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Giant Skeletons[damis's Lair]..

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#1 Karll


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 09:08 PM

Guide to Giant Skeletons

By: Karll

  • 1.0 [ Introduction ]
  • 2.0 [ How to get there ]
  • 3.0 [ Items/stats suggested ]
  • 4.0 [ EXP earned per hour ]
  • 5.0 [ Extras ]
    • 5.1 [ How to kill them and where to stand ]
    • 5.2 [ Notable drops ]
    • 5.3 [ What world to train on ]
    • 5.4 [ General information/drops]
    • 5.5 [ Use of Familars ] COMING SOON
  • 6.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
  • 7.0 [ Credits ]
1.0 [ Introduction ]
Ever found it difficult to find an ideal training spot which offers moderately fast EXP along with it not eating away a lot of your food? This guide should then hopefully aid some assistance and help you finally find that perfect training spot. :)

Posted Image

2.0 [ How to get there? ]
Now, for the first part, part of the Desert Treasure quest is needed; more importantly, you need to have obtained the ring of visibility. I will in brief explain below how to obtain the ring. First, speak to the Archaeologist in the Al-Kharid desert to start the quest, after doing so, he'll tell you about a stone tablet he found while excavating. Teleport to Varrock and make your way to the dig site [south-east]. Speak with Terry and he will translate the tablet into what you can understand. Talk to him again and he'll give you a book. The book explains about 4 missing diamonds.

Rasolo: (West of the fishing-guild)

Posted Image

Now, what you want to do is head for the fishing-guild. Find Rasolo and ask him about the diamonds. He will explain that not too far away from him there is a dungeon to which a powerful warrior guards. He will also give you the ring of visibility provided recover a gilded cross that was stolen by a bandit known as Laheeb - "Head off to the Shantay pass, ensuring you have all the necessary items. Hop on a magic carpet and get taken to the Bebadin Camp. From here go south to the Bandit camp. In the south-west tent of the Bandit camp you'll find a secure chest (Picture). Drink your Bandit's brew to temporarily increase your thieving level by 1. Click "open secure chest" and it will ask you for confirmation. Click "yes" and you will attempt to open the lock." Once you have obtained the cross head back to Rasolo and he will give you the ring of visibility.

Here is a map concerning how to reach Giant Skeletons [Damis's Lair]: there are two alternative ways, as such:

Coming from Seers Village: (bank time (seers village back to giant skeletons-when running)) ~60-70 seconds.

Posted Image

Coming from Ardougne: (bank time (ardougne back to giant skeletons-when running)) ~35-40 seconds.

Posted Image

Remember that the ladder only becomes visible when you have the ring of visibility equipped as without, it's impossible to make your way down there.


3.0 [ Items/stats suggested ]

Now, heres the tricky part. There are a wide range of armour, weapons, shields, etc you can wear which when worn in correct combinations can be very effective in terms of EXP earned per hour.

But firstly, bunyips. They will heal 2HP every 15 seconds of combat which ultimately takes the need of food away. To summon you must have a summoning level of 68. They will last 48 minutes. These are a great source of energy. If you can sustain a maximum of 8 damage per minute then really you are eliminating yourself the need of food. Just make sure your bunyip does not get caught behind any areas of the cave. They can not heal otherwise.

A typical inventory layout:
Posted Image

An alternative melee setup: [x] or [x]


Head: Helm of neitiznot/berserker helmet/rune full helm. <-- Coming from what I suggest most. The same goes for below:
Amulet: Salve amulet(e)/salve amulet/amulet of fury/amulet of glory/amulet of power.*
Cape: Fire cape/skill cape/obby cape/legends cape.
Body: Chestplate/granite platebody/dragon chainbody/rune platebody.
Weapon: Abyssal whip****/saradomin sword/dragon scimitar/dragon long (don't bother with godswords here).
Shield: Dragon fireshield(fully charged)/Obby shield/dragon square/rune kite.
Legs: Tassest/dragon platelegs/rune platelegs.
Gloves: Mithril through dark gloves/bracelet of combat/vambraces.
Feet: Dragon boots/rune boots/climbing boots.
Rings: Ring of life/berserker ring/warrior ring.***

* A salve amulet (e) is strongly suggested seeing as how it avails a massive 20% bonus** to both attack and strength. A salve amulet without the enchant will work just as fine and it is most definitely something I suggest you wear should you train against the undead; provided the enchanted form isn't yet available to yourself. Other amulets will work just as fine but salve amulets prove most effective.

** Think of it as the salve amulet being the equivalent of having ultimate strength and incredible reflexes turned on all the time.

^ A salve amulet is obtained after you have completed the Haunted mine quest; simply chisel off a shard piece and string it onto a amulet via using a ball of wool on it. To receive the enchantment of the amulet, you will need to have defeated Tarn Razorlor; upon the death of Tarn Razorlor, he will drop a diary; simply use this diary with your amulet and you will receive a salve amulet (e) - enchanted! A guide regrading the tarn Razorlor can be found here. Credits go to Zybez.net.

*** A ring of life is strongly suggested as you never know, you may experience terrible lag and consequently suffer great damage. It's better to be safe than sorry and best to ignore bonuses other rings offer.

**** Abyssal whips are suggested when training either attack or defence. Saradomin swords are suggested for strength. If you can not afford a SS, a dragon scimitar will do just as fine.

Use your dragon battleaxe special and then have a sip of both your super attack and super defence. Repeat once your stats drop back down to their original state. Tele-tablets are also suggested due to them taking up only one inventory spot, meaning you'll be able to carry more food.

Remember, restore potions are a good source of balancing out the negative effects caused by your dragon battleaxe special.

Another alternative teleportational route becomes available once you have completed the lunar diplomacy quest - "Fishing Guild Teleport" - which as the spell describes, teleports you to the fishing guild, and hence the name (bear in mind that level 68 fishing is required to enter the guild), as seen in the above maps. The spell requires 3 astral, 3 law, and 10 water runes. That however consequently takes up another two inventory slots rendering trips spent down there in the dungeon shorter. It really is up to you whether or not you use this method of transportation--it will definitely decrease the time it takes you to bank. ~15 seconds running..  

However, though this is not always 100% guaranteed, you can leave the runes for whatever teleport you plan on bringing and rely on giant skeletons dropping water and law runes; the runes that are needed to teleport to Ardougne. However, if you happen to notice a giant skeleton dropping a water and/or law rune and you have no empty inventory slots, don't eat a shark unnecessarily for the sake of picking it up; wait until they drop another..

Lastly [only applies if you have a fair amount of money to waste], you can sell your food/pots, in noted form of course to Rasolo and then buy them back off him. In other words sell him the noted food and he will sell them back to you un-noted. Saves banking time.

Guthans armour is also another viable alternative to saving food seeing as how it has the ability to absorb/drain HP from your foe. Though, should you ever train with Guthans, its suggested that you only wear the armour whilst healing as if you wear the armour whilst training normally, the guthans armour will degrade quicker and thus more money is needed for the repairs. So its best ultimately to wear your guthans armour only to heal.

However, I do not suggest you use guthans armour as a source of HP renewal as it does effect XP earned per hour. Guthans armour isn't always reliable and won't always heal when you want it to which therefore means that damage inflicted upon your foe whilst using a guthans spear will ultimately effect EXP earned per hour; you may have to inflict 200 damage before you reattain full HP - thats 200*1.33 = 266 EXP to strength, attack, HP and defence whereas you could have received solely 600 EXP to what you were initially training. Though it may at the moment look like nothing, it does add up and soon you'll find yourself losing tens of thousands of EXP per hour because of this. If however you are training defensively [defence exp] ignore this as the defensive style of attack is not controlled. As it is when training attack/strength.

Another reason why I do not suggest the use of Guthans armour is that after awhile, your pots will run out and before you know it, you will be switching back and forth to heal every 5 or so minutes. That is of course assuming you use pots and infrequently bank.

Unless you have a lot of money spare, it is not suggested you wear barrows down here as explained above, costs for repairing the amour will all add up and before you know it you have lost a couple of hundred k on repairing barrow armour alone.

It is also best you ignore attack/strength bonuses and focus your attention on defensive bonuses; to be able tp effectively train down there you want to withstand damage inflicted as long as possible therefore maximizing efficiency in terms of EXP earned per hour, meaning you want to try and bank as little as possible. In the time it takes to kill one giant skeleton [defensive wise remember] very rarely the other would have respawned back.. so attack and strength have little value here.

As for stats, it's best you have at bear minimum, 70 + defence. Attack and strength aren't as important though they do of course help increase EXP earned per hour. Just remember the higher your stats are the more EXP you earn per hour.

[Guthans armour is not terrible, it's just what I suggest you steer away from] If however you wish to use guthans armour as a food substitute then thats okay as it's entirely up to you what you choose to bring. Here is a suggested layout: [ Picture ] Thanks to The Colonel for the picture. :thumbsup: As you can see here it's pointless bombarding your inventory with food as in this case you are letting the Guthans heal you which saves the need of a lot of *real* food. Just bring a couple in case of dire need.

You however do not ALWAYS want to be healing, do so when you have lost approx. half of your HP.

Remember that when using this method you MUST have at least one extra inventory space so you swap your weapon AND shield for your guthans spear.


4.0 [ EXP earned per hour ]

Sorry if some estimates aren't exact; please correct me where I'm wrong.

[Lvl 80 attack, lvl 80 strength]: approximately 50,000 XP to whatever skill you are training and approximately 17,000 HP EXP an hour.
[Lvl 85 attack, lvl 85 strength]: approximately 57,000 XP to whatever skill you are training and approximately 19,000 HP EXP an hour.
[Lvl 90 attack, lvl 90 strength]: approximately 64,000 XP to whatever skill you are training and approximately 22,000 HP EXP an hour.
[Lvl 95 attack, lvl 95 strength]: approximately 69,000 XP to whatever skill you are training and approximately 24,000 HP EXP an hour.

* This is from personal experience. It's best to round off your levels to the above which should hopefully give you a rough idea to how much EXP you can earn per hour.


5.0 [ Extras ]

5.1 [How to kill them and where to stand]

North side:

Posted Image

West side:

Posted Image

Red dots indicate where the skeletons respawn from and black dots indicate where its best for you to stand. If you look close enough, you will notice that the black dots are placed roughly in the middle of the area; that means the skeletons have equal distance to cover before they reach you, as opposed to one having to walk half way across the map and the other not having to walk at all.

It is strongly suggested to have auto retaliate turned on here as skeletons are aggressive and will always attack you once respawned for a limited amount of time; roughly 20 minutes. When they become unaggressive you can either walk around to the other training area/spot provided no one else is training there or simply walk away until the area of where you train becomes invisible on your mini-map. Remember that giant skeletons are a popular area to train and competition between the spots is tough seeing as how a lot of people are to stubborn to hop worlds or change spots if ever they invade your area. It's best you let them have their way; be the wise one and change spots. Fighting over the spots does nothing other than wastes your own personal time and reduces EXP earned per hour.

5.2 [Notable drops]

They are also a common dropper of Long/curved bones. Be sure to pick every single one of them up; they can be traded in for I believe: Curved bones, 3,000 Construction XP and 2,000 GP. Long bones, 1,500 construction XP and 1,500 GP.

They are also infrequent droppers of both herbs and runes.. I suggest when dropped, you pick them up.. sure they may look at waste at first, however, over time, the amount you collect will eventually add up and before you know it you'll have a couple of hundred k from extras.

5.3 [What world to train on]

Note that that skeletons respawn quicker on populated worlds than they do when you're on unpopulated worlds; meaning, it's always suggested to train on populated worlds.

5.4 [General information/drops]

Combat: 80
Hitpoints: 70
Race: Undead
Members: Yes        
Quest: No
Nature: Aggressive
Attack Style: Melee
Examine: A giant skeleton.

Drops: Big bones, Coins (2-400), Air runes (30), Water runes (17-18), Chaos runes (8), Cosmic runes (4), Law runes (4), Uncut gems, Grimy herbs, Iron bar, Iron arrows (24), Nature talisman, Steel axe, Steel med helm, Steel scimitar, Steel sword, long bone, curved bone
Top Drops: Clue scroll (Level-2), Half of a key, Dragon spear, Shield left half

5.5 [Use of Familars]



6.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
Q: Do I need to have equipped my ring of visibility down there?

No. You only need to be wearing the ring so the ladder is visible to you, as without it is invisible. As explained above.


7.0 [ Credits ]
Karll: Creator.
Zybez: Link to the Tarn Razolor guide.
The Colonel: Gave me a much needed picture.

Posted Image

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#2 Malevolent One

Malevolent One

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 09:36 PM

Hey Karll, first of all small typo in the title of the topic (Gaint) and some information you may want to include:

-How to obtain a salve amulet in depth and how to enchant it to further increase it's bonuses.
-Where these bones you mentioned can be turned into.
-The comparison of EXP you get off of these compared to ankous (because of their undead characteristic as well)

Another typo I found in the bottom section of 5.0:

Also note that note that skeletons respawn quicker when on a populated world than they do when you're on a unpopulated world; meaning, its always suggested to train on populated worlds.

Now a question I have - Does wearing a ring of life here increase the drop rate of these irregular bones or does it stay the same?

I'll post more if I find anything, great guide by the way taught me some things that may persuade me to train here rather then my current spot.

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 09:38 PM

nice guide, maybe you could add a map of where Rasolo is on obtaining the Ring of Visibility.

#4 Ill_Knock0ut


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 08:03 AM

Sorry to say, but there's already a guide about these in GG :thumbsup:
But, nice guide. I prefer ardy teletabs because that's faster. I also recommend pickup up the bbones if you use 1 shark/monk/lob or whatever ^_^

With 120 str bonus I used to get 40-50K xp/hour with 75 attack and strength

60/60 attack | 83/?? strength | 45/45 defence | 95/?? ranged | 94/?? magic | 52/52 prayer | 87/?? hitpoints | 198/240 QP | 85/?? combat
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#5 Beat



Posted 14 February 2008 - 12:07 PM


7.0 [ Credits ]
Karll: Creator.
Zybez: Link to the Tarn Razolor guide.
Name: What this person contributed
Name: What this person contributed

Edit the Name: Bit.

I didn't find any other mistakes, so yeah.
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#6 v1nc1


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 01:23 PM

Nice guide, was thinking about getting 99 str there...
...hopefull it doesn't get that crowded. :thumbsup:

May be u can add a part about what to do when u die.

having a charged Skill Necklace, a extra Ring of Visibility, and a few super energy pots in your bank.

1. tele to fishing guild with necklace
2. equip ring
3. keep running..and drink when needed

Btw i got 65k xp when i was 87 att & 89 str


Sorry to say, but there's already a guide about these in GG
Man Whij Me, those guides are more then a year old.

Edited by v1nc1, 14 February 2008 - 01:30 PM.

#7 dark hisharu

dark hisharu


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 08:37 PM

theres another spot in Tarns lair fyi =P
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#8 I-faddadof-I



Posted 14 February 2008 - 08:48 PM

very nice guide, just some pointers to fix

"mith through dark gloves" change it to mith through barrow
their is only one tasset from one god, thats bandos, not any god
why would their need to be a chestplate from any god ? surely a rune plate or torso is a lot better/cheaper ( you may be thinking of bandos chestplate ? str bonus :P )
you can also add that you can use bones to peaches tabs, saving inventory spots ( still think need to buy the spell )

overall nice guide though :)
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#9 Karll


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 11:27 PM

View PostI-faddadof-I, on Feb 15 2008, 01:48 PM, said:

very nice guide, just some pointers to fix

"mith through dark gloves" change it to mith through barrow
their is only one tasset from one god, thats bandos, not any god
why would their need to be a chestplate from any god ? surely a rune plate or torso is a lot better/cheaper ( you may be thinking of bandos chestplate ? str bonus :P )
you can also add that you can use bones to peaches tabs, saving inventory spots ( still think need to buy the spell )

overall nice guide though :)

Yeah, I was actually referring to bandos/armadyl, etc, not Zamorak, Saradomin or Guthix. :hi:

Have added/edited what you suggested. Thanks.

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#10 I-faddadof-I



Posted 15 February 2008 - 07:28 PM

ok, your welcome, just thought of an alternative method to getting their, some may use this.

games room necklace to barb outpost n walk from their. ( one less inv spot though, with teles you can have 2 ardy tabs saving one extra food )

here is the image

Posted Image

here is the code http://s116.photobuc...=rsmapguide.jpg

hope i help :)

map by jagex, edited slightly.

Edited by I-faddadof-I, 15 February 2008 - 07:30 PM.

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#11 Karll


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 08:48 PM

The only downside to that method is that there are no actual banks, only a dropbox.

Posted Image

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#12 pies_friend



Posted 15 February 2008 - 09:09 PM

I think this would be cheaper on the food if you would wear gear that gives + to prayer, bring pray pots instead of sharks you can last longer even if you're lower level and you will not have to bank as often. I don't know just my preference.

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#13 Karll


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 09:32 PM

It won't work..

1 prayer pot costs ~7k, the equivalent of ~8-9 sharks. You will be able to last much longer on 8-9 sharks than you can on a prayer pot (4)--regardless of you're prayer bonuses.

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#14 5 3 8 0

5 3 8 0


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 11:21 PM

I found this guide alot more informative than the other on skely guide, perhaps different sets of equipment to use, i personally perfer a torso and a v skirt to d legs and a platebody, apartfrom that its a great guide :hi:

Edited by 5 3 8 0, 15 February 2008 - 11:21 PM.

#15 beanhead



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 02:20 PM

Weird, people always said Skeletons where the best but I can avg ~80kexp. Per hour with the prayer method @ Bandits

85 attack 88 strength.

Edited by beanhead, 16 February 2008 - 02:20 PM.

#16 Wes


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 03:07 PM

Wow...very nice guide! :hi: I've been looking for an in-depth one like this. Quick question though; is the salve ammy really that efficient or can you replace it? :no:
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#17 Karll


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 03:12 PM

I do suggest you wear one over a fury/glory or whatever seeing as how they offer a 15-20% boost* to both attack and strength whereas a fury/glory amulet only offer attack/strength bonuses.

Think of it as the salve amulet being the equivalent of having ultimate strength and incredible reflexes turned on all the time.

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#18 Maxman


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 06:47 PM

I'm there atm, I love it. I suggest that you add an inventory of what you should bring (i.e. Sharks, Strength potions, etc.).

Otherwise, love the guide Karll. :-(

Edit: What's the Dungeon called? I'm trying to find the name but can't. It would also be good for your guide.


Edited by Maxman, 16 February 2008 - 07:09 PM.

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#19 Justin


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 02:01 AM

Very nice guide on the whole, but I see three problems:
  • Unless you are training controlled, you get 1 hp for every 3 strength, attack, or defense xp. Your current data shows that it's 3 for every 4.
  • Your average experience per hour statistic is off by at least 5,000 xp an hour, as I averaged a considerable amount more in pretty average gear at those levels.
  • You don't need to bring any form of teleportation with you because the Skeletons drop law and water runes (Ardougne tele).

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#20 Karll


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 03:01 AM

Thanks Justin, have edited/added in what you suggested. :-(

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