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OSRS: Deadman Price Guide

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Item Offer RS Name Time Info

Dragon platelegs

Buying 1 for 200,000 GP kalymnos 7 seconds ago PM

Mithril arrows

Selling 100 for 30 GP ea s6g 8 seconds ago PM vw


Selling 1 for 600,000 GP ybanmyname 8 seconds ago PM

Adamant pickaxe

Selling 1 for 7,000 GP self made562 14 seconds ago PM East fally bank

Red dragon leather

Buying 150 for 3,000 GP ea early farmer 15 seconds ago PM

Dragon platelegs

Selling 1 for 250,000 GP buzz low 24 seconds ago PM w45 v west

Bow string

Buying 1,500 for 140 GP ea n0t b0aty 29 seconds ago PM pm

Blue d'hide vamb

Buying 1 for 3,000 GP mazzive 46 seconds ago PM

Amulet of glory

Selling 5 for 30,000 GP ea chefs twinzz 57 seconds ago PM


Selling 3,500 for 100 GP ea kllsu 1 minute ago PM King Of DKs w317 vwest

Dragon boots

Buying 1 for 480,000 GP umaga 12 1 minute ago PM

Crushed nest

Buying 100 for 9,000 GP ea angelx loves 1 minute ago PM PM or vwest 345

Ancient staff

Selling 5 for 150,000 GP ea pk guy 872 1 minute ago PM pm me

Wine of zamorak

Buying 200 for 2,000 GP ea a p p i e 1 minute ago PM pm or w45 Vwest

Eternal crystal

Buying 1 for 1 GP lion676 2 minutes ago PM pm

Wizard boots

Selling 1 for 450,000 GP bissebongi 2 minutes ago PM message me or vw 45


Selling 190 for 900 GP ea kllsu 2 minutes ago PM King Of DKs w317 vwest
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