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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Cosmic rune

Selling 3,000 for 165 GP ea thing 2135 1 second ago PM pm me

Chaos rune

Buying 300,000 for 95 GP ea tsunami v3 5 seconds ago PM VARROCK WEST W338 - ANY AMOUNT

Saradomin mitre

Buying 1 for 300,000 GP billy mazeee 5 seconds ago PM pm me please

Armadyl Page 4

Buying 1 for 180,000 GP dude 6669 6 seconds ago PM my world v west

Super restore potion(4)

Buying 50,000 for 8,500 GP ea grabben 7 seconds ago PM W11 West V DONT PM Just come

Third age robe top

Selling 1 for 140,000,000 GP maxed yaw 9 seconds ago PM Just top. pm me to negotiate.

Oak plank

Selling 10,000 for 630 GP ea jellisie 10 seconds ago PM PM ZABOLT

Saradomin godsword

Buying 1 for 31,700,000 GP commit crime 10 seconds ago PM w374 vwest

Bracelet of regeneration (Regen bracelet)

Selling 1 for 3,400,000 GP mr0neand0nly 11 seconds ago PM pm me


Selling 1 for 200,000 GP alienbeast 17 seconds ago PM

Desert Treasure Quest Kit

Selling 100 for 225,000 GP ea itz nikita 19 seconds ago PM Ltz nikita Canafis bank


Selling 526 for 125 GP ea l camped ww2 19 seconds ago PM pm me

Third age robe top

Selling 1 for 160,000,000 GP grabben 20 seconds ago PM pm me to negotiate

Dragon chainbody

Selling 1 for 2,700,000 GP th3truth 20 seconds ago PM

Armadyl Page 3

Buying 1 for 200,000 GP dude 6669 20 seconds ago PM my world v west

Maple logs

Buying 1,000,000 for 32 GP ea custome r 21 seconds ago PM v west w353 always online

Red chinchompa

Selling 3,200 for 985 GP ea caumorm 21 seconds ago PM Don't PM come to w344 VWest
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