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Polls & Surveys Rules

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#1 Atarah


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Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:21 PM

P&S Rules

All Topics must contain a poll
All topics in this forum must contain a poll - for help and guidance on what kind of polls we allow and how to make them, please see the help guide below.

Only post polls related to Runescape
This is a sub-forum of the Runescape General Discussion board and as such we only allow topics that focus on the game of Runescape. Anything concerning real life should probably be posted in either Off Topic or Community Discussion.

All Topics must contain a focus of discussion
In Polls & Surveys, we appreciate many users will drop in just to vote, rather than post - an easier form of debate than the General Discussion forum. However, we still expect you to have some focus to your topic and not to leave the main post blank. We suggest at least two lines of discussion material on the post itself.

Don't spam
Stupid, pointless, annoying messages. If you post these constantly, you will be punished. 1-3 word replies are often classed as spam. If you have something to add to the discussion, do so. Just stating your poll choice as a post will also be classified as spam.

Don't make coloured discussions or posts
There is no reason why you would need to make your discussion a different colour - remember, different people use different forum skins, making your topic yellow might be okay for your skin, but not for another. The same applies for posting in this forum, it's unnecessary.

Don't wannabe moderate
If you see a person whom you think is breaking the rules, even if you know what rule they break, you have no reason to tell them so. Moderating is a Moderator's job, report the person, and leave their topic or post alone. Posting about how they must move their topic to x or y forum only creates a spam post when the topic is moved.

Use semi-proper English when you post
Here is an example:

Good Post: What do you think of the new combat system in RS:II?
Bad Post: omg wut du u dink ov t3h nu c0mb4t ding n rs-too???????????!11111111

The author of the first one is considered reader-friendly, whereas the author of the second one doesn't know the difference between letters and numbers, and likely failed a kindergarten level spelling test five years past the appropriate age of administration. We will delete posts like this.

Posts or topics that violate these rules are subject to deletion or closing without notice.


Punishments can range anywhere from a verbal warning to a rating deduction to permanent banning depending on the degree of your offense. Punishments are at the individual moderator's discretion.

Thanks for your cooperation!
-, Kevin♫, BrotherVoid1

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#2 Atarah


    A 70s Disco Dancer.

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:22 PM

Polls & Surveys: A Guide to...

Creating a Poll:

When creating a topic in Polls and Surveys, you must remember that your topic needs to contain both a focus of discussion and at least one poll question. As of December 2012, you can now create your own polls, so please make sure they are sensible - if not, they'll be closed by a member of the GD staff.

Poll Format:

To create a poll, you must be in 'Full Topic Editor' mode, and you will see the option to 'Manage Topic Poll' in the top right of the editing screen.

This allows you to add your Poll's Title, a number of questions and poll choices. Much like the old P&S guidelines, you can add numerous questions and choose for them to be one-selection or multiple-choice - but please ensure you do not make huge, long-winded polls for the sake of it. Again, these will be removed at the discretion of GD staff.

Remember to check:
  • Always check to make sure that your topic is not a duplicate.
  • No insulting polls. 'Is Player A better than Player B?', 'What is your favourite swearword?'
  • No immature polls. 'Should Runescape have flying pigs?' 'Runescape or Runescape?'
  • No un-needed polls. 'What is your favourite colour?' 'Is Runescape good?'
Rules for replying to a topic.
  • Choose an answer, and reply to it.
  • Explain your answer - one word replies will be deleted.
  • Do not insult others for giving a different answer, debate!
  • Do not criticize the survey or be insulting to the owner.
If you experience problems with posting or other players, send a PM to a GD staff member, or report offending players.

Thanks, GD Staff.
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