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OSRS: Deadman Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Yew longbow

Selling 1,388 for 750 GP ea c chad1 1 second ago PM pm bigelo

Rune arrows

Buying 3,500 for 300 GP ea aces ironman 6 seconds ago PM

Armadyl Page 1

Selling 1 for 125,000 GP tunk yak 17 seconds ago PM

Varrock teleport

Selling 75 for 1,800 GP ea subhannatin 30 seconds ago PM

Magic longbow

Buying 5,000 for 1,450 GP ea spartan v2 1 31 seconds ago PM W345 Vcenter. Pm in game

Limpwurt root

Buying 20 for 750 GP ea slimy toka 34 seconds ago PM

Oak plank

Selling 2,000 for 750 GP ea str82theb4nk 55 seconds ago PM str82theb4nk

Dragon chainbody

Selling 1 for 4,000,000 GP vzf 1 minute ago PM pm "l ead moose"

Ancient staff

Buying 1 for 120,000 GP wigg 1 minute ago PM

Watermelon seed

Buying 9 for 1,100 GP ea pr0d life 1 minute ago PM pm me

Limpwurt root

Buying 1,000 for 700 GP ea tragousrs 1 minute ago PM Vwest W45 or PM

Earth talisman

Selling 3 for 1,000 GP ea vo1o 2 minutes ago PM PM Me

Watermelon seed

Buying 300 for 1,000 GP ea virts 2 minutes ago PM w345 Cammy Bank

Amulet of glory

Buying 1 for 23,000 GP godwasbad2u 2 minutes ago PM

Blue d'hide set

Selling 1 for 15,000 GP jabroniii 2 minutes ago PM

Rune pickaxe

Selling 1 for 26,000 GP tehbowsarrow 2 minutes ago PM PM ME!

Grimy kwuarm

Buying 1,000 for 600 GP ea tragousrs 2 minutes ago PM Vwest W45 or PM
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