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Cosmic runePrice Guide: Cosmic rune

Recent Trade Price: ~145 GP (falling)
Average Sell Offer 151 GP
Average Buy Offer 140 GP
High Alchemy Value 30 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Buying 3,350 for 145 GP ea ttb778 1 minute ago PM
Selling 9,500 for 150 GP ea froggyz king 9 minutes ago PM 1k+
Selling 20,000 for 150 GP ea rawr says i 19 minutes ago PM cwars w361
Selling 36,000 for 140 GP ea thedustytuna 24 minutes ago PM
Selling 3,000 for 150 GP ea new money111 36 minutes ago PM pm snake of rs
Buying 2,000 for 145 GP ea big28111 40 minutes ago PM w352 v west
Buying 8,000 for 145 GP ea pure2b 1 hour ago PM
Selling 500 for 150 GP ea zomb1enat1on 1 hour ago PM w322 v w bank - q o t w
Buying 30,000 for 140 GP ea victustv 1 hour ago PM PM - Guam Nation
Buying 40,000 for 125 GP ea rarepokemon3 1 hour ago PM buying all below 40k pm
Buying 100,000 for 125 GP ea flamebladei 1 hour ago PM w369 vwest
Selling 4,000 for 145 GP ea rarepokemon3 1 hour ago PM pm me
Selling 100,000 for 160 GP ea brr maffia89 2 hours ago PM W70 vw any amount
Selling 10,000 for 140 GP ea laku mu tuss 2 hours ago cC my cc
Selling 3,000 for 150 GP ea eric foreman 2 hours ago PM My world edge BJ included
Buying 20,000 for 130 GP ea tubby toad 2 hours ago PM Vwest w354
Buying 1,000 for 145 GP ea mrankle 3 hours ago PM pm me
Selling 1,400 for 140 GP ea opvm 3 hours ago PM
Buying 9,000 for 140 GP ea press bench 4 hours ago PM
Selling 2,000 for 200 GP ea ipotyoudrop 4 hours ago PM world 373, edgeville 1k increments only
Selling 25,000 for 150 GP ea tropika 4 hours ago PM pm meh
Buying 30,000 for 135 GP ea chiro boys 4 hours ago PM w301runessellingspot
Selling 1,000 for 145 GP ea djmex 1 5 hours ago PM w304 pm me
Buying 1,000,000 for 120 GP ea meerchanter 5 hours ago PM 327 world v west or pm me
Selling 30,000 for 145 GP ea sir jak0b 5 hours ago PM
Selling 25,000 for 155 GP ea yaphetz 5 hours ago PM 200ea if less than 1k
Buying 500 for 150 GP ea nezzy mula 5 hours ago PM w306 varrock west bank
Buying 15,000 for 135 GP ea i eat qat 5 hours ago PM
Selling 1,000 for 145 GP ea b1u 5 hours ago PM PM ME
Buying 3,000 for 140 GP ea dab rehab 6 hours ago PM please pm Dabs Rehab.
Selling 50,000 for 160 GP ea rogger 6 hours ago PM pm me
Selling 1,000 for 140 GP ea qtrds 07 6 hours ago PM w303 edge bank always making more
Buying 50,000 for 120 GP ea benchodsuta 6 hours ago PM Message: R34L KUSH
Selling 1,000 for 120 GP ea tiny walls 6 hours ago PM w346 Vwest, specify item,in game name is t i n y

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Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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