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How Di I Restore The Mummy In Missing My Mummy To 100%

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#1 Eh M I L E S

Eh M I L E S


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Posted 02 July 2010 - 06:59 PM

I need to restore the mummy from missing my mummy to 100% to do curse of arrav

iv done the name, personality, and did the spice/wine and fully restored the tome around her.

I only have her at 88%
how do i get the mummy to 100%?
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#2 Akias



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Posted 02 July 2010 - 07:52 PM

Once at the sarcophagus, you must complete the following:

Repair all the statues.
Complete the Mummy inside the sarcophagus with your Mummy body and hand
Combine spice with wine and replace the "Spiced Wine" on the floor.
Combine grain with pot and replace the broken pot on the floor.
Fix the statue by using a knife and willow log. Click on it a few times until you receive the message that it is complete (you must do it at least three times) (Picture). (Please note that you can not do this step until you have talked to the queen who will not animate, until you have killed the shadow in the next room. Until you talk to her you get a message when you click on the statue base saying, "You can't build on it because you don't know anything about her yet.")
Place four jars on the shelf
Fix the chair and table

Note: You should have most of the items required above from part 1 in the guide. If you are missing any items, head back to the main area of the pyramid to get the required items from either the floor or from the skeletons. You may also buy the required items from the grand exchange.

Continue west of the tunnel and kill Tumeken's shadows (lvls 41-74). Start to light the sconces around the room. Keep in mind that you must kill a shadow each time you light a sconce, before you can light the next. There are 5 shadows in all. Once you are finished, go back to the previous room and talk to the Pharaoh queen (you should now have 100% progress).


did you bother to check the Zybez quest guide...
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