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Dragon bonesPrice Guide: Dragon bones

Recent Trade Price: ~1,782 GP (falling)
Average Sell Offer 1,841 GP
Average Buy Offer 1,723 GP
High Alchemy Value 1 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Selling 7,500 for 1,750 GP ea prayed her 1 minute ago PM any amount - pm me
Buying 723 for 1,600 GP ea coca bro 3 minutes ago PM
Buying 20,000 for 1,650 GP ea pointzero 5 minutes ago PM PM me
Selling 18,000 for 1,780 GP ea maigumaipi 6 minutes ago PM my world v west
Buying 500 for 1,730 GP ea number1mewl 8 minutes ago PM w343 v west
Selling 411 for 1,800 GP ea ridenans101 15 minutes ago PM w346 v west
Selling 4,500 for 1,800 GP ea d r blaster 17 minutes ago PM pm me ill come to you
Selling 500 for 1,800 GP ea basie65 19 minutes ago PM pm
Selling 174 for 1,700 GP ea turbo midget 25 minutes ago PM
Selling 15,000 for 1,800 GP ea vor the ape 28 minutes ago PM
Selling 216 for 1,700 GP ea ct rien42 30 minutes ago PM w334 v west!!
Selling 340 for 1,700 GP ea methsichael 30 minutes ago PM
Buying 1 for 1 GP vallierie 30 minutes ago PM sell old school 2m for 5 steam wallet pm me
Buying 26,000 for 1,600 GP ea abysall whip 31 minutes ago PM W342 W VARR STATE ITEM
Selling 2,000 for 1,800 GP ea belitre 35 minutes ago PM
Buying 2,000 for 1,650 GP ea skeliweg 40 minutes ago PM w330 pm me
Selling 662 for 1,750 GP ea g h 0 s t13 47 minutes ago PM PM ME
Selling 2,100 for 2,000 GP ea dk killer8 49 minutes ago PM pm
Selling 1,000,000 for 2,000 GP ea ibacktrack 52 minutes ago PM PM: No Timing
Buying 1,000 for 1,600 GP ea a bum 53 minutes ago PM
Selling 4,500 for 1,770 GP ea will012 54 minutes ago PM W309 V West - dont pm pls
Selling 520 for 1,750 GP ea stick arena 58 minutes ago PM W349 Vwest, don't pm
Selling 8,000 for 1,800 GP ea metalic666 1 hour ago PM vwestw26
Selling 117 for 1,775 GP ea sprey 1 hour ago PM
Buying 5,000 for 1,700 GP ea mager nerd 1 hour ago PM
Selling 10,000 for 1,800 GP ea world 320 1 hour ago PM w320 v west any amount
Buying 800 for 1,600 GP ea victor lim6 1 hour ago PM
Selling 109 for 1,800 GP ea axsentz 1 hour ago PM W303 PM ME
Selling 114 for 1,650 GP ea coum 1 hour ago PM
Selling 91 for 1,800 GP ea jamopolis 1 hour ago PM vwest w317
Buying 500 for 1,550 GP ea kyofugaming 1 hour ago PM I'll come
Selling 100 for 1,800 GP ea iampedros 1 hour ago PM new ingame name the-markmus
Selling 400 for 1,875 GP ea kyofugaming 1 hour ago PM I'll come
Selling 3,000 for 1,750 GP ea win aa1 1 hour ago PM 200+ my w cw
Buying 1,000 for 1,750 GP ea luv panda 2 hours ago PM
Buying 877 for 1,750 GP ea g h 0 s t13 2 hours ago PM PM ME my world yanille bank
Selling 1,274 for 1,750 GP ea ipoonpwn 2 hours ago PM
Selling 15,000 for 1,780 GP ea jamie osrs 3 hours ago PM W341 VARROCK WEST. ANY AMOUNT. DON'T PM.
Selling 147 for 1,750 GP ea sir graj 3 hours ago PM w335 v west
Buying 7,000 for 1,700 GP ea gle nn 3 hours ago PM
Selling 500 for 1,700 GP ea darklordx567 3 hours ago PM pm me :)

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Scam Alert

Be careful when buying dragon bones. Some players try to give you noted big bones instead.

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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