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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Bandos chaps

Selling 1 for 60,000 GP trigk 1 second ago PM

Unicorn horn dust

Selling 304 for 1,400 GP ea de kas geeft 2 seconds ago PM v west w310

Pharaoh's sceptre

Buying 1 for 1,300,000 GP maxim 3111 3 seconds ago PM pm papa poop

Yellow bead

Selling 1 for 30,000 GP holy plonk 4 seconds ago PM beadsets 30k single bead 10k

Clean guam

Selling 7,000 for 200 GP ea whatcanyoudo 4 seconds ago PM pm online now

Dragon pickaxe

Buying 1 for 1,100,000 GP whatcanyoudo 5 seconds ago PM pm online now

Uncut ruby

Selling 3,000 for 2,500 GP ea box1 7 seconds ago PM w317 v w bank

Yew shortbow

Selling 50 for 5,000 GP ea citigroup 7 seconds ago PM w301 inside v west-bank

Gold elegant blouse

Buying 1 for 60,000 GP whatcanyoudo 8 seconds ago PM pm online now

Pineapple seed

Selling 200 for 12,000 GP ea box1 9 seconds ago PM w317 v w bank

Dharoks greataxe

Buying 1 for 300,000 GP baron i 11 seconds ago PM

Calquat tree seed

Selling 200 for 16,000 GP ea box1 13 seconds ago PM w317 v w bank

Oil lantern

Selling 20 for 25,000 GP ea citigroup 13 seconds ago PM w301 inside v west-bank, filled with oil ready to light

Runite bolts

Buying 1,000,000 for 200 GP ea box1 16 seconds ago PM w317 v w bank

Guthans chainskirt

Selling 1 for 290,000 GP stephano lol 17 seconds ago PM pm 'twenny wann'

Dragon bones

Buying 50,000 for 1,550 GP ea the herblore 19 seconds ago PM VW334 - PM ME - ALWAYS ONLINE - ANY AMOUNT!


Buying 10,000,000 for 130 GP ea box1 20 seconds ago PM w317 v w bank

Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.


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