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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Latest Offers

Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Clean dwarf weed

Buying 1,000 for 2,200 GP ea taxicab 1 second ago PM w330 v west

Dragon bones

Buying 100,000 for 1,800 GP ea noisy luigi 2 seconds ago PM w334-- V West ANY AMOUNT

Saradomin mitre

Selling 1 for 375,000 GP pretty lions 2 seconds ago PM

Blood rune

Selling 7,500 for 240 GP ea achmund 2 seconds ago PM pm me

Dark bow

Buying 1 for 650,000 GP redbandit17 4 seconds ago PM

Ranarr seed

Selling 1,000 for 45,000 GP ea r3d ltd 4 seconds ago PM Join Cc, W351 Varrock west

Veracs helm

Buying 1 for 1,400,000 GP notalegend 4 seconds ago PM


Selling 5 for 1,000 GP ea the desolate 5 seconds ago PM character: Dr Quiff

Bandos hilt

Selling 1 for 4,200,000 GP g0d slay 6 seconds ago PM

Crushed nest

Buying 10,000 for 4,100 GP ea rach the cat 6 seconds ago PM w374 V West ANY AMT if still up still buying

Papaya tree seed

Selling 1 for 25,000 GP santa brid 6 seconds ago PM w310 v West Bank

Abyssal whip

Selling 1 for 1,350,000 GP arxalix 7 seconds ago PM W353 VWest State Item Please, White Cat On The Third Bank Window

Cosmic rune

Selling 92 for 135 GP ea gains2go 7 seconds ago PM pm me will meet you


Selling 55 for 8,300 GP ea 0huntmedown0 8 seconds ago PM

Warrior ring

Selling 1 for 175,000 GP metrodorus 10 seconds ago PM my world vwest

Pure set (4)

Selling 20 for 5,200 GP ea qwikk 11 seconds ago PM Pm In game


Buying 100,000 for 220 GP ea beeetje raar 11 seconds ago PM W341 Castle Wars

Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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