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Best P2P Melee Training

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#1 tfcian



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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:04 PM

I don't play Runescape too much and have only really been going on f2p when I felt like playing, not being prepared to pay for members when I don't have much of an interest in the game. However, since dungeoneering came out, I have been playing a bit more and decided to buy membership for a month to join some friends of mine. My main aim is to raise my attack as high as possible (stats below), 99 being the aim but I've realised that at 50k xp per hour, that will take around 6 hours a day, something I cannot do.

Attack: 89
Strength: 85
Defence: 81
HP: 86
Prayer: 70

My question, then, is what are the best training spots? I know of the old favourites; bandits, dagannoths and monkey guards. A month of membership last summer also led to me trying out ghostly warriors (at least, I think that's their name - spirit world, wilderness axe hut?). I've been trawling around and I've come across Armoured Zombies and Mighty Banshee. My main research has been into armoured zombies because it is said they give the best xp, however, most guides seem to focus on using summoning which I don't have time to waste raising higher (collection of charms will take a few days...) and they are also said to be crowded, which I can't be bothered with, fighting over monsters. Both armoured zombies and mighty banshee need me to complete a few quests to access (as well as a couple for salve amulet (e).
My preference is slight AFK monsters which is why I love bandits and dagannoths, where I can take bones to peaches and just camp their for hours without having to pay too much attention, which is important because it will take a lot of hours fighting to reach my minimum target level of 95 before the month is up.
Have I missed any monsters out, are my reasons for avoiding mighty banshee and armoured zombies poor?
Any help will be greatly appreciated because the closer I get to 99 attack, the happier I will be.
Oh, and I'm currently at dagannoths, slightly better xp at the cost of slightly more attention needed but with the bonus of charms and a few valuable seeds.
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#2 A T Y X


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:40 PM

Well, with SW, you could hit aroun 55k-60k an hour, if you NEVER lose.
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