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1 Def Hybrid Help.

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#1 [J]osh



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 03:14 AM

So im having problems with my gear on my 1 def account.

Anyway heres my usual hybrid set up:
http://img243.images.../1889/lolhs.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Obviously the pots will be (4) and ill have more roons ^^

But my main questions are,

Is it worth it to take a robe bottom switch when maging? it takes my mage attack from just 35 with the staff n chaps, to 49 with staff and robes. ?

What food should i be taking? should i swap out some sharks for combo foods and pheonix necklace or what? im really not good with food, so advice here is much apreciated :thumbsup:

Are broad bolts good enough for a primary weapon? my max hit with them is 362 but i often hit 300+,

If there is any way you can spot for me to improve my setup PLEASE say so

Thanks =]
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#2 ~TT~



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 03:23 AM

Most people either use mage bottoms or black chaps. I usually take 2 necks and I take 1 brew and neck+shark+brew when I get speced. Others might have different methods though.
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#3 Livinglargex


    Just A State Of Mind

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Posted 06 June 2010 - 03:40 AM

I think this is good, altho i prefer rocktails ;) and yh you should take a sara brew and restore pots instead of ppots :p

nice account bro hope to hear from you in the future
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#4 I Stunna I

I Stunna I


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Posted 06 June 2010 - 03:56 AM

I really wouldn't recommend using Broad Bolts as a primary weapon. Use Rune Knives to Dbolts (e).
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#5 Defined



Posted 06 June 2010 - 04:00 AM

I really wouldn't recommend using Broad Bolts as a primary weapon. Use Rune Knives to Dbolts (e).

Or Do Onyx / D Bolts(e)..
And yes it is worth it switchin robe bottom for mage since it'll give you more chance hitting.
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#6 Hybridwolf



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 04:16 AM

DBolts[e], and instead of bottom/weapon switch. Do God Cape - Accumulator, and Staff - Crossbow.
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#7 Eden Fire

Eden Fire


Posted 06 June 2010 - 06:58 AM

The Ranged gear is perfectly fine. Allthough I would replace the broad bolts with either Diamond Bolts (e)/Rune Bolts or Dragon Bolts.

Also I'd recommend switching to Bottoms/Staff and Godcape when maging. Seeing as you're 1 Defence and limited to Ghostly it's important to maximize your Magic Bonusses.

I see you're not taking Mage Pots, you should really take those now as they add hits to your max for each level it raises you (I think it's 3% per level but im not entirely sure)

Edited by 45 Def Unit, 06 June 2010 - 06:59 AM.

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#8 Grief


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Posted 06 June 2010 - 07:39 AM

Bring runite bolts, no leg switch, 3 summer pies and a pneck

Oh, and an anti shield instead of book

Edited by Grief, 06 June 2010 - 07:40 AM.

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#9 [J]osh



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 09:03 AM

Cool, about the broad bolts thing, i really dont have bank enough to be ranging with dbolts as primary, would i notice the difference if i switched to unenchanted rune bolts?

Ill start taking a mage pot, i didnt realise they make you hit more, and ill also swap book for the anti shield, I dont want to swap cape,bottoms and weapon from range > mage because that will take up even more invent space if im taking a necklace too, And a bottom + staff switch Gives more mage bonus than Cape + staff as it also takes off your chaps.
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#10 Anti Rob

Anti Rob


Posted 06 June 2010 - 09:06 AM

When I was 1 defence, I used the cape + staff switch. Less mage off bonus but more mage def bonus, when I was dds'ing just switched into god cape (had fury on so a few times people splashed when I dds'ed)

I prefer rune knives, just allows you to switch faster, might help if you run into pures that like to overhead hybrid
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#11 h0cus p0kus

h0cus p0kus


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Posted 06 June 2010 - 10:35 AM

Or you can get 20 Defence =)))))) and get mystic, and rune gloves.
but , a lot of pple are mentioning alot more items to bring and you wont last with less food.

Theres no point in wasting a slot for 4 mage bonus , when u can sub that for a mage pot which results in 15% Magic dmg bonus.(decreases over time.)
a Good hybrid will have all max stats for his combat level thus if you come correct u can always put on mage pray also, or you can remove that chaps and go along with just robes, as a opponents mage attacks depend on how high your mage level is also. so if you keep your mage level on point most opponents won't be as succesful as you.
If your hybriding don't bring knives just keep the c'bow...and if your really broke Use adamant or rune bolts atleast. In a normal hit a rune bolt hit's 1 less then a Dragon bolt, there statistically the same except d bolts have a special.

but definately bring a sara brew followed by a restore pot it's really helpful. sara brews heal 480 per space so bring two restores and two brews and you will still be accumulating 40 more hp per space along with a def bonus.

and you can switch ur super attack and strongth for a zammy brew and bring another pot like anti fire or another p pot, if ur hybriding expect to overhead.

Edited by h0cus p0kus, 06 June 2010 - 10:36 AM.

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#12 Brodie



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 11:13 AM

A god cape I suppose, and some combo food because pures will be hitting on you like nothing.
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