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Extreme Potions

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#1 bolsh



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Posted 29 November 2009 - 09:41 PM

Well I decided to calculate how many extreme potions until 96 herblore, from the beginning of which you could make them, until overloads at 96.
It might seem a little weird for this, but these are the amount of potions needed to make, if you choose to do extremes along the way, in order to get 96.

1,536 recover potions from 84 to 85 herblore; to then make super antifires

5,367 super antifire potions from 85 to 88 herblore; to then make extreme attack

1,879 extreme attack potions from 88 to 89 herblore; to them make extreme strength

1,985 extreme strength potions from 89 to 90 herblore; to then make extreme defence

2,100 extreme defence potions from 90 to 91 herblore; to then make extreme magic

2,226 extreme magic potions from 91 to 92 herblore; to then make extreme ranging

5,489 extreme ranging potions from 92 to 94 herblore; to then make super prayer potions

7,250 super prayer potions from 94 to 96 herblore.

If choosing to making overloads with the potions, it would leave you with 1,879 of them [that's amount of extreme attacks made from 88-89].

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#2 Pure Staker

Pure Staker

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Posted 29 November 2009 - 09:43 PM

What would really be useful is the total amount of potions to make to create overloads.
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Posted 29 November 2009 - 10:15 PM

how much will it cost?
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#4 Protoman1600


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Posted 30 November 2009 - 04:33 PM

expensive, but i may just give it a go, bar the ones that don't turn into overloads
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#5 libum1


Posted 30 November 2009 - 07:38 PM

was working out the prices the other day, making the supplies for overloads (even with range and str pots upwards of 40 gp/xp) works out to about 23-24 gp/xp, and you end up with the overload end product, which essentially makes it free if you're going to use them.

i'd advise against the superprayerpotions, although if you're going to use them all the extra prayer points outweigh the extra cost (basically, its free herb xp), because you can only grind ~180 bones/h, which works out to 45k xp or so, which is rediculously slow. unless you dont mind 40h of bone grinding for all those pray pots :P
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