former Head of Content
Man Bon - Former Content Manager
MDW - Former Lead Developer
Myst - Former Head of Content
No1 1000 - Former Lead Developer
Noble Truce - Former Content Manager
Patben - Former Content Manager
Plng - Former Developer
Rashy - Former Content Manager
TheExtremist - Former Developer
Tzu Men - Former Content Manager

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