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Disciples Of Elvemage

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Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:24 PM

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Disciples of Elvemage is a pure clan founded in 2008
IRC - #DoE
Forums - http://z15.invisionf...iplesofelvemage
Memberlist - http://runehead.com/...l.php?clan=dofe

Leaders -

Interviewers -
V Danger V
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An explanation of where/what DoE has been doing since applications closed to the public over a year ago:

Now some of you may be wondering, what where has disciples of elvemage been the past year? Well let me tell you, after our great adamant helmed hero returned we thrived, but he has since been lost to runescape once more. It was a sad day when Elvemage passed once again, the veteran disciples Overkill and blindblade had seen this before and they knew that dark days were to come. Knowing what was going to happen, in haste to prevent an all out blood war Overkill and Blindblade decided to close the doors to the Church of elvemage and the disciples went their separate ways….

It was a hot summer day and Blindblade was at work helping somebody set up java or whatever he does, then he felt the need to check on his bot over teamviewer, his script had already stinked up once before and got him 9 defense so he had been religiously monitoring his autobots, he turned on teamviewer and flicked to the RSbot, perfect fighter was running smoothly but then; a flash of green light came over the runescape screen! “holy cabbage what the dingo was that” (or whatever Australians like to exclaim) and then an adamant helm came onto the screen, surrounded by green smoke, it was much like the leader of the power rangers, but this time it wasn’t the leader of the power rangers, it was the avatar of elvemage himself. “Hello blindblade. I hear that you have closed the doors to disciples of elvemage, why is that?” bellowed Elvemage, his voice striking like an earthquake through blindblades work “crikey mate wahts goin on over there” said Blindblades boss “nothin man just some boong nose tryin to sort out their linux system” said blindblade. Authors note: sorry austrailian jokes are just too easy. Anyways Blindblade replied to elvemage “I’m sorry your highness it had to be done!” “You must reopen the doors, Runescape has gone into chaos without the Disciples dishing out their adamant helmed justice upon it!” “Praise elvemage!” whispered blindblade.

Back in west ardounge, overkill had brought himself a lumbridge whore back to his shack, his green beard dripping with slime and the slut taking off her tight shorts and pirate shirt, her black flowers laying on the ground beside her, but then BOOM BOOM BOOM on the door. “stinks sake I haven’t been this hard since sevag mailed me those upskirt pics of garzeens sister” muttered overkill as he went and opened the door. “IT IS I ELVEMAGE MY SON” roared elvemage, spit frothing out of his adamant helm. “good lord woman put on some panties its elvemage” yelled overkill at his b itch. “You have negelected me my son” said elvemage as he raised his hand to strike overkill down… “Listen elvemage I work all day I don’t need to deal with this…” said overkill. Elvemage grabbed overkill by the neck and hoisted him up off the ground “you will reopen the church with blindblade, and stop your indiscreation…” said Elvemage as he looked around overkill’s shack that was piled with wall to wall with botted herbs ready to be sold on the west ardy streets. “OK OK ILL DO IT LET ME GO” overkill yelled out as best he could with elvemages mighty hand choking him.

Overkill sent Blindblade a PM “I guess its time” “Yep” Blindblade said. They both logged out and then logged back in. They were at the Church of Elvemage, a secret location known only to the true followers of elvemage. Boards covered the doors and windows, the lawn once kept luscious and green by the faithful slimmeh was brown and yellow, the dead grass. Overkill started to pry off the boards off the doors to the church when a green light showed from the inside. BAM the door burst open and black smoke billowed all around, two people stepped out, one with a green beard just like overkill, another whose cape was smoking. “what do you think you’re doing coming back here?” said the green beard. “I thought you would never ask, slanket…” said overkill. Blindblade taken aback said to Overkill, you know this guy? Overkill looked at Blindblade and said “yeah well, that’s V Danger V.”

It was nighttime and blindblade and overkill were down in the caverns underneath the church of elvemage, their two new companions were showing them around, but Blindblade had a weird feeling about them, he felt uneasy, he felt like they were…up to no good. “you sure these cabbages are alright?” whispered Blindblade to Overkill. Overkill whispered back “sure man they cool” but Blindblade had little stock in overkill’s judgement of character, overkill had spent too many days in west ardounge with some of the craziest and weirdest stinkheads that runescape had ever known. They continued on down the caverns until they turned a corner and they saw a large neon sign saying PKING-JERKING. Under it was a giant castle, nestled withen the lair of elvemage. Blindblade tried hard to hide his rage…building in the lair of the green slayer was forbidden under the law of elvemage, but he managed to maintain control and followed the other 3 into the castle and he saw lights and heard laughter coming from the bankquet hall.

Overkill and Blindblade laid down their magic short bows and dragon daggers and walked into the bankquet hall. Overkill looked around the room, ornaments of lured godswords decorated the halls, but something caught his eye on the throne where v danger v sat lay a white partyhat. He looked closer yes he could see the stains on the rim, it was overkills party hat. Somehow in Overkills abscene V Danger V stole his white crown. “IN FRACNH CANADIA WE CALL THEAT VERGIN BOTIS” the jester in the middle of the hall cried out. “stink off!” said blindblade and he threw his mug at the idiot. Big mistake the idiot stepped towards blindblade and whispered in his ear “nory is not paki she is top of her class.” And then the other guests burst out laughing at blindblade, the smoke cape chuckled to himself but really he was just trying to gloss over the guilt he was feeling for beating up his maid for stinking up his floor 35 large. Blindblade and Overkill looked around the table and saw a few more familiar faces from Disciples of Elvemage past, there was the jewel peddler and the rat, and then there was Zeen. Zeen was one of the first founders of the disciples of elvemage and Blindblade and Overkill were overjoyed to see that he was still here

The idiot jester was still yelling about internet iq tests and how everyone else was all virgins for not having an internet girlfriend just like him. Blindblade grew tired of it. He stood up at the table and pointed at V Danger V, “you build this PKING-JERKING ON SACRED GROUND and you bring this filth into Elvemages house? COME WITH ME MY BROTHERS, THE DISCIPLES OF ELVEMAGE MUST RID themselves of this stench.” Overkill looked up at blindblade, then looked back at his old party hat laying at V danger V’s throne, and then joined Blindblades side. Zeen also stood up then zeens moustache stood up, and they both walked out with blindblade. The jewel peddler stood up and said “ im gunna go eat kebab with sevag” and headed out the door. Then overkill followed them out. It was time to destroy the castle of PKING-JERKING and they were just crazy enough to try it….as the camera fades to black you hear the rat whispering in V Danger V’s ear “shhh calm down they’ll be back,,,,here have some of my big fish little fish…it will make you feel better”

Hope to see you in IRC or on the forums soon!
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Current Alliances

not since the betrayal of the so called "god mode" and the fabled moss giant of itsonme has disciples of elvemage had an alliance, we have been wary of those looking to ally with us and the elvemage wolf pack has ran alone. But today I was approached by Tommy T Bone, the mightiest wizard of hogworts and listened to his cause, to bring the wisdom of Daniel Radcliffe to the citizens of runescape.


may our enemies tremble as we bring down the combined furys of elvemage and daniel radcliffe upon their unsuspecting skulls

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#2 rika


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Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:29 PM

hope to be interviewing you all soon :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :#
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Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:29 PM

Really? hahahahha. Nice name/"lord of elvemage-never forget" banner.

Good luck recruiting though :thumbsup: .
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#4 Link Unit

Link Unit

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Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:32 PM

That signature is boss. :thumbsup:
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