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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Prayer potion (4)

Selling 100 for 9,500 GP ea ahj dk 3 seconds ago PM w366 v west any amount

Blood rune

Buying 2,000 for 320 GP ea i fish bulks 4 seconds ago PM w359 v west bank


Selling 11 for 230,000 GP ea lnsane wtf 4 seconds ago PM vwest320

Pure essence

Selling 500,000 for 30 GP ea zeroto100 5 seconds ago PM vwest w321 rsn: zeroto100

Malediction shard 1

Buying 1 for 200,000 GP raaggev8 5 seconds ago PM pm me!

Yew seed

Selling 2 for 52,000 GP ea iodised 5 seconds ago cC W302 Varrock West

Granite shield

Selling 1 for 100,000 GP usnar 6 seconds ago PM Rogues den 346

Bow string

Buying 14,800 for 120 GP ea maxed beans 6 seconds ago PM Online, 125ea if bulk :)

Dragon scimitar

Selling 2 for 65,000 GP ea usnar 8 seconds ago PM Rogues den 346

Stamina Potion (4)

Selling 1,500 for 5,700 GP ea best bong 8 seconds ago PM 378w V west 100 Minimum must buy

Purple sweets

Buying 108 for 3,000 GP ea w303 vwest 10 seconds ago PM 303 vwest

Pure essence

Buying 100,000 for 25 GP ea roven113 11 seconds ago PM

Armadyl crossbow

Selling 1 for 17,000,000 GP merchmatters 12 seconds ago PM

Rune boots

Selling 1 for 60,000 GP usnar 12 seconds ago PM Rogues den 346


Selling 2 for 200,000 GP ea sithroger 13 seconds ago PM pm me

Clean ranarr

Selling 500 for 7,200 GP ea richy ray 13 seconds ago PM W360 Varrock West Bank

Raw lobster

Buying 20,000 for 180 GP ea usnar 16 seconds ago PM Rogues den 346

Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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