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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Uncut dragonstone

Selling 7 for 44,000 GP ea king kizou 1 second ago PM 317 vwest specify

Dragon bones

Selling 4,400 for 1,900 GP ea xtmn 1 second ago PM 333 v west 1k+

Diamond bolts (e)

Buying 20,000 for 600 GP ea joople 4 seconds ago PM bulk only

Raw lobster

Selling 80,000 for 209 GP ea lovemetoo 6 seconds ago PM Don't PM come to w357 VWest

Saradomin robe top

Selling 1 for 140,000 GP esmuskiller 10 seconds ago PM

Gold bracelet

Selling 5,000 for 220 GP ea claude 15 seconds ago PM 500+ Bulks - Claude


Selling 10,000 for 200 GP ea iiii 18 seconds ago PM pm me

Blood'n'tar snelm

Selling 4 for 15,000 GP ea mandy 1 20 seconds ago PM I have others too:)

Torstol seed

Selling 6 for 30,000 GP ea king kizou 25 seconds ago PM 317 vwest specify

Uncut emerald

Buying 10,000 for 1,450 GP ea oresgemslogs 25 seconds ago PM W341 v west

Magic logs

Selling 2,000 for 1,300 GP ea sakena 26 seconds ago PM Just come vwest w358 - specify

Iron knife

Selling 5,000 for 70 GP ea epg dusty 32 seconds ago PM pm me - EPG Dusty

Maple longbow (u)

Buying 5,000 for 100 GP ea the kushboss 33 seconds ago PM world 317 vwest

Uncut sapphire

Buying 10,000 for 475 GP ea oresgemslogs 34 seconds ago PM W341 v west

Magic logs

Selling 2,500 for 1,225 GP ea 420rightnow 34 seconds ago PM trade "i am oktay" w314 dont PM

Green d-leather

Selling 30,000 for 1,800 GP ea big28111 37 seconds ago PM w352 v west

Dragon chainbody

Buying 10 for 2,400,000 GP ea s3parate 44 seconds ago PM w301 Duel Arena Bank[NO PM] Just come
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