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Prayer potion (4)Price Guide: Prayer potion (4)

Recent Trade Price: ~10,450 GP (steady)
Average Sell Offer 10,850 GP
Average Buy Offer 10,040 GP
High Alchemy Value 91 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Selling 10,000 for 11,000 GP ea grreenmachin 6 seconds ago PM VW303 - Mvp Weed
Selling 2,000 for 11,000 GP ea swan dive x 3 minutes ago PM vwest w304
Selling 3,700 for 10,900 GP ea no hitpoints 5 minutes ago PM VWest 305 - ANY AMOUNT
Selling 370 for 10,850 GP ea weedoil 6 minutes ago PM pm " Weedoil " 303 vwest
Buying 734 for 10,000 GP ea mr skillla 10 minutes ago PM W358 Vwest
Selling 300 for 11,000 GP ea nl hyperion 13 minutes ago PM
Selling 1,500 for 10,750 GP ea daddy kev 14 minutes ago PM w44 vwest
Selling 95 for 11,000 GP ea quaeoaiuoauq 27 minutes ago PM
Selling 100 for 11,000 GP ea 902 29 minutes ago PM
Selling 710 for 10,500 GP ea k arh u 39 minutes ago PM pm 'Smilfink'
Selling 115 for 10,500 GP ea aeternals 41 minutes ago PM
Selling 75 for 10,500 GP ea staking2147m 41 minutes ago PM P M, H O R R O R and come duel arena
Selling 400 for 10,950 GP ea sekho 43 minutes ago PM Varrock west 305 any amount
Buying 1,000 for 10,500 GP ea daddy kev 59 minutes ago PM
Buying 1,000 for 10,000 GP ea young moe p 1 hour ago PM pm me fast Moe Is Love
Selling 100 for 10,500 GP ea blessed crex 1 hour ago PM pm me
Selling 100 for 10,500 GP ea dibble unit 1 hour ago PM pm dark u n i t
Selling 156 for 10,500 GP ea y3r 1 hour ago PM Pm Me
Selling 700 for 10,500 GP ea amazingest 1 hour ago PM Pm 'Hot Man Load'
Selling 40 for 10,800 GP ea afterparty 1 hour ago PM PM : Yarrak
Selling 150 for 10,500 GP ea chapter hell 2 hours ago PM chapter hell
Selling 100 for 11,000 GP ea gansegeesje 2 hours ago PM pm me, always on
Selling 200 for 10,000 GP ea im northern 2 hours ago PM w374 v west
Buying 200 for 9,500 GP ea firemaker lt 2 hours ago PM
Selling 500 for 10,600 GP ea lauw 2 hours ago PM pm me
Selling 800 for 10,700 GP ea suckmy1337 2 hours ago PM w322 vwest name mr u p s man
Buying 40 for 10,500 GP ea run away pls 2 hours ago PM PM face2face
Selling 5,000 for 11,000 GP ea stlfiers mom 3 hours ago PM W320 Varr West pls
Buying 300 for 10,100 GP ea nbking 3 hours ago PM vwest,w336
Buying 50 for 10,500 GP ea cyanized 3 hours ago PM W330 VWB
Buying 500 for 10,700 GP ea zerked pvm 3 hours ago PM pm chat is on
Selling 187 for 10,500 GP ea quadranto 4 hours ago PM Pm to: SS Quad
Selling 181 for 10,500 GP ea loyden 4 hours ago PM rogues den w333
Buying 1,000 for 10,300 GP ea suckmy1337 4 hours ago PM w322 vwest name mr u p s man
Selling 152 for 11,000 GP ea yo brosif 4 hours ago PM pm me, if still up then still selling

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