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Final Ownage Elite

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#1 Failed Again

Failed Again

    Foe is my love <3

Posted 02 October 2010 - 11:07 PM


Banner Designed and Produced by Founder Bonesaw PK.

http://img264.images...3/bannerza2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Content Written By Val|Cha0s, Bonesaw Pk and Walli

Final Ownage Elite

Clan Information
Clan Website: http://www.FOE-RS.com
Clan Memberlist: http://www.runehead....hp?clan=clanfoe
IRC Channel: #FinalOwnage
Foe’s unofficial pking channel: #Midweek (more detail further in this topic)
Clan Chat:Foe Channel

Who Are We?
We are one of the original pure clans which requires 25 defence or lower,
Higher than 80 HP,
85+ Strength, 85+ Range, 85+ Magic,
Read Reqs for further down for more info.

Final Ownage Elite is a P2P based clan where our members Pk via honor rules.
We have a prestigious history and a high reputation for quality experienced pkers, Fostering such greats as Bonesaw Pk, Evilsexc, 1 Pure Devil, I Meleed I, Fear Figment and other countless Runescape pking Legends.

Even today we harbour some of the best pure pkers and most certainly the most active. Since the release of the adventure logs all pure’s have had their’s monitored by a very smart script system which enables us to see who is out there pking and racking up the kills. As the graphs below will show Foe is still the most active and productive pure pking clan.

http://mm-rs.org/ima...000FF/clan2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

As you can see the numbers speak for themselves. The decision is easy for you guys =] You will, without a doubt, be raising our kill count but the option you get to choose is whether you will be raising it by pking with us or being pked by us. We look forward to pking with you.

We are rated very highly within the PureCommunity and have maintained the status of being one of the top clans In RuneScape Today in both the main and pure worlds.
Final Ownage Elite prides Quality over Quantity We Only Recruit the Best.
Final Ownage Elite - Handpicked Ownage. One of FOE's early slogans.
http://img127.images...ndpickedox2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Promotional Material
Please, Take some time out an preview some of the pking videos produced by Final Ownage Elite, It Will give YOU An Insight of what FOE is, And What YOU could be apart of.

The FOE Pking video Two which has now had over 500k views and in one of the most popular gaming videos of all time on youtube within the top 100 videos and continuously climbing.
Posted Image

And then the follow on, The FOE Pking Vid 3. Equally as brilliant as vid 2 currently sitting at 250k+ views and gaining more fans each day.
Posted Image

There is plenty more to be seen and found from wars, to trips to brilliant solo efforts from our members, everything you need in one place at,

Posted Image

FOE Clan History
Final Ownage (FO) was founded on March 19th 2005, "FO" started out as a 49 combat pking clan and eventually became one of the best pure clans in Runescape. As a clan we trained together, and grew as a whole.
http://img529.images...alownageog4.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
We showed RS what true ownage meant. As pkers we show no mercy to our enemies.
If you mess with one of our members, you’ll have all of us on you like a moth to a flame. We’ll come after you attack you, if you survive, we’ll attack you again.

Final Ownage Elite Is Born
Competition with developed pure clans was hard, but we remained strong and continued our clan. Some who wanted power left and that left the passionate FO’s in an outrage. In July 2005, We kicked out the inactive and unworthy and made huge ramifications to our clan. It was then that those loyal to Final Ownage took on a new name: Final Ownage Elite

In the 5 years, FOE has grown stronger than ever imagined, with an Average combat of: 84, Perfect for any Medium to High Level Pure.
Boasting players with maxed out stats, expert pking ability, quality leadership skills and superb personalitys, FOE has grown into the family and lively community it is today.

Clan Pking
We Have continued the tradition through this time of having weekly F2P and P2P trips, Hosting Three scheduled Pking Trips per week, as well as Fun Events, Unofficial Trips and Miniwars.

In our pk trips we demand respect and authority. We move as one unit and do EVERYTHING the warlord tells us. This unifies us as a whole, not a bunch of pkers. You will find Foe roaming all pvp and bh worlds every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a whole clan everywhere from castle to east drags, Fog to GDZ hut and even sometimes driving clans to near extinction sending them to safe worlds to battle the chaos elemental instead... The wild is ours.

But we have much more to offer now, with the new breed of foe and the enthusiasm it brings we have developed our #Midweek scheme. #Midweek is run by the members, for the members and really anybody who is associated with foe. #Midweek hosts trips almost every day in both servers and is openly available for any member, FA, applicant, intro and friend of foe to get a taste of life in foe and enjoy some pking at the highest quality.

F2P Trips
Although being a P2P based clan FOE still ventures and dominates F2P to get some free rune or maybe battle another clan. Foe has been regarded as one of the best f2p warring clans of recent times and has rivalled the #1 spot on many occasions. Foe is a determined clan and always goes out with the intention to win no matter what server. P2P is our home, but we are no push overs in f2p and unlike the past we now have people who look to be a part of Foe specifically for our activities in the F2p server.
We have defeated many
http://img205.images...3/foef2ppf2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

P2P Trips
Onto our Specialty P2P Pking, We are highly rated through this area mainly thanks to Our leaders have over 5 years experience of leading FOE in this field. This is beneficial as we know how members react to situations, scenarios and how to mould new members into true FOE clan pkers. Organization and Discipline is the key.

P2P maximizes our hybridding ability our members have. In our requirements it is advised members to have a strong secondary stat other than their primary attacking force. This means if people use protection prayers, Members can weapon switch(or use magic spells) in order to down the enemy, This means we can dominate smaller or larger pking teams/clans quickly and effectively.

With over 120 people in foe with the ability to barrage, 79 members to date with 99 range and 64 members to date with 99 str we are well equipped to keep steamrolling the p2p server.
http://img267.images.../p2pbonexv9.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

FOE Events
Although primarily a pking clan, We also have fun events with members and people who are big parts of the FOE Community.
Fun Events are organized by any member of FOE, from New Member to Leader. Events can range from Killing each other in innerclan wars to killing monsters for great loot. With so many additions to runescape by jagex such as the clanwars arena, all the new “boss” monsters and such a variety of weird and wonderful weapons and ridiculous armour / robes to wear there is so many opportunities for us to set up crazy but enjoyable or even profitable events for the members.
FOE is all about having a great time!
http://img523.images...uneventsla1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

FOE At War
Warring is a big part of FOE, It is part of how we have one of the best warring reputations today.
Although FOE has awesome stats and pk ability waring also requires organization, spamming, strength, leadership and war strategy. By using a mix of them 5 factors, we have successfully defeated some of the top pure clans around in both P2P and F2P.
Our most notable war used to be defeating Mayhem-Makers in a fullout F2P War in July 2007, Beating there unbroken war record, and beating the longest running pure clan in Runescape history.
However, if you asked any foe member now what the defining war of Foe’s history was they will all give the same reply. Foe stepped out on the 27th July 2008 representing the theory of quality > quantity and to prove our elite status when we took on the most in form clan at the time Fatality in a p2p full out war. The start of the war saw Foe with 78 people up against 95 Fatality members... Yes a 17 man difference. Foe went on to win that war with 23 people left and therefore earned the title of Legends of p2p amongst the whole pure world. Foe has been untouchable in p2p since that very day winning every p2p full out war since. Click the image below to watch the war between Foe and Fi.
Posted Image
http://img146.images...67/warzzgu4.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Want More Trip,Event and War Pictures? Visit FOE Archives
The Changing Wilderness and Pure Clan Pking Culture
FOE has had to adapt to a lot of changes within the years, As more pure clans have come and failed in attempting to rival Final Ownage Elite,
We have continued to raise requirements to some of the highest pure clan requirements around, as well as HP requirements to avoid recruiting "PC/SW prods" who were straight out of pest control with little pking experience. This is to do everything stay true to our Elite name.
The growth of other clans has brought increased rivalry, Clans have began to hunt each other on pk trips, FOE has been strong in this field, and has successfully defeated all of the top clans today in unplanned pk trip run ins on both servers.
Warring has a lot become an important factor to pure clans today, and FOE Promises to deliver. Whether it is clans declaring on FOE, or FOE declaring on them, We will make every effort to make it a fun, exciting and fair war.

Final Ownage Elite - Full Member Requirements
80+ Hp for ALL Options.
Defence must be no higher than 25

Option A. Melee Based

90+ Strength with 85+ Magic or Range AND 82+ Magic or Range

Option B. Range Based

90+ Range with 85+ Magic or Strength AND 82+ Strength or Magic

Option C. Magic Based

94+ Magic with 85+ Range AND Strength


Full Application Information is available Here.

Other Reasons why YOU might want to join Final Ownage Elite
FOE has arguably the most active members and friendliest forum communities; it is filled with people who are supporting FOE, either training up to reqs, Ex Members, Retried Members, or people who just want to take part in the FOE Spirit. And now with new technology and gadgets such as the latest iphone or blackberry we have made it possible for you to be a part of foe wherever and whenever.
http://www.foe-rs.co...emobilesite.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
It is now that easy and available to keep up to date with our forums and community, and fill them boring 20 minutes here or there waiting for the train.. the bus.. whatever, it is there for you.

FOE also have an awesome GFX team with ex members and long serving members of FOEs community designing signatures for the clan. It is a great place to find a signature you want or to admire the artwork produced.

FOE Members are taught to show respect themselves and each other, this is echoed throughout the FOE Family Community, At FOE we will listen to all your concerns, problems and work around how to resolve them. We Will treat you as a person, Not another 3 Ops on a Pk Trip.

The FOE Uniform
First of all this unifies our clan as a whole. Secondly, our uniforms intimidate others and often put fear into them (Oh no, FOE is here). Our uniforms give a pretty decent mage experience as well. Before DT came out, it was the best mage bonus there is.

FOE Statistics (1st October 2010)
Clan Averages(Rounded):
Average Strength: 92.09
Average Magic: 94.84
Average Range: 94.7
No# Members With 99 Strength: 64
No# Members With 99 Ranged: 79
No# Members With 99 Magic: 52 (120+ with ability to barrage without a pot)

As you can see FOE has a lot of hybrid potential, Sporting the highest clan averages compared to other clans on Runehead Today.

"May God have mercy on our enemies, because we wont"
"Never cheat, Never lie, Final Ownage till I die"
"We came, We saw, We conquered"
"We are your F.inal O.wnage E.lite. "
"No Guts No glory, We own End of Story."  
"We Are F.O.E”

Final Words
FOE is not a bunch of pure pkers, it is a group of elites aimed for perfection and honor.
Simply: Pure All-Stars Like I said before, FOE is family. Here you will find friendship that will last and have an awesome time OWNING.
Lastly I want to Thanks to All members past and present who contributed to making this topic, It is your commitment, dedication, loyalty and determination which has made
Final Ownage Elite, What it is today.

Contacting FOE (Forums and Ingame)

Founder/Leaders /Legends:
Bonesaw PK
Ilx Ace Ilx
True Whip
Dave (Cha0s) (Cha0s_Pur3)
Scotty (W0rst_1_Y3t)

High Council
0wn By R4nge
Steve|Bad kangaroo
Eaz y

Kyle (Failed Again)

Written by Val|Cha0s, Bonesaw Pk and Walli.
Pictures Complementary of FOE Archive.

Posted Image
Final Ownage Elite
The Few, The Strong, The Proud


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#2 Grifte


    Junior Member

Posted 03 October 2010 - 05:24 PM

I remember watching Fear Figment's video when it featured FOE hosting an only maul + 100k cash PVP event - it looked sooo fun :wub:

FOE have always stood out from the crowd, I've known of them since before I can remember.
GL Recruiting :-P

Still having those fun wars :thumbsup: And ye Fear Figments vids are ownage :$

Edited by Grifte, 03 October 2010 - 05:24 PM.

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