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Maple logsPrice Guide: Maple logs

Recent Trade Price: ~37 GP (falling)
Average Sell Offer 40 GP
Average Buy Offer 33 GP
High Alchemy Value 48 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Selling 200,000 for 45 GP ea jessicahyde 1 minute ago PM vwest 310 dont pm
Buying 15,000 for 37 GP ea great banta 2 minutes ago PM Pm me Ingame
Selling 100,000 for 50 GP ea ggregs 3 minutes ago PM w38,vwest,SPECIFY,any
Buying 7,000 for 40 GP ea tijcoon 4 minutes ago PM pm me ! :) my world vwest!
Selling 13,000 for 40 GP ea 0gp 4 minutes ago PM
Buying 500,000 for 35 GP ea 80 pct skill 6 minutes ago PM w311 vwest
Buying 1,000,000 for 35 GP ea r tw 7 minutes ago PM W75 vWest 'CSW' NAME csw no pm
Selling 599 for 40 GP ea xbossy 8 minutes ago PM pm me
Selling 140,000 for 41 GP ea 3d treebeard 8 minutes ago PM world 313 varrock west
Buying 74,000 for 35 GP ea jo78z 8 minutes ago PM W360 v west come trade
Buying 125,000 for 35 GP ea fableofdeath 10 minutes ago PM pm me, i'll find you
Buying 150,000 for 35 GP ea fl0aty 12 minutes ago PM w1 seers bank
Buying 10,000,000 for 35 GP ea vaaf 15 minutes ago PM W333 - Varrock West - Online.
Selling 50,000 for 40 GP ea i tank heaps 19 minutes ago PM
Buying 100,000 for 35 GP ea jessicahyde 22 minutes ago PM vwest 310 dont pm
Selling 15,000 for 40 GP ea alebie 31 minutes ago PM
Buying 92,000 for 37 GP ea wait mercury 35 minutes ago PM IGN: Irys - 321 v west
Buying 70,000 for 35 GP ea jlmmyy 41 minutes ago PM
Buying 20,000 for 40 GP ea the pedge 1 hour ago PM W317 V West
Buying 1,000,000 for 36 GP ea logion 1 hour ago PM PM: BIGBOSSARNE w303 catherby bank
Buying 1,000,000 for 35 GP ea merchedurdad 1 hour ago PM W313 V west (Dont pm)
Buying 12,000 for 38 GP ea how 2 fish 1 hour ago PM
Selling 50,000 for 38 GP ea 8w1 1 hour ago PM pm '8w1 alt' my w vwest
Selling 30,000 for 41 GP ea merchedurdad 1 hour ago PM W313 V west (Dont pm)
Selling 2,500 for 45 GP ea zodiacvet46 1 hour ago PM
Selling 100,000 for 45 GP ea me nostalgia 1 hour ago PM VW W360
Buying 108,000 for 30 GP ea vaae 2 hours ago PM Varrock West[W321]
Buying 10,000 for 41 GP ea i pvm matt i 2 hours ago PM Trade "So Baked" w343 V west Trade

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Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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