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OSRS: Deadman Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Mos le'harmless teleport

Buying 20 for 1,700 GP ea bissebongi 2 seconds ago PM pm me

Nature rune

Buying 10,000 for 200 GP ea joble 11 seconds ago PM pm Drunking v west


Selling 6,000 for 270 GP ea oslo 12 seconds ago PM pm 'oslo v2'

Rune kiteshield (g)

Selling 1 for 130,000 GP manz a gen 13 seconds ago PM

Polished buttons

Selling 10 for 3,000 GP ea t00 s00n 14 seconds ago PM

Red dragonhide set

Buying 1 for 20,001 GP dontkillpleb 21 seconds ago PM pm me please!!!!

Dragon bones

Selling 500 for 2,200 GP ea nanamoon 29 seconds ago PM

Water rune

Selling 25,000 for 4 GP ea sugar farts 33 seconds ago PM


Selling 2,695 for 50 GP ea smashing 37 seconds ago PM 1k plus or 80ea

Zamorak page 3

Selling 1 for 900,000 GP are jumad 1 minute ago PM PM Jumad

Prayer potion(3)

Selling 25 for 3,200 GP ea lamp of 1 minute ago PM Lamp of

Zamorak page 2

Selling 1 for 700,000 GP spartin 1 minute ago PM

Dragon platelegs

Selling 1 for 250,000 GP dont ban meh 1 minute ago PM

Big bones

Selling 450 for 390 GP ea lucky9luke 1 minute ago PM pm me east ardy

Bone bolts

Selling 1,000 for 10 GP ea rudew 1 minute ago PM bows 4k

Guthix platebody

Selling 1 for 80,000 GP mother3arth 1 minute ago PM

Bone bolts

Buying 3,000 for 12 GP ea 6goddrizzy 1 minute ago PM ardy 57
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