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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Dragon dart tip

Buying 1,000 for 4,600 GP ea stow bobbin 54 minutes ago PM

Third age longsword

Selling 1 for 100,000,000 GP sulli699 6 hours ago PM


Selling 5,359 for 200 GP ea jriven fl 9 hours ago PM

Cosmic rune

Buying 4,500 for 145 GP ea jamboda61 11 hours ago PM 650k for all

Mysterious Emblem

Selling 33 for 85,000 GP ea went voider 12 hours ago PM

Iron ore

Buying 10,000 for 65 GP ea skillz key1 13 hours ago PM pm me asap

Iron knife

Selling 30,000 for 70 GP ea pita bread 15 hours ago PM buy all 65ea


Buying 86,000 for 107 GP ea six nations 16 hours ago PM please pm me

Recipe for Disaster Quest Kit (mithril)

Buying 1 for 180,000 GP im f2p 16 hours ago PM Pm me, need kit!


Selling 2,000 for 315 GP ea quinno linno 17 hours ago PM

Limpwurt root

Selling 23 for 1,700 GP ea whiskyweener 18 hours ago PM

Death rune

Buying 1,000 for 230 GP ea mrdefiance 19 hours ago PM


Selling 250 for 500 GP ea kass888 22 hours ago PM

Recipe for Disaster Quest Kit (mithril)

Buying 1 for 180,000 GP junior can 23 hours ago PM

Iron platebody

Selling 284 for 2,000 GP ea sarvo12 24 hours ago PM Only bulk selling, allowing you to flip for profit

Mysterious Emblem

Buying 25 for 85,000 GP ea bubs 27 hours ago PM


Selling 2,000 for 235 GP ea hangon what 29 hours ago PM hurry up
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