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LobsterPrice Guide: Lobster

Recent Trade Price: ~203 GP (falling)
Average Sell Offer 211 GP
Average Buy Offer 196 GP
High Alchemy Value 90 GP

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Latest Offers

Offer RS Name Time Info
Buying 4,000 for 200 GP ea xzleda 1 minute ago PM PM me 335 vwest
Selling 27,000 for 220 GP ea reelog 1 minute ago PM any ammount W354 v west
Selling 4,000 for 200 GP ea swarnes07 4 minutes ago PM
Buying 100,000 for 170 GP ea will ssod u 5 minutes ago PM w369 v west. (ANY AMOUNT) specify item
Selling 1,800 for 210 GP ea xzleda 7 minutes ago PM PM me 335 vwest
Selling 1,500 for 200 GP ea 40 water og 16 minutes ago PM PM ME
Buying 100,000 for 1 GP ea basic wage 18 minutes ago PM v west w366, swap raw for ur cooked
Buying 2,000 for 180 GP ea i skittles i 25 minutes ago PM pm me :)
Selling 500 for 200 GP ea x pur3 bl1tz 33 minutes ago PM Pm fetz k1d
Buying 150,000 for 175 GP ea heyhalo 37 minutes ago PM W366 V west
Selling 250 for 200 GP ea wekishpha1e 47 minutes ago PM
Selling 10,000 for 200 GP ea i dense dro 49 minutes ago PM W378 Rogues Den, Pm me asap, 2k min
Selling 5,000 for 250 GP ea lordmozzapk 53 minutes ago PM v west 327 any amount
Selling 503 for 200 GP ea x skirrow 54 minutes ago PM w57 vwest
Selling 21,000 for 230 GP ea rsgotmelaid 56 minutes ago PM pm x imerch x im on
Selling 50,000 for 210 GP ea santa hakan 56 minutes ago PM W303 Rogues den
Selling 1,400 for 200 GP ea 1playtoomuch 1 hour ago PM 358 rogues den
Selling 5,000 for 210 GP ea lucky p0tat0 1 hour ago PM pm me 0=zero
Selling 1,000 for 210 GP ea reallityfail 1 hour ago PM PM me Reallityfail or trade for raw
Selling 2,000 for 210 GP ea im gelt 1 hour ago PM w303 roghues den
Selling 32,000 for 220 GP ea notoriousxv 1 hour ago PM w330 varrock west
Selling 17,000 for 250 GP ea ililka 1 hour ago PM Pm me; usually online.
Buying 300 for 200 GP ea c0b3 1 hour ago PM
Selling 100,000 for 250 GP ea r3d ltd 1 hour ago PM W351 Varrock west
Selling 3,000 for 215 GP ea king kaizee 1 hour ago PM w349, vwest. PM FIRST.
Selling 5,000 for 300 GP ea hawaii jim 1 hour ago PM I dont care, my price
Selling 4,000 for 215 GP ea zerkerino 2 hours ago PM pm me
Buying 200 for 200 GP ea nfleitman15 3 hours ago PM Pm me
Buying 100 for 195 GP ea paniicgrim 3 hours ago PM world 330 in canifis bank asap
Buying 500 for 205 GP ea ii amine ii 3 hours ago PM ASAP pm me
Selling 2,500 for 205 GP ea lots of lust 3 hours ago PM w76 edge
Selling 1,700 for 190 GP ea islaynotpk 3 hours ago PM
Selling 2,000 for 199 GP ea t v f 4 hours ago PM 1k min, any if you coming

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Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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