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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Bob the cat shirt (purple)

Selling 1 for 28,000 GP jtonkz 1 second ago PM

Eye of newt

Selling 14,400 for 25 GP ea east syde 50 1 second ago PM pm ingame

Raw shark

Buying 1,000 for 950 GP ea a t z i 1 second ago PM Emperor Atzi; Rogue' Den; w362; No cooked for raw

Black mask

Selling 1 for 590,000 GP dragonu 2 seconds ago PM duel arena w1 bank

Steel bar

Buying 3,000 for 600 GP ea monkey9dog 3 seconds ago PM PM me

Willow seed

Selling 1 for 6,000 GP callmebiko 3 seconds ago PM pm callmebiko

Zamorak chaps

Selling 1 for 150,000 GP zionistrage 4 seconds ago PM 330 v west


Selling 300 for 195 GP ea jtonkz 4 seconds ago PM

Polished buttons

Selling 54 for 11,000 GP ea protelum mor 4 seconds ago PM WORLD 358 VWEST

Zamorak page set

Selling 1 for 3,200,000 GP kasper prim 5 seconds ago PM pm me

Watermelon seed

Selling 6 for 2,000 GP ea callmebiko 5 seconds ago PM pm callmebiko

Obsidian cape

Selling 4 for 270,000 GP ea hstar 6 seconds ago PM w378 vwest or anvil "Hstar"

Bandos tassets

Buying 2 for 16,000,000 GP ea 2015 soon 7 seconds ago PM 350w v west

Black robe

Selling 1 for 9,000 GP callmebiko 7 seconds ago PM pm callmebiko

Magic logs

Buying 10,000,000 for 1,150 GP ea jre 8 seconds ago PM PM "JRE" vwest, w333

Adamant platebody

Selling 477 for 10,500 GP ea trance music 8 seconds ago PM all only 346 rogue's den


Selling 5 for 1,000 GP ea callmebiko 9 seconds ago PM pm callmebiko

Scam Alert

Beware of worlds 325 and 337. These are PVP worlds, and trading is not safe.

Never meet a player in Brimhaven, Draynor, or Entrana. These are common luring spots.

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