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Hunter Xp

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#1 LeShrekt



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Posted 04 August 2010 - 12:42 PM

Xp per hour at: Red salamanders and Red chinchompas.

Unless there is another better method to train Hunter.
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#2 AlexanderRJ


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Posted 04 August 2010 - 05:39 PM


I searched a bit around for the answer to your question, but it doesn't say anywhere how much exp per hour those two creatures are. Some fail more than others, it all comes down to luck I guess. Depending on your hunter level and preferances (exp or money) here are some suggestions for what you could do:

Level 57 - 80: Here you could catch kebbits with falconry. You can only catch spotted and dark kebbits at level 57, but when you hit level 69 your exp per hour will be given a considerable boost. This is because you can catch Dashing Kebbits at level 69 Hunter. You will also get some prayer levels/prayer exp(depending on your level) here.

Level 60 - 63/80: Catch red salamanders. I got pretty bored of these, even though they are pretty fast exp. I stopped as soon as possible and switched between some of my other suggestions.

Level 63 - 80/99: Hunt Red Chins. They are the best money the Hunter skill can offer, and pretty fast exp too. Once you hit level 80 Hunter these will be a great source of money and exp.

Level 80 - 99: This is only if you want the fastest hunting exp and don't care about the money from red chins. Catch Ruby Harvest Butterflies barehanded until 99. This requires a considerable agility level. You should of course "upgrade" the butterflies you catch when you can. Here is a table which shows the levels needed for the different butterflies and where they are found:

Ruby Harvest Butterfly: 80 Hunter, 75 Agility, found in woodland areas
Sapphire Glacialis Butterfly: 85 Hunter, 80 Agility, found in polar regions
Snowy Knight Butterfly: 90 Hunter, 85 Agility, found in polar regions
Black Warlock Butterfly: 95 Hunter, 90 Agility, found in jungle regions

Hope it helped!

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