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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Archers ring

Selling 1 for 2,200,000 GP toowhite4you 7 seconds ago PM pm me

Gold ore

Selling 80,000 for 220 GP ea evoke craft4 8 seconds ago PM "mage throw6"w320 v west bank, don't pm, just come

Zamorak page 3

Buying 1 for 500,000 GP luvras 8 seconds ago PM pm me

Bow string

Buying 100,000 for 110 GP ea scoped king 8 seconds ago PM w343 v west, dont pm

Astral rune

Selling 150,000 for 100 GP ea lonely gonad 10 seconds ago PM

Cooked karambwan

Selling 2,000 for 1,400 GP ea tsq ialpha 12 seconds ago PM Roque's Den w333

Crystal key

Selling 8 for 50,000 GP ea slide rider 12 seconds ago PM

Molten glass

Selling 4,841 for 300 GP ea soular order 13 seconds ago PM pm me! name is "Matiiman"

Saradomin brew (4)

Selling 11,250 for 7,800 GP ea shankap 13 seconds ago PM RSN WontollAlt w362 VWest

Crushed nest

Buying 1,500 for 3,900 GP ea buffalo777 14 seconds ago PM


Selling 50,000 for 120 GP ea karan 16 seconds ago PM w305 Karan

Arcane spirit shield

Selling 1 for 43,000,000 GP r a iin bow 18 seconds ago PM

Amulet of fury

Buying 1 for 3,050,000 GP book of soul 18 seconds ago PM

Broad bolts

Selling 500,000 for 65 GP ea puchy90 19 seconds ago PM w75 vWest Name 'csw'

Zamorak page 2

Buying 1 for 500,000 GP luvras 23 seconds ago PM pm me

Armadyl godsword

Buying 1 for 57,500,000 GP palaxa 24 seconds ago PM pm me

Emerald bolts (e)

Selling 10,000 for 350 GP ea mcbugerballz 26 seconds ago PM v west
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