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Adding Ge Prices Into Excel Sheets


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#1 doorknob60


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 10:19 PM

Yeah, I want to be able to have Excel sheets automatically grab the current price of items from the GE database. I know it's possible, since I've seen it before on a guide here in GG (don't remember which one though). Any ideas on how it's possible? Here's my Excel sheet how it is currently, in case it helps: http://www.fileden.c...91/Teletabs.xls

BTW I use OpenOffice but it shouldn't make much difference I assume.

EDIT: Here's the guy that did it, and I tried what he said but it's not working right, any help? http://www.zybez.net...s...heat&st=20#

This might help too, but I still don't get how to do it right :lmao: http://runescape.wik...change_Database

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#2 Zestycookie


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Posted 19 May 2009 - 02:58 PM

If you know any programming languages, you could write something to grab the grand exchange prices and save to a txt document named "something.csv"
then you can open that with excel.

Location,	Exp each,	Exp per, load,	Exp per hour,	GP each	GP/hour	Profit/hour
Varrock,	35,	840,	12600,	850,	306000,	200520
Lumbridge,	41,	984,	14760,	875,	315000,	209520
Falador,	48,	1152,	17280,	858,	308880,	203400
House,	30,	720,	10800,	932,	335520,	230040
Camelot,	55.5,	1332,	19980,	760,	273600,	168120
Replace the prices in column E with the latest prices here for accurate calculations.						
Replace the following values to match your own speed and strategy:						
,Tabs/load	,Minutes/load	,Law Rune price				
24,	4	,293	,<--- If you RC your own laws you can set this to P ess price or 0 or whatever you want
Every value separated by a coma becomes it's own cell, and a new line starts a new row. There's a test of what you have so far. Save it as "something.csv" and open it with excel.

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