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Money Making: Daily Activities

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#1 mikeyral17



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Posted 22 November 2009 - 02:04 PM

Hey, im a member and ive been playing for a while. I know there are a million ways to make money depending on your stats, but i just wanted to share a few ways i make money quickly on a daily basis. Some of these involve having a particular skill level, some involve having beaten a certain quest, and some involve both. Some of these i have not done yet but i think that these would be good ways to (quickly) make some decent money. the prices on ge are as of november 22, 2009.

Hand in the sand quest: once a day you can get 84 buckets of sand sent to your bank. at 217 average price, that's 18,288 gp a day for that quick trip to yanille.

Tears of Guthix: once a week you can go collect tears. No money gained directly for this, but you get exp per tear in your lowest skill, which can help open up new ways to make money.

Farming level 42: you can plant curry trees and collect the leaves (6 per tree when full). I usually collect 3 times a day from my currently 3 fully grown trees. 18 leaves at 1,419 average ge price per yields 25,542 gp per collection (takes me less than 5 minutes to teleport to my 3 locations at taverly, lletya, and gnome stronghold.). If i do that 3 times a day, i get 76,626 gp a day. that's at level 42 farming and i take a few minutes out of my time to do it.

Ardougne level 3 cloak: yes this requires a lot to get, but if you get it, you can get 150 noted essence a day, which at an agerage ge price of 182 per, that's 27,300 a day.

Seers Village level 1/2/3 headband: At level 1 you get 30 free flax, level 2 you get 60 free flax, level 3 you get 120 free flax. at 80 average ge price per, that's 2,400/4,800/9,600 gp a day (for levels 1/2/3 headband). If you choose to take some time to spin that flax, which sell for an average price of 157 per, that's 4,710/9,420/18,840 gp a day (level 1/2/3 headband).

Lumridge/Draynor ring level 2/3 (both have the same charges): You can low alch 30 times a day free. Yes, there is more money to be gained through high alching, but free alching 30 times a day means 30 nature runes saved. So gather up 30 items and low alch them for anywhere from a small amount of cash to a few thousand gp.

Just adding all of these things up (exception of the last one), and yes i know it takes a lot to get all of these, but if you do have all of these, you're making 141,054 gp per day max. This is assuming u only have 3 curry trees and you collect them 3 times a day (full trees), and that you spin the flax at level 3 headband.

141,054 gp a day from all of these, and it takes only about 15-20 minutes max to do all of them. Not too shabby for a daily "collection".

All my statistics came from runescape grand exchange or runehq.com. My ideas are my own, and i would love if you added new ideas of your own. If you want to make a correction on my numbers, please do so nicely, and grammatical corrections go for it if you really want i didn't really take the time to make sure this thread was perfect.

Also, i forgot to add the fact that you can lend items. Don't plan on woodcutting for a while? Lend out your Dragon Hatchet for 5-10k an hour for a few hours. Going to bed? Lend your Abyssal Whip or again dragon hatchet out for 8 hours (offer a cheap price like 8 hours 30k... people will jump on it and you wont be sitting there for a while). Easy money that you can make with items that you aren't even using!
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#2 Smiggwiler



Posted 22 November 2009 - 03:02 PM

Cute post :lol:
Some very handy tips for the lower level skillers and perhaps those whom are higher level but aren't aware of these little tricks.

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Posted 24 November 2009 - 11:42 AM

Also you can...
Buy slayer bolt tips, about 100k profit
Battlestaves, requires varrock lv3
Catheryby seaweed is a 27k profit
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#4 Morbid Urge

Morbid Urge

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Posted 25 November 2009 - 11:55 AM

Doing 1 Shooting Star a day yields aprox 100k gp daily (varies according to market prices) for about 20 minutes of work plus some decent mining xp to boot.

Karamja gloves gets 40 free pineapples from Del Monte in Brimhaven, combined with 40 pineapples @ 2gp each from Arhein at the Catherby Dock is 80 pineapples for 80gp. Sell the pineapples or make super compost with them.
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#5 iTz Prozak

iTz Prozak

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Posted 25 November 2009 - 12:10 PM

Farming runs in general.
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#6 yisliu



Posted 25 November 2009 - 12:14 PM

Hi there, since this is neither a question or a discussion I am going to have to close this.
You are free to repost it in the tips forum or guides forum as well as the Tips and Trick topic found here: http://forums.zybez....owtopic=1158250

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