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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Mind rune

Selling 10,450,000 for 5 GP ea iworebronze 1 second ago PM World 301 West Varrock in Rune Section.

Armadyl cloak

Buying 3 for 310,000 GP ea wiseoldman 1 second ago PM vwest w374 dont pm offer still up=buying-selling

Dwarf cannon set

Buying 1 for 700,000 GP anarcee 1 second ago PM


Buying 1,400 for 1,100 GP ea elitetoo 5 seconds ago PM

Magic logs

Buying 1,000 for 1,150 GP ea mgk x est 7 seconds ago PM w314 edge Laced Up

Prayer potion (4)

Selling 388 for 10,000 GP ea agrora 8 seconds ago PM Agrora PM me

Bandos robe top

Selling 1 for 60,000 GP holy plonk 9 seconds ago PM pm plonk pingaz

Nature rune

Buying 9,000 for 220 GP ea faze kayos 9 seconds ago PM RSN: Kayos w305 vwest

Maple longbow (u)

Selling 9,700 for 95 GP ea lost bouncer 10 seconds ago PM Got all if offer is still up

Dragon bones

Buying 25,000 for 1,600 GP ea ihitmychild 10 seconds ago PM Pm Me =]

Amulet of fury

Selling 1 for 3,100,000 GP tomysss 12 seconds ago PM pm me

Ancient cloak

Buying 3 for 310,000 GP ea wiseoldman 14 seconds ago PM vwest w374 dont pm offer still up=buying-selling

Barrows - Dharok's set

Selling 2 for 1,400,000 GP ea l jelle l 15 seconds ago PM PM PM: Verf - NO PLATE

Triangle sandwich

Selling 1 for 10,000 GP moustachemau 17 seconds ago PM

Rune crossbow

Selling 35 for 20,000 GP ea xarcher187 18 seconds ago PM w318 edge

Black boots

Selling 8 for 7,000 GP ea chainboy23 20 seconds ago PM

Armadyl chestplate

Buying 1 for 12,600,000 GP 2pacmakavely 21 seconds ago PM top+ bottom only pm me
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