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Posted 19 August 2003 - 03:28 PM

I'm seeing it already. People asking hits level, and what this is, etc.. lol.. So, I decided to break it down for everyone. Stat Discussion, this is the name of the game here. And you guys won't have to ask, What's a pb. Etc. Because I'm going to explain them!

What does PK mean? What is it? PK means Player Killing. When you enter the wilderness, people are allowed to attack you, and you are allowed to attack them. This allows you to gain items if they die. Player Killing is a form of a sport for alot of people in Runescape.

Where is the wilderness? The wilderness is located farest north in the F2p(Free to play) servers. however, in members, the wilderness extends alot further into a larger, and more deadily parts of the wilderness. If you die in the wilderness, you lose all but 3 items. However, if you recently attacked someone, a skull is above your head. You'll lose all your items. If you use Protect items, you are able to keep the most costly item in your list. Stockable items doesn't count.

What's a 3 itemer? A 3 itemer is a person who goes into the wilderness with only 3 items. Maybe food. He doesn't attack people, maybe just to look around. Many people dislike this, and usually kill them on sight. Unless you're level 123. :-P

How do I hit my max? Most people hit their max by using a strength potions, and prayer. Prayer enables you to have an increase in 15% of your strength, while the strength potions gives you 10% of #.

What's a pure? A pure is someone without prayer and or magic. They often rely on high hitpoints to survive in the wilderness. Sometimes, they also have very high ranged as well.

What's a pb stand for? And mean? A pb stands for Prayer Beast. A prayer beast is a player that has gotten prayer to protect their weapon when they die. It also enables them to hit hard, by about 2 - 3 points with 31 prayer abled.

What's a pure plate? How do I become one? A pure plate is someone who did the dragon slayer quest when map pieces were tradeable. They aren't tradeable anymore. Which makes you get magic. Rumors have it you can still do it; but I wouldn't believe.

What's a semi-pure plate? A semi-pure plate is a player with 31 magic. He uses the Wizard's Bomb to get 33 magic, and get the map piece needed for the dragon slayer quest. Alot of semi-pure plates are made for the protection of the rune plate. Which adds alot to your armour class. Some examples of semi-pure plates are: 60, 40, 71; Others include: 60, 50, 81+. (Remember, those are only examples.)

What's my max hit? What combat level would I be? (Note: These are questions relating to my max hit, and combat level.) Cavalier's Combat Calculator Here you will find what you need. It has a max hit, and combat calculator. The RStoolKit also has a great max hit, as well with combat calculator as well. It's located within the community.

Why do I get defence experience?(I'm always careful) Because when you log into Runescape you are assigned a random "number", from this number comes your experience earned for the course of the day. When you log out, you lose this number, when you log back in, you may get someone esle's number, they may have half way killed some type of creature before logging out, so their experience is yours. So it makes no difference. A good suggestion is getting 100 fatigue before logging out. And when you log back in switch it to strength mode, then rest, and repeat daily.

What should I train on? What to Train On - By Logn

What's my natural hit at ____ strength?
The following is your natural hit complied of using a rune 2handed sword, with wearing a ruby amulet. As well with fighting on Aggressive.
Strength level - Natural hit
1-2 -------------- 2
3-7 -------------- 3
8-11 ------------- 4
12-15 ----------- 5
16-19 ----------- 6
20-23 ----------- 7
24-27 ----------- 8
28-31 ----------- 9
32-36 ----------- 10
37-40 ----------- 11
41-44 ----------- 12
45-48 ----------- 13
49-52 ----------- 14
53-56 ----------- 15
57-60 ----------- 16
61-65 ----------- 17
66-69 ----------- 18
70-73 ----------- 19
74-77 ----------- 20
78-81 ----------- 21
82-85 ----------- 22
86-89 ----------- 23
90-94 ----------- 24
95-98(99) ------ 25

(Your natural hit my change from time to time. It may also change when you get closer to another strength level that changes your natural hit. It's possible to get a higher natural with different gear in members world. But these are based sololy on F2P with a rune 2handed sword, ruby amulet, and fighting on strength mode.)

Got any questions that you feel should be added? PM me.
|Updated June 8, 6:55 PM.|

1. You DO NOT need a kill posted with each stat question. You're wondering why. Why should we post a kill when we're discussing stat related questions? Good point, huh?
Figure 1 http://www.runenews....e.cgi/31093.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
2. Flaming isn't allowed. Like it was to begin with. This will result in automatic rating lose pending.
3. Reposting your stats within a 24 hour period is a NO NO. I don't want the forum flooded with your stats, asking questions when you can edit your pervious topic, and or reply to it asking the question.
4. When replying/helping someone with stat questions, don't do some outrageous 99, 99, 99, stat replies. Or things that rely on years of training non-stop. It's annoying; and it's not what they want to hear.
5. Listen to the board leaders. If you don't abide by their rules, action will be taken.

Section 1: Rules and questions subject to change at any time.

- Snap -
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Snap God

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Posted 24 August 2003 - 03:32 AM

In order to get a successful, and thoughtful post. You need to fully explain what you need help with. You also need to include all needed information. As in combat level desired, rather you're members, and even to the point of your desired stats(places to train.)

I've seen many people just post their stats, asking where to go from there. This is ok, you'll get some replies; but more effectively you'll get better ones if you include all the needed information. There's more then just the needed, there is also the unwanted. For example; the desired stats. Not totally needed, but would help others get a clear view.

Example said:

I need some advise for my PK'er.
His stats are:
Attack: 40
Defence: 1
Strength: 53
Hits: 45
Ranged: 60
Prayer: 31
Magic: 1

I'd like to effectively train to the desired stats of 40, 1, 61, with around 65+ ranged. But I was wondering if those stats would be decent for the combat level of 41 - 44. My current combat is 38. Any tips of what's the next step? I really don't want to train for months, so, I don't want 99 99 99 stat replies. Thanks in advance.

- Snap -
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Posted 03 February 2004 - 08:22 AM

Well.  Here's a quick note to all you people here in PK Discussion.  There has been a new programme developed by one of our fellow community member, No1Stoney.

The name of his programme is Scapeshot.  It is a programme that can help you zero in on your stats in order to take a screenshot.  Quick, Fast, Neat.  Should be a handy tools for you guys.

The Discussion Thread is here: http://www.runescape...showtopic=78960

The URL to download the programme is here: http://freespace.vir...shot/sshot.html

Edit by Charlie: No1Stoney has also releasesd new versions that will even take a picture of your bank or the runescape window! Please visit his website at:

Hope this serves of use to you guys. [Cuzza123us, Blackspy, Charlie if this is not allowed, just chive it  :-P ]

Here's an Example:
http://www.angelfire...n/stat_test.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Koppen :-P

Edited by Charlie, 29 February 2004 - 03:28 PM.

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 09:28 PM

Prayer Guide
By: LostAndConfused

Everyone knows what prayer is, right? Right. Well, not everyone understands the complications involved with prayer. I've seen some people that believe you're not a real pker if you don't have prayer and I've seen people that believe you should not be allowed to have prayer at all for their various reasons. But, it seems not that many people have a very in depth understanding of how to use prayer and when it is useful for you. So, I'm here to help you.

I'm going to skip over the stuff like protect items, protect from missiles and such and dive right into the prayers that all pkers with prayer use, the ones that help strength!

For my examples I'm going to be using a pure with 40 attack, 1 defense, and 60 strength, which would put him at 38.0 combat exactly, as the basis stats and how each strength-related prayer can help him.

(All of this is based on free version weapons and accessories)

Burst of Strength

    * This prayer raises your strength by 5%
    * Level 4 prayer to use it
* Only lasts a very short amount of time

If you were to go without the prayer and max out 38 combat you would have 61 strength and 52 hp. If you were to get the prayer and max out 38 combat you would have 61 strength, 51 hp and 4 prayer. Both combinations would hit the same max number with a normal potion.

My Opinion: Useless until your strength level is at least 55 and still not very good after that because it runs out so fast.

Superhuman Strength

    * This prayer raises your strength by 10%
    * Level 13 prayer to use
* Lasts slightly longer than Burst of Strength, but is still pretty short term

If you were to go with level 13 prayer and and the 40 1 60 stats you would be 39.5 combat and unable to gain a strength level without also gaining a combat level. Although, you could gain an attack level, defense level or 2 prayer levelsand remain 35 combat, but they are not recommended unless you plan to continue to raise that skill to a good base number such as 50 attack, 30/40+ defense, or 31/40 prayer. Without the prayer you could max out 39 combat with 64 strength and 53 hp. Your max hit would be one higher with the stat combination using prayer.

My Opinion: Much better than Burst of Strength and recommended over it, but still too short term and at lower combat levels takes a lot off of hp levels.

Ultimate Strength

    * This prayer raises your strength by 15%
    * Level 31 prayer to use
* Lasts much longer than Superhuman Strength

With the prayer and the 40 1 60 combination you would be maxed out 41 combat and your max hit would be 20. Without the prayer you could max out 41 combat with 40 1 68 and 57 hp with a max hit of 21. So, the latter is the better option obviously in this case as far as skills go (remember, not involving protect items and such).

My Opinion: By far the best of the prayers but not useful at all on it's own until your strength level is very high (70+). I don't believe this prayer should be used until you get up to 50+ combat.

How do they compare?

Now, I'm going to put four cases next to each other maxed out at 41.75/41.875 combat to see how each of these prayer levels compete with each other as well as just remaining completely pure.

40 attack
1 defense
68 strength
57 hit points
max hit: 21

Level 4 Prayer
40 attack
1 defense
67 strength
57 hit points
max hit: 21

Level 13 Prayer
40 attack
1 defense
65 strength
54 hitpoints
max hit: 21

Level 31 Prayer
40 attack
1 defense
60 strength
50 hit points
max hit: 20

So, as you can the best choice for maxing out combat 41 is a tie between being completely pure and having level 4 prayer. Having level 13 prayer has the same max hit but 3 less hp levels and having level 31 prayer is all around inferior as far as fighting skills go.

But, if you were to level up your pure to the 60's of combat or so with a higher strength level Ultimate Strength would gradually become more and more useful than the other options for fighting since it would add on a lot more strength the higher your level got.

Well, that about sums up everything, I'll let you guys do your own calculations for pkers of different combat levels.

LAC~let me know of any mistakes

PM LAC if you have any questions, updates, etc.

Edited by Charlie, 03 March 2004 - 09:29 PM.

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Posted 16 May 2004 - 07:24 PM

[color="blue"][b]Staking/Dueling Guide
By: IxShotGunxI

Table Of Contents:

I. The art of Staking
II. Brands of stakers
III. Where to train/What to bring
IV. Procedure of Staking/Preparation
V. The Match/Aftermatch
VI. Staking -vs.- Pking, similarities and differences
VII. Good to know/Hints, Tips, Tricks
VIII. Terms & Phrases
IX. FAQ & Answers
X. Credits & Notes


~ I. The Art of Staking ~

Staking is the best money-making opportunity that you can come to in RuneScape, if you just try and work. Staking is not much different than pking, not much different at all, only no running when you stake. And in pking, you will always get something, where as in staking, you will only get what the victim stakes. Staking is based on patience, skill, concentration, and luck. It is the hobby of many RuneScape players, such as myself, we go out and clash with one another for the prize, often money, staking is a very good business if you only have the patience.


~ II. Brands of Stakers ~

There are many different types and ways that a staker will fight. Many stakers just take one skill and train it until they can no more, others may just train each skill to the same amount, thinking that each one has an equal value. And some, just take two stats and combine them equally, leaving the third trailing far behind. There are many different types of stakers, I will do my best to explain each one and you can see which you would think would be best for you.

A. The Pure Defense Staker

The pure defense staker is the most trusted and popular staker in the game, she will have extraordinary defense, reasonably high attack, and a sparingly amount of strength.

Pros: You will not need to worry about prayer, you will be lasting a VERY long time in most stakes, you will close-to-never get hit. You will have high hit points.

Cons: Defense is really hard to train with such low strength, you should not stake someone with 34 prayer, as you may underestimate it’s ability.

Recommended Statistics:

Low Level: 60 Attack, 70 Defense, 40-50 Strength, 1 Prayer
High Level: 70 Attack, 80 Defense, 50-60 Strength, 1 -or- 34 Prayer
B. The Pure Attack Staker

The pure attack staker is not very well known, but with its extreme attack and high hit points, this little staker can easily become underestimated.

Pros: High hit points to last long, the high attack can unleash itself on your opponents defense.

Cons: Other stakers with higher strength may have the advantage over you, and if your opponents defense is just too high, it may be fatal.

Recommended Statistics:

Low Level: 70 Attack 1 Defense 61 Strength and 34 prayer
High Level: 80 Attack 1 Defense 74 Strength and 34 prayer
C. The Pure Strength Staker

Stakers are never really known for strength, and that may end up being a great disadvantage to defense stakers. Even though you cannot trust strength stakers to win many battles for you, they are good for boxing. But whenever you may need a good hit-number strength stakers are there for you.

Pros: Very high strength for very high numbers in the clutch. A lot of hit points to last long, strength stakers are very good box stakers as well.

Cons: You may never get past the beasts with an extraordinary amount of defense.

Recommended Statistics:

Low Level: 50 Attack 1 Defense 76 Strength and 32 Prayer
High Level: 65 Attack 1 Defense 84+ Strength and 34 Prayer
D. The Strength/Defense Staker (Boxer)

These stakers are a combination of strength and defense. Why? Well, with stats like these you would be able to hit hard, and not get hit, these are also the primary stats for a boxing staker (A staker that uses no weapons or armor and fights with fists).

Pros: Very high hard-to-hit defense with high strength for some good high numbers. These are exceptional stats for a boxer.

Cons: Your low attack may not hit as often as you would hope.

Recommended Statistics:

Low Level: 50 Attack 65 Defense 67 Strength and 1 -or- 32 Prayer
High Level: 60 Attack 74 Defense 72 Strength and 1 -or- 32 Prayer
E. The Magic Staker

These are the most powerful stakers in the game, they can ask anyone from levels 3-80 to stake them. They are extremely vicious with their power and show no mercy toward opponents. Most of these Mages have completed the Mage Arena mini-quest and have at least 60 Magic to use a god spell, beware, mages can hit often and high.

Pros: With the level 80 Charge Spell, mages can hit rare 30’s and lower 20’s. Their victims will always end up losing if you play right.

Cons: It is VERY expensive to complete the mage arena and the blood runes are very expensive. It may be hard to find someone who will stake you.

Recommended Statistics:

Lower Level: 1 Attack 40 Defense 1 Strength 77 Magic
Higher Level: 1-10 Attack 60+ Defense 1-10 Strength 80 Magic
F. The Average Staker

These stakers will have about the same Defense as their Strength and Attack, they do, however, have considerably low Hit Points.

Pros: Equally high Strength for high hitting, with the same attack and defense for an equal fight.

Cons: Lower Hit Points than the pure stakers.

Recommended Statistics:

Lower Level: 60 60 60 and 1 -or- 34 Prayer
Higher Level: 76 75 75 and 34 Prayer

I have just explained every staker known to me, if you have another idea, please reply and I will be sure to acknowledge you.


~ III. Where to train/What to Bring ~

Most people actually have no idea how hard a defense staker is to train. Defense is one of the hardest skills to train in the game, high strength is a must have when training defense. You will also have to ask yourself a critical question before creating a staker. Should I get a membership now, so it will be easier to train? Or shall I get a membership once I get my goal stats so there is more time to stake? I would, in my opinion of course, choose to create a character, transfer some armor + weapons onto him, then get membership. This is my opinion, mainly because I train so constantly, I can afford to lose time off my membership. So here is a guide which should certainly help you.

First, we must decide what to bring. Always bring your best armor when training outside of the wilderness, and only 3 items when training inside the wilderness. For most defense beasts, food is not needed, as they will hardly get hit by the weak monsters. Always remember what is the greatest armor and weapons you can bring.

Armor/Weapon ----------------- Defense/Attack Level Required

Bronze & Iron 1
Steel 5
Black 10
Mithril 20
Adamantite 30
Runite 40
Dragon 60

Once you know the strongest type of armor you can get, its time to go shopping. You will be able to get most armor (Mithril and lower) from Horviks Armor Shop in East Varrock. You can get Adamantite from the Champions guild and the Al Kharid Leg shops. You can also get most runite from the Champions Guild. Or you can always buy and sell stuff from here at the Community. Now lets see what to bring to your training sessions. Remember the best swords are 2 handed swords and you should always use chest plates and large helmets instead of chain mail and medium helmet. (Unless you are pure and are forced to use Rune Chain.)

Ruby/Diamond/Dragon Amulet
(Note: Charged Dragon Amulets are helpful to get out of training and to a bank quickly.)
2 Handed Sword/Dragon Long
Sleeping Bag
Klanks Gauntlets (You will be forced to use Chain)
Sharks or Cakes


Let us say you want to create a pure defense staker, you have tried training, but training with extremely low strength on the defense setting is harsh, here is a list of training spots for defense pures:

Let us say your goal stats will be..

60 Attack 65 Defense 30 Strength

For P2P Training Spots:

You should always go to gnomes, get at least 30-30-30 on them, this will not even take a day, maybe a few hours, remember, with only 30 strength you will not be hitting very high or very hard. After Gnomes, I would recommend going under the fishing guild to the goblins at the very end, they are very fast training to get from 30-30-30 to 60-60-30, there are so many of them and they are easy to kill. Training from 60 to 65 defense is where the game gets tough. You may stick with goblins if you wish, they still are good, you may also try dungeon rats under the clock tower, or rats inside of Melzars Maze. These are the primary training spots for duelers with low strength.

For F2P Training Spots:

Chickens will be nice, at least until 30-20-30, you can also get 20-20-20 at rats in Draynor or Rimmington. After that, Rats inside Melzars Maze will be excellent for 60-65-30, Cows may also enter the picture.
Pure Strength/Attack Stakers will be much easier. They will be hitting higher and more efficiently. Let us start out with 60 1 60.

You can easily get 40 1 40 off of gnomes. Then go under the fishing Guild where you can easily get 60 1 60 without breaking a sweat. Now if you wish to get higher strength, like around 75, you may either stick with Goblins, go to dungeon rats, or if you have good connection stick with gnomes (There are so many of them!)..

F2P: Chickens for 30 1 30, then cows for 40 1 40. Afterwards, go for Melzars Maze rats until 40 1 50+, then you may either stay with rats until 60 1 60, or you can go for Dark Wizards as well. Afterwards, either stick with Dark Wizards until 60 1 70+ or you can try dwarves, warriors in Al Kharid, and Guards at Black Knight castle until 60 1 80+!!
Now for Tank Mages, training is quite simple. As long as your spell is successful, you will gain experience. So the only places you will need to train, is where there is always going to be something to cast a spell upon. For instance, training magic at chickens would be no good, because you will have to wait for long periods each time you kill one. Some good places would be gnomes, or the jail at Port Sarim. Just wherever there are a lot of monsters, and always something to shoot, you will get magic experience easily. The really hard part of training a mage is getting very high defense with very low strength. A good place to train to 30-40 Defense would be Rats in Rimmington, or gnomes for P2P. Afetrwards, you may want to get 10 strength so you would be able to train much faster.
For more information on where to train.. Check out Logns Training Guide.


~ IV. Procedure of Staking/Preparation ~

So, you have your staker all trained and you have your armor and are ready to stake! First you must get potions. Go to world 8. (The largest staking world, this world may be different on RuneScape 2) And check around Draynor Village (Al Kharid for Rs2), there should be people selling super sets, the custom price is 20k each, make sure they have 3 doses and get ready. Now if you cannot find anybody to stake at Draynor, try Lumbride. (Al Kharid for Rs2) Once you find someone around your level that you will feel comfortable staking, look at him a bit, you can check a lot about a staker by his appearance. There are many things to look for:

1) See if he has gloves, if he does not you know he does not have gauntlets.
2) In Rs2, look at the color of the amulet he is wearing, if it is green, be aware that he will use it and you may not hit as much as you expect.
3) See if he has a helmet on or not, if he has no helmet on, for example maybe a party hat or special item, he may have a dragon med, so beware of that.
4) He has no weapon on, if the guy has no weapon, but full rune on, he will not be expecting to box someone. He may be hiding a powerful weapon.
5) Look for Chain or Plate, if he has rune plate, he will most likely have high magic. Chains symbolize pureness.

Then before you send, look up his prayer, hit points, and magic in the highscores. You should ask him to send, once you see that he offered to duel with you, drink all three potions, put your prayer tab in front of you, and duel. There is another effective, but untrustworthy way to get some good stakes. You can always lie, you may not have a good reputation with many people, but it is very effective. Let us say you are level 60, and you want to fight a level 55, but he does not want to. You can always hide some armor and pretend you have lower defense, or you can say things that may get them to change their mind, such as: Wow I have low hp. and Geez 40 Defense stinks!


~ V. The Match/Aftermatch ~

Once you are fighting, turn on you attack and strength prayers if you are a strength/attack staker, or turn on your defense and attack prayers if you are a defense/attack pure. Keep at least one prayer off for the sake of time. If you are winning, and they have considerably low health and if your prayer points are still high, (at least 5 or higher) switch on your strength prayer. Dont forget to keep switching between the settings of accurate and defensive depending on whos turn it is to hit the opponent. Or you can do the r2h/kite switch if you do not have a long sword or battle axe. Also, the gnome amulet/dragon amulet is effective.


Did you win? If so by how much? If you won by a considerable amount, why not ask to restake? Just make sure to be nice and give kind comments such as: Nice job, want to go again? and Wow you hit me good, I can not believe I won. or if you are on the dark side, you can get them aggravated, by saying things such as: Haha you no0b you stink! and Lololol!! You could not slice your way out of a paper bag! It may get them aggravated and cause them to want revenge. (Trust me, it works, I have lost much Rune due to this) Now go get more potions and stake someone again!


~ VI. Staking -vs.- Pking, similarities and differences ~

The two greatest money-makers and probably the most popular hobbies of most players. But what is the difference? And what will get you more money? It all depends on you level and stats.

Staking: The thing about staking that has nothing to do with pking is getting rich, and fast. You can stake up to your life savings in one stake, but no one would be stupid enough to bring that kind of stuff into the wild. But, on the other hand, you can also lose big. Pking takes skill, Staking takes stats.

Pros: Good Stats = Good/Fast Winnings, cheap, no need for food, potions, or a good internet connection.

Cons: Pretty boring, there really is no thrill in staking as there is in pking, most people believe pking is a lot more fun. You can lose a lot in one stake. It may also be expensive to buy what you are going to stake.

Pking: The greatest hobby of most players of RuneScape, most people go pking because it is fun, more fun than making money. You will never get as much loot as staking when you are pking as long as you have the right stats. Pking is most all skill.

Pros: More fun than staking. It always feels good to get that catch or 3 hit a guy for full rune.

Cons: Costs a lot. (Lobster Certificates are expensive) Most pkers will not lose much if they die. Not as much money being made.


~ VII. Good to know/Hints, Tips, Tricks ~

My favorite part of the guide, I will explain the secrets of staking, the hints and tips that have led me to become a great staker, even with bad stats, you can do almost anything.

--- Tricks ---

The Prayer Trick:

Keep on Ultimate Reflex and Steel Skin when they attack you
Take off Steel Skin when you attack them
This should only be used when you are having a very long match
Your opponent
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Posted 03 November 2010 - 08:47 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a plate pure was someone who got the map piece in RS2 (during the beta) and then transferred it back to his/her RS1 account, thus avoiding the magic requirement.
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