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Selling 1 Tooth half of a key 35,000
Today, 09:05 PM
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2 7 08

Get better soon Paul George
Today, 08:55 PM
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  • Ninjasteak's Photo
    I will not give up :)
    Today, 08:13 PM
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    Honestly it is the price guide topic. I follow it to see recent posts. If a mod has a recent reply I ignore it but if there are a few member replies I'll take a look to see if I can help.

    But I follow a few sections too.
    Today, 08:22 PM
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    Oh wait lol, I see the reason... I don't follow my own sections (Ach/Q&MM). It all becomes clear now..
    Today, 08:25 PM
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Ninjasteak's Photo


Don't even know how you do it. http://i.imgur.com/CSCeSyn.png
Today, 07:28 PM
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The Corf

100 days spent on this site... I REGRET NOTHING
Today, 07:14 PM
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    Reached 50 as of now. :) We're all in the same happy boat!
    Today, 08:26 PM
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    Yuuki es rey
    XD 131 days here
    56 minutes ago
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The CorfNinjasteak

Just saying... my avatar is actually a girl.
Today, 07:13 PM
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    I kinda typed that out fast... didn't feel like going back to edit haha. I'll remember that now ;)
    Today, 08:27 PM
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  • glom90's Photo
    Today, 05:01 PM
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Rubens Faith

Selling Mithril Platebodies - 2500 gp ea!
Today, 01:40 PM
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Mining Pure! - Ever Need Ore? PM ME!
Today, 12:01 PM
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Sudden KO

Come chill in my Wildy Iron Man Clan Chat! [Wildependant]
Today, 11:53 AM
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T. Skill

88/99 Hunt, 11 levels left!
Today, 10:14 AM
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Last status I posted was about me being stuck in Bronze in March 2014. Glad to say the goal is now to escape the hell that is Gold.
Yesterday, 01:20 PM
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    Yesterday, 04:23 PM
  • glom90's Photo
    wasting ur time because as they all say in challenger: still bad.
    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
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    Ill be in plat by the end of the season. Got Gold I MMR and I just stomp them every game
    Yesterday, 08:49 PM
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