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Old School RuneScape: Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Red cavalier

Selling 1 for 60,000 GP prayinsane 1 second ago PM pm me Moametal


Selling 820 for 7,800 GP ea hexoralleten 2 seconds ago PM 378World V vest Trade: Ciaffi

Armadyl mitre

Buying 1 for 225,000 GP nag007 2 seconds ago cC Always Online - Buying While Post Is Up - No PM - Join CC: 'NAG007'

Yew seed

Selling 200 for 65,000 GP ea box1 4 seconds ago PM v west bank

Dragon battleaxe

Selling 1 for 180,000 GP strawage 4 seconds ago PM l Go W349, V West.

Limpwurt root

Buying 231 for 2,500 GP ea vale is gang 5 seconds ago PM pm vale is gang

Mahogany plank

Selling 1,000 for 1,600 GP ea h3 noob 6 seconds ago PM 303v west

Brine sabre

Buying 10 for 125,000 GP ea swan dive x 6 seconds ago PM vwest w322

Saradomin chaps

Selling 1 for 140,000 GP dontdisdave 11 seconds ago PM pm me

Clean ranarr

Selling 7,600 for 38 GP ea zxp 14 seconds ago PM

Super restore potion (4)

Buying 5,000 for 10,000 GP ea grabben 15 seconds ago PM Vwest 311 Don't PM just show

Fire rune

Selling 3,000,000 for 6 GP ea volvo 4ever 17 seconds ago PM w303 vwest, any amount

Uncut diamond

Buying 5,000 for 3,000 GP ea aw titanfall 17 seconds ago PM v west w59


Buying 17,000 for 170 GP ea rendel 17 seconds ago PM pm "Y10"

Dragon chainbody

Selling 1 for 2,300,000 GP alien axe 18 seconds ago PM


Buying 1 for 200,000 GP rectumritari 18 seconds ago PM pm my other account name is dank man pat

Uncut diamond

Buying 10,000 for 3,100 GP ea a555 18 seconds ago PM w317 v west
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