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LeatherPrice Guide: Leather

Recent Trade Price: ~294 GP (steady)
Average Sell Offer 287 GP
Average Buy Offer 300 GP
High Alchemy Value 0 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Selling 6,000 for 265 GP ea motor b0at 19 minutes ago PM
Selling 20,000 for 280 GP ea billec 32 minutes ago PM w313 v west
Selling 466 for 270 GP ea corrupt ray1 1 hour ago PM pm me :)
Selling 1,000,000 for 280 GP ea d party king 1 hour ago PM THETANNERMAN cc (1k-4k = 270ea) (5k+ =250ea)
Buying 20,000 for 220 GP ea billec 1 hour ago PM w313 v west
Buying 500,000 for 220 GP ea i yamcha i 1 hour ago cC join cc, W305, V west, trade i yamcha i
Selling 1,000 for 285 GP ea snarlinsnail 2 hours ago PM pm snarlallday
Selling 2,000 for 290 GP ea abugodbye 9 hours ago PM Varrock
Buying 2,000 for 270 GP ea b1 b 9 hours ago PM
Selling 490 for 300 GP ea po 0rk hunt 12 hours ago PM ava wyrm ox alkarid pm me w308
Selling 500 for 280 GP ea llampy 14 hours ago PM
Selling 10,000 for 280 GP ea il0vetea 16 hours ago PM pm : iMoaF 530
Selling 50,000 for 300 GP ea pro edition 17 hours ago PM WORLD344 WEST VARROCK BANK! OR PM
Selling 11,000 for 275 GP ea zz1rgrizz 18 hours ago PM pm xplayaux 1k minimum
Buying 500 for 300 GP ea wigpresident 22 hours ago PM
Selling 1,700 for 300 GP ea armyoftwo 23 hours ago PM pm me !vw my world
Buying 800 for 300 GP ea kubera12 24 hours ago PM 344 vwest, Pm or show up :)
Buying 350 for 290 GP ea no programs 24 hours ago PM PM Grizzly Bum
Buying 125 for 310 GP ea xww 26 hours ago PM pm 69sYourDad
Buying 100,000,000 for 290 GP ea time master 26 hours ago PM pm me.
Selling 1,000,000 for 290 GP ea door 07 27 hours ago PM THETANNERMAN CC is alway sselling leathers lowest price
Selling 45 for 290 GP ea zanaks 30 hours ago PM
Selling 837 for 270 GP ea one 1st shot 31 hours ago PM 215k for all, pm Calm Desires
Buying 1,000 for 250 GP ea xstrmaulerx 31 hours ago PM pm me in game
Selling 1,000 for 275 GP ea nefarso 33 hours ago PM Pbinggg
Selling 20,000 for 250 GP ea veluzlockino 36 hours ago PM 1k Minimum. :) 301W. West, Varrock!
Buying 1,000 for 350 GP ea anotherdumbk 38 hours ago PM
Buying 1,000 for 300 GP ea i am rining 38 hours ago PM pm me
Buying 190 for 300 GP ea legendnite 44 hours ago PM pm me asap
Buying 120 for 300 GP ea xongit 44 hours ago PM PM Obby Tom
Buying 4,349 for 275 GP ea aj pure 45 hours ago PM pm me "aj pure"
Selling 1,400 for 280 GP ea go idea run 45 hours ago PM PM me
Buying 700 for 300 GP ea jack fisher 47 hours ago PM Jack Fisher pm me
Selling 429 for 200 GP ea tyus 48 hours ago PM Must by all vwest w322

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Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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