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World 31 Guilded Altars

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#1 w31 Altars

w31 Altars

    Junior Member

Posted 06 December 2010 - 02:26 PM

Thread Index

01. Introduction of w31 Altars.
02. Clan Rules.
03. Rank descriptions and current ranked members.
04. Rank Application

(If you wish to find anything simply hit ctrl+f andf search for what ever you wish, This only works on a windows/linux Operating System.)
Clan information

Clan Chat: w31 Altars

Founded: Dec. 06, 2010

Quick find code: No current thread on official RuneScape forums.
01. Introduction to W31 Altars

Hello and welcome to the latest World 31 Yanille Gilded Altars clan chat.

I'd like to start off with a small paragraph about who and what we are. This is a clan based around the idealism of helping RuneScape players while building a friendly, kind community. We encourage anyone and everyone to join us, even if you have no desire to use an altar, if you just want to keep yourself entertained while skilling, if you want to meet other people like you, if you want to just chat with people, we welcome it all, so please feel free to join us if you have any free time, or you wish to help others out! Or even if you are just looking for a new clan to spend time with.
02. Clan Rules

All rules apply to anyone who uses 'w31 Altars' clan chat.

  • No abusive language may be used in the chat, this includes bypassing the jagex filter by missing out letters/using symbols instead.
  • No talking about subjects that may cause offensive, such as religion, race or political situations.
  • Trading in the clan chat is not allowed, with the exception of Marrentill, Bones and Construction supplies.
  • Spamming is strictly against the rules, this does not only apply to repeat messages, it can be pointless, stupid messages as well.
  • Advertising other clan chats is strictly disallowed, you will be kicked without warning should this happen.
  • All houses owners must be in the clan chat to be advertised, anyone is welcome to ask a house owner whom is not to join us. The only exception of this rule is when no one is able to open in the chat.
  • All houses must be opened in World 31, Yanille in order for us to advertise you, The only exception of this rule is if you are opening in a PVP world (for the use of Prayer Brawlers.)
  • All members must respect higher ranked members and follow their instructions.
  • All Jagex rules still apply in the clan chat and on our forum thread.
  • Asking for a rank/discussing ranks is strictly not allowed, the only exception of this is asking a gold star to look at an application on the forum
03. Rank descriptions and current ranked members.

~ Founders ~
This is simple really, These are the original founders of the clan.

Current Founders: PetersDw (Posted Imagew31 altars)
His Zybez account can be found here: http://forums.zybez....47773-petersdw/

~ General (Posted Image) ~
These members are the highest up members except for owners/co-owners, they will help inforce all clan rules and have the ability to kick, they are a large part of the clan and help in all major decisions.

Current Generals:

Captain (Posted Image) - These are the members who are trusted with the ability to kick, who have shown they understand the rules and are able to keep their cool in situations and know how to correctly handle themselves and others, this is one below the highest gold star.

Current Captains:

~ Lieutenant (Posted Image) ~
These members are people who are highly trusted in the clan and have shown dedication and hard work, they are on their way to being a silver member and having the ability to stop trouble makers, all bronze stars will be given a 2 week - 1 month long trial period before we choose if they will be kept.

Current Lieutenants:

~ Other Ranks (Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image) ~
These are members who have not yet earned a star/do not wish to be a star, these ranks can be gained by applying on this thread. To apply please visit section "04. Rank application." The more stripes a member has, the better. In order to be promoted to a Lieutenant you must have 3 stripes (This is the maximum.)
04. Rank Application

This is simple, simply copy and paste this application onto a reply and fill it as required.

Time Zone: 
Average Online Time: 
What you could bring to the clan: 
Do you understand what we are: 

If your application is successful, then you will be given one stripe, as a rank you are expected to follow all rules, help players out and be active in the clan. If you do not do these things, you will be demoted, asking for ranks in the clan will end in a demotion (You will be warned if you are unaware of this.) For your rank to be awarded, a gold stared member must accept your application, this can take 1-3 days for them to reply, you may ask someone in the clan to take a look at it if you wish, but please do not bug members about it.

Edited by w31 Altars, 12 February 2011 - 09:18 PM.

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#2 Wizu



Posted 06 December 2010 - 02:56 PM

Looks good :) I've recently made my own altar, so i might concider joining! Also 131 is my homeworld ;))
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#3 w31 Altars

w31 Altars

    Junior Member

Posted 06 December 2010 - 03:02 PM

View PostWizu, on 06 December 2010 - 02:56 PM, said:

Looks good :) I've recently made my own altar, so i might concider joining! Also 131 is my homeworld ;))

Thank you for the reply! I hope to see you in the clan and become an active, friendly member, feel free to join us and open.
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