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#9486169 Tii's Guide To 99 Summoning.

Posted by .Qwerty on 21 May 2008 - 03:48 AM

Posted ImageTii's Guide to 99 SummoningPosted Image

http://img684.images...thequarter3.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Thank you for 600k Views making it the most viewed GG of all time!

Table of Contents
(Remember - ctrl+f is your friend)

  • 1. Intro.
  • 1.1 How to start leveling summoning.
  • 1.2 Recommended items/levels.
  • 1.3 What should I do with my pouches?
  • 1.4 Should I make attack scrolls?
  • 1.5 What should I do with blue charms?
  • 2.0 levels 4-16
  • 2.1 levels 16-19
  • 2.2 levels 19-32
  • 2.3 levels 32-(42)-46
  • 2.4 levels 46-49
  • 2.5 levels 49-52
  • 2.6 levels 52-56-64
  • 2.7 levels 64-69-74(or 75)
  • 2.8 levels (74)75-85
  • 2.9 levels 85-92-95-96-99
  • 2.10 How many charms you need to 99 summoning?
  • 2.11 How much does 99 summoning cost?
  • 3.0 Best places to get charms
  • 3.1 F.A.Q.

1. Intro

Hello, I'm .Qwerty (rsn: Tii, Psn ID: Tii__) and after few requests from people in my ex-clan, I've decided to write this guide. Before you start reading, you might wanna take note that I'm going to be using crimson charms (pretty much only crimsons) as they have the best exp:gp ratio and are kind of the easiest and quickest to obtain. If you're wondering what to do with the rest, then my advice is that you use blues for familiars you might be using (if not, then make spirit kyatts/grahks for a profit) and for greens I'd suggest either fruit bats or unicorns (or their scrolls) for a little profit as well. You should also note that summoning is not a very cheap skill but if you're following this guide you should make it with only a 80-85m loss, depending on prices;) Happy reading!


1.1 How to start leveling summoning

To start this skill you will need the Wolf Whistle quest. After completing this quest you will get 275 gold charms from which you could level up to 16-19 summoning.
After the game update in early 2012 the Wolf Whistle quest is no longer a requirement but it is still worthwhile as it will teach you the basics, boost your level from 1 to 4 and present you with gold charms which are a good way to start out.


1.2 Recommended items/levels

Because this skill, as I mentioned, is quite expensive, I'd recommend having these items/skills:
  • Atleast 1-10m gp (Spirit shards cost 25gp each + you will be needing 2nd ingredients)
  • 10 construction (To move your house to Taverly for better access to the obelisk)
    http://img826.images...6/3444/tavr.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

  • 57 Summoning (Spirit Kyatt, look below for picture on how to level with those)
    http://img299.images.../7509/kyatt.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
    ^ the picture above shows that you teleport with a spirit Kyatt, then there's a trapdoor and you just go down it :)
  • Also it would be wise to have 55 Magic (if you chose to alchemise your pouches)


1.3 What should I do with my pouches?

You can choose - either to alchemise your pouches or trade them in for shards:
By alcheming your pouches you get around 70% of the gp for the shard cost back + nature runes expense.
Bring the pouches to Bogrog and he will give you 70% of your shards back, except you will be needing a higher level to trade the pouches. Here is the location of Bogrog and few examples of what levels you need to trade the pouches:

Click here for more detailed info on Bogrog:)


1.4 Should I make attack scrolls?

It's all up to you - attack scrolls are not worth alching but Bogrog does trade them after the update (somewhere at the end of 2008 I think). I'd recommend making them for specific familiars which you will be using (e.g. spirit terrorbirds etc. ).


1.5 What should I do with blue charms?

As I've stated in the Intro, you sould save them up and make familiars you will be using or you could just make spirit kyatts/grahks for a profit. if you dont mind a bigger loss, then just use them up for the highest familiar you can as they DO give the highest exp from charms (except for Talon Beast pouches).


2.0 levels 4-16

After finishing the Wolf Whistle Quest you will have 275 gold charms so firstly make Dreadfowls
http://img706.images...0/dreadfowl.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
After getting level 13 switch to Thorny Snails and that's how you make it to 16 or 17.
http://img691.images...thornysnail.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 4 to level 13, you're going to need 168 dreadfowl pouches, that's 8 shards each. 168*8*25=33,600gp
from level 13 to level 16 you're going to need 73 thorny snail pouches, that's 9 shards each. 73*9*25=16,425gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 1400 shards back. That's 35,000gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 15,025gp.
168 dreadfowl pouches would need 168 raw chicken (Click for current price) at 160gp each, 168*160=26,880gp
73 thorny snail pouches would need 73 Raw thin snail (Click for current price) at 1,981gp each, 73*236=144,613gp.
The total cost for secondary ingredients would be 171,493gp.
The total cost would be 186,518gp


2.1 levels 16-19

From level 16 make granite crabs and from 17 - proboscis. By doing that get to 19 or 22.
http://img409.images...rabmosquitp.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 16 to level 17 you're going to need 18 granite crab pouches, that's 7 shards each. 18*7*25=3,150gp
From level 17 to level 19 you're going to need 19 mosquito pouches, that's 1 shards each. 19*1*25=475gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 101 shard back. That's 2,525gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 1,100gp
8 granite crab pouches would need 18 iron ores (Click for current price) at 219gp each, 18*219=3,942gp.
19 mosquito pouches would need 19 proboscis (Click for current price) at 3,550gp each, 19*3,199=60,781gp.
So the total cost would be 64,723gp


2.2 levels 19-32

From level 19 you can either level with Spirit Scorpions or from 22 with Spirit Tz-Kih By doing that get to 33.
http://img844.images...spiritscorp.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 19 to level 32 by making only spirit scorpions you would need 172 pouches, that's 57 shards each. 172*57*25=245,100gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 6862 shards back. That's 171,550gp back. So the total cost for shards would be 73,550gp.
172 spirit scorpion pouches would need 172 bronze claws (Click for current price) at 58gp each, 172*248=42,656gp.
So the total cost would be 116,206gp


2.3 levels 32-(42)-46

Make Honey Badgers, you can get the honeycombs from beehives west of catherby. By doing so get to 42.
Posted Image
http://img442.images...3969/turnip.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
[^ soz 'bout the size but the knowledge base has been updated in the layout by the time I edited this guide]
From level 32 to level 42 by making Honey Badgers you're going to need 207 pouches, that's 84 shards each. 207*84*25=434,700gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 12172 shards back. That's 304,300gp back. So the total cost for shards would be 130,400gp.
Here I would really suggest NOT to make turnips because the 2nd ingredient is about 5.6k each and it's going to be expensive. On the other hand if you have no use for money go for it. I'll do the calculations anyway.
From level 42 to level 46 you're going to need 122 evil turnip pouches, that's 104 shards each. 122*104*25=317,200gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 8154 shards back. That's 203,850gp back.
So the Total cost for shards would be 113,350gp
And to sum up the cost of shards 130,400+113,350=243,750gp
207 honey bardger pouches would need 207 honeycombs (Click for current price) at 139gp each, 207*139=28,773gp.
122 evil turnip pouches would need 122 carved evil turnips (Click for current price) at 5,164gp each, 122*5164=630,008gp.
So the total cost would be 902,531gp
If you choose to do the 32-46, look at these calculations (I suggest you do this)
From level 32 to level 46 you're going to need 366 honey badger pouches, that's 84 shards each. 366*84*25=768,600gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 21521 shards back. That's 538,025gp back. So the total cost for shards would be 230,575gp.
366 honey badger pouches would need 366 honecombs (Click for current price) at 139 each, 366*139=50,874gp.
So the total cost would be 281,449gp


2.4 levels 46-49

Make pyrelords from 46 to 49, they require tinderboxes which are not hard to buy.
http://img97.imagesh...13/pyrelord.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img97.imagesh.../i/pyrelord.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 46 to level 49 you're going to need 118 pyrelord pouches, that's 111 shards each. 118*111*25=327,450gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 9169 shards back. That's 229,225gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 98,225gp.
118 pyrelord pouches would need 118 tinderboxes (Click for current price) at 91gp each, 118*91=10,738gp.
So the total cost would be 108,963gp


2.5 levels 49-52

From level 49 you'll be able to make Bloated leeches, which only needs raw beef.
http://img829.images...loatedleech.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 49 to level 52 you're going to need 149 bloated leech pouches, that's 117 shards each. 149*117*25=435,825gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 12203 shards back. That's 305,075gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 130,750gp.
149 bloated leech pouches would need 149 raw beef (Click for current price) at 158gp each, 158*149=23,542gp.
So the total cost would be 154,292gp


2.6 levels 52-61-64

From level 52 you'll be able to make spirit terrorbird pouches (their att scrolls repleish a good amount of run energy).
At this point you might want to make some bird pouches, but I don't suggest making them, unless you're going to be using them as Beasts of Burden (as they've become somewhat less usefull after the agility update).
http://img829.images...loatedleech.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img710.images.../smokedevil.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
Just continue making bloated leeches until you're level 61.
From level 52 to level 61 you're going to need 831 bloated leech pouches, that's 117 shards each. 831*117*25=2,430,675gp
By exchanging these for shards you're going to get 68059 shards back. That's 1,701,475gp back.
831 bloated leech pouches would need 831 raw beef (Click for current price) at 158gp each, 158*831=131,298gp.
From level 61 to level 64 you're going to need 391 smoke devil pouches, that's 141 shards each. 391*141*25=1,378,275gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 38592 shards back. That's 964,800gp back.
391 smoke devil pouches would need 391 Goat's horn dust (Click for current price) at 871gp each, 391*871=340,561gp.
The total cost for shards would be 2,430,675-1,701,475+1,378,275-964,800=1,142,675gp.
So the total cost would be 1,850,134gp


2.7 levels 64-69-72-74-75

Stranger plant (64 lvl) many people use as a familiar to go all up (90+ etc) but there are better monsters than these at higher levels ;). If you can't use phoenixes then just stick with stranger plants.
http://img529.images...3397/plantg.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img826.images...714/phoenix.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
From level 64 to level 72 you're going to need 1749 stranger plant pouches, that's 128 shards each. 1749*128*25=5,596,800gp
1749 stranger plant pouches would need 1749 bagged plants (Click for current price) at 1197gp each (if not buying from the Falador gardener, otherwise 1k each), 1197*1749=2,093,553gp.
From level 72 to level 74 you're going to need 653 Phoenix pouches, that's 165 shards each.
653 phoenix pouches would need 653 phoenix quills (Click for current price) at 3,623gp each, 3623*653=2,365,819gp.
From level 74 to level 75 you're going to need 351 granite lobster pouches, that's 166 shards each. 351*166*25=1,456,650gp
351 granite lobster pouches would need 351 granite (500g) (Click for current price) at 349gp each, 349*351=122,499gp.
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 272919 shards back. That's 6,822,975gp back.
The total cost for shards would be 2,924,100gp.
So the total cost would be 7,505,971gp


2.8 levels 74(75)-85

From level 74 You'll be able to make granite lobsters - they're better than stranger plants but obtaining granite might be a little expensive or difficult. From 75 you'll be able to make Praying Mantis which require any colour flowers. Choose either of those and level up to 85.
http://img831.images...251/lobster.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Granite lobsters to 85 summoning:
From level 74 to level 85 you're going to need 6642 granite lobster pouches, that's 166 shards each. 6642*166*25=27,564,300gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 771800 shards back. That's 19,295,000gp back. So the total cost for shards would be 8,269,300gp
6642 granite lobster pouches would need 6642 granite (500g) (Click for current price) at 349gp each, 349*6642=2,318,058gp.
So the total cost would be 10,587,358gp
Praying mantis to 85 summoning:
From level 75 to level 85 you're going to need 6215 praying mantis pouches, that's 168 shards each. 6215*168*25=26,103,000gp
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 730884 shards back. That's 18,272,100gp back. So the total cost for shards would be 7,830,900gp
6215 praying mantis pouches would need 6215 flowers (any colour, as of November 8th, 2010 purple flowers are cheapest ) (Click for current price) at 707gp each, 707*6215=4,394,005gp
So the total cost would be 12,224,905gp


2.9 levels 85-92-95-96-99

http://img340.images...479/titanst.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
Swamp titans to 92 summoning:
From level 85 to level 92 you're going to need 8723 swamp titan pouches, that's 150 shards each. 8723*150*25=32,711,250gp.
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 915915 shards back. That's 22,897,875gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 9,813,375gp.
8723 swamp titan pouches would need 8723 swamp lizards (Click for current price) at 1,935gp each, 8723*1935=16,879,005gp.
So the total cost would be 26,692,380gp
Wolpertingers to 95 summoning:
From level 92 to level 95 you're going to need 5569 Wolpertinger pouches, that's 203 shards each. 5569*203*25=28,262,675gp.
By exchanging these pouches for shards you're going to get 791355 shards back. That's 19,783,875gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 8,478,800gp.
5569 wolpertinger pouches would need 5569 raw rabbits (Click for current price) at 249gp each and 5569 wolf bones (Click for current price) at 985gp each, 5569*249+5569*985=6,872,146gp.
So the total cost would be 15,350,946gp
From 95 to 96 Summoning with Iron Titans:
From level 95 to level 96 you're going to need 2187 iron titan pouches, that's 198 shards each. 2187*198*25=10,825,650gp.
By exchanging pouches for shards you're going to get 303118 shards back. That's 7,577,950gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 3,247,700gp.
2187 iron titan pouches would need 2187 iron platebodies (Click for current price) at 209gp each, 209*2187=457,083gp.
So the total cost would be 3,704,783gp
From 96 to 99 summoning with pack-yaks:
From level 96 to level 99 you're going to need 7931 pack-yak pouches, that's 211 shards each. 7931*211*25=41,836,025gp
By exchanging pouches for shards you're going to get 1171408 shards back. That's 29,285,200gp back.
So the total cost for shards would be 12,550,825gp.
7931 pack-yak pouches would need 7931 yak-hides (Click for current price) at 250gp each, 250*7931=1,982,750gp.
So the total cost would be 14,533,575gp
The Total cost for 85-99 would be 60,281,684gp



2.10 How many charms you need to 99 summoning?

I got many requests for the number of charms you're going to need, so here's the results:
Gold - 278
Green - 0
Crimson - 35490
Remember, you'll have extra blue charms, which I haven't included, so the calculations may be just a little off:)
People also ask me 'why so many crimsons, so few golds and no greens?' and the answer is simple: because crimson charms are easy to obtain, they give the optimum experience and their second ingredients aren't as expensive.
Also, these numbers don't mean that you can't make green/gold charm familiars but it's just not efficient to make them, unless you need them, e.g. unicorns or bunyips or just spirit terrorbirds. If you have those charms and want to use them - go for it.


2.11 How much does 99 summoning cost?

2nd Ingredients' prices included since August 13th, 2009

!! AND UPDATED ON THE 8th of November, 2010 !!

So the total cost for 99 summoning (shard costs plus 2nd ingredient costs) would be Around 81,137,298gp


3.0 Best places to get charms

Fire giants
Infernal Mages
Rock Crabs
Ice Warriors
Mighty Banshees
Dragons (All)
Dust devils
Greater demons
Rock Lobsters


Tormented Demons
Abyssal Demons


3.1 F.A.Q.

Q: Where can I get blue charms?
A: Almost all monsters drop blue charms but if you want to go hunting just for them - you should try these monsters:
  • Kalphites
  • Most dragons
  • Gargoyles
  • Tormented demons
  • Dark beasts
  • Corporeal Beast
  • The Hunt For Surok (get 5 blue, 7 crimson and 2 green charms daily or 2x the amount after Varrock Elite Achievement Diary).
Q: What do pets do?
A: They follow you, showing the people around you how high your summoning is. (in short - nothing)

Q: I found a mistake, what should I do?
A: Post it here, I will be more than happy to make this guide even better as I'm not english so many mistakes may be found

Q: I've heard rock lobsters are good for crimson charms. Any more information on them?
A: Go to this guide by Fate Ex Fatey's Rock Lobster Guide. All your questions should be answered :)

Q: What about waterfiends, I've heard they are good crimson charm droppers?
A: This guide made by Overvoltage might help you answer the questions about waterfiends Comprehensive Guide To Waterfiends

Q: Why are the pictures not showing at times?
A: I fixed this on the 13/12/09. It was caused by the limited bandwidth on photobucket. Pictures have been reuploaded using the zybez uploader and should be showing 24/7 now:)

Q: Guide reputation?
A: Yes, guides can be given positive (or negative reputation) just like posts. I would be really grateful if you'd press the little + if you liked my guide so I'd know that people still find it useful;)

Guide Copyright Notice:
All Guides are Copyright © Zybez RuneScape Community Guides forum and the original author, 2001-2010+; All Rights Reserved.

All Guides submitted to Zybez RuneScape Community become property of the Zybez Guides forum. Use on any other website without the author's permission is PROHIBITED!

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#12511622 Kuradal's Dungeon Throwing Knife Tip

Posted by Pk3d by mike on 26 February 2010 - 09:13 PM

Basically you need a ferocious ring for this, which you can only use in Kuradel's caves. Whenever I get a task like hell hounds, blue drags, or greater demons, I use throwing knives. This doesn't seem very effective, but it is... the fero ring increases each hit by 4 damage, and since the throwing knives attack very quickly, the 40+ damage stacks up very nicely.

Regarding defense, you can either pray, or use a DFS/healing familiar. Combine the fero ring with focus sight and the xp pwns :)

averages about 80k+ xp an hour.

here is an example of me owning gargoyles for 100k+ xp an hour. keep in mind gargoyles have a pretty decent defense and i still cut threw em with this method.

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#12940909 Gp/exp Efficiency Spreadsheets

Posted by Thunder on 02 July 2010 - 04:49 AM

  • (March 26th, 2014) All spreadsheets should be up and running perfectly as they used to, if you spot any errors let me know!
Hello, and welcome to my post. Here I will help you find the cheapest training methods in the game! If you find any problems please message me on RuneScape, IRC, or here.

Keep in mind that numbers over 10k are rounded to the nearest 100.

Currently I have:

HTML Version:Buyables:Other:I also wrote a script on IRC, they can be accessed by either joining my channel (#Lucas) or joining any channel I'm in and using:
.spreadsheet		 (Notices you with a link to all my spreadsheets.)
.spreadsheet		 (Notices you with a link to the desired spreadsheet.)
@spreadsheet		 (Messages the channel with a link to all my spreadsheets.)
@spreadsheet		 (Messages the channel with a link to the desired spreadsheet.)

For easy access I have drawn together a simple script that will make my spreadsheets accessible from your desktop.

Contact Information:
-Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/scapethunder
-IRC Name: Lucas
-IRC Channel: #Lucas
-RS Name: Thunder
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#13913581 The Titans Vs. Divine Forces

Posted by Plaffy on 03 April 2011 - 03:19 PM

Posted Image

Thinking we were going to have the weekend off, DF approached us for some sort of fight. It went back and forth between a Saturday/Sunday, uncapped/capped fight, etc. It was finally decided that an uncapped PKRI would occur even with only a 1 1/2 day prep and with multiple declines from them already. Knowing the history of the rivalry and the 3 recent wins over DF, we knew it was going to be one for the record books.

The Titans vs. Divine Forces

* Uncapped PKRI
TT yellow, DF purple - No cape switching
Dangerous fight world
15 snipers first hour, 20 the second, uncapped after
Spiders to New Gate
Corrupt allowed
Clear crashers

TT starting: 240
DF starting: 280 (confirmed)

Posted Image

I don't feel like getting into a long summary of the fight, so I'll throw down the basics. Fight began on Saturday the 2nd, 4:30 EST / 9:30 GMT and ended 24 hours later on Sunday the 3rd. Everything you've experienced in any fight during your RuneScape career was witnessed and both clans battled it out for a day straight. We had sightings of the retired and legendary of Titans past who showed up to fight and even call portions with the hate towards DF. Through DDoS'ing, having VR crash us in an attempt to get a main pile going again, mass logins, regroups at EoS Castle.. we knew it wasn't over until we had cleared every last one of them. We never went above 30 snipers and never dropped below 70 actives. Today, RuneScape was played and thank you and your welcome to everyone that witnessed history. Both clans had their ups and downs and with being such a heated fight, I had a lot of fun and not ashamed of the time and effort put into this.

http://img858.images...10403161738.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img858.images...10403172045.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img858.images...00325202214.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

TT ending: 290 immediate, 306 final
DF ending: 0 (240 @w62 Mossies, confirmed by CheyneyC^)

http://img402.images...10403213516.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Thanks for all the clans that AC'd during the duration of the fight IE; RoT/Solace/Gladz/Exo/CoR/TR/PH/Coll/CL/CoR and anyone else that came along for the ride. Props to the most dedicated and hardcore members in the game, all those who stayed the entirety of the fight, all the new born babies that were brought into the world, all the energy drinks/snacks that were consumed and finally, Bishinmo for predicting and participating in the most memorable and important fight in TT history.

84 kills, 42 deaths.

http://img135.images...10403224420.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img857.imageshack.us/img857/2350/loldf.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

(23:34:16) <@JOOL> you crashed our server
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#7699828 MM9 ∫ 23 OCT: PRIFDDINAS BY NIGHT! (+Thread reform)

Posted by MetalManiac9 on 15 August 2007 - 06:49 PM

Follow me on Twitter: @MetalManiac9

1,000 Replies2,000 Replies3,000 Replies4,000 Replies[/url]⌡

Click 'show' to view all my Zybez awards.
Best Thread o/t Year: 3
Achievement o/t Month: 2 | Best Thread o/t Month: 10 | Best Personality o/t Month: 5 | Most Accomplished o/t Month: 1


ͼ═╪═╬═╬═╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╡├┘└{ ᵜ Ѿ ᵜ }┘└┤╞╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╩╦╩╦═╬═╬═╪═ͽ


ͼ═╪═╬═╬═╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╡├┘└{ ᵜ Ѿ ᵜ }┘└┤╞╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╩╦╩╦═╬═╬═╪═ͽ


Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to my Goals and Achievements thread.

I am MetalManiac9 and I am a self-sufficient player or a DIY'er.
This means that I do not buy things from other players or the Grand Exchange, apart from certain items, rares for example.
When I started playing RuneScape, this isn't the gameplay I had in mind.
How could it have been, I did not know how this game worked.
While playing I discovered that completing the whole production process by myself was quite enjoyable.
Not only that, but I feel that this way of playing makes you explore RuneScape to it's fullest.
Instead of solely looking for the best experience rates per skill, you are looking for many ways to combine skills so you can get all the supplies you need.
The intertwining of skills is another thing I like.
Magic, for example, can combine 5 different skills!
This way of playing raises skills is a slow pace, but that is exactly what I want.
I like having the option to go for a 99, so if I were to max out, I'd no longer have that.
As an additional means to slow down the pace, I also try to maximize the profit from all maxed skills.
Prolonging skills by training it in a slow-paced way, will reduce the chance of maxing.
Maybe I could go for a 200m, but that's not the same, is it?
In my opinion, a 200m is even worse then being maxed.
No, I enjoy going towards a 99 and that's what I'd like to keep being able to do.
RuneScape is a game after all, everyone should play it the way they feel.

Here are some things about me...

Country: Belgium
Favourite countries: Scandinavia, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, ...
Favourite music Genre: varied, but changes periodically
Favourite Artists: Too many to name...
Favourite tv-shows: ^
Favourite movie Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Favourite movies: LOTR Trilogy, Ring of the Nibelungs, Resident Evil, Død Snø, Låt Den Rätte Komma In, The Mist, ...
Favourite books: any that contain information
Favourite food: Pheasant with Cream Sauce and Flemish Fries (yes, we invented them but the French got the honour)
Favourite drink: water and milk
Favourite animal: any feline
Favourite sportts: Football (the kind you use your feet for instead of your hands), Running
Smoke?: not even if I wanted cancer
Alcohol?: against my ideology
Other drugs?: I support Rodrigo Duterte's policy on drugs

Runescape Name: MetalManiac9
Favourite Skill: whatever skill I am working on
Favourite God: Zaros, even though I don't like purple
First 99: Strength
Last 99: Herblore
Favourite Achievement(s): 99 Magic (read about it in the Achievements section), Dual Ascension crossbows from scratch
Favourite World: 56
Current Clan: Clan Europe
Previous Clans(Highest Rank): Nemesis Warriors (Head Warlord) / United in Combat (Member) / Runescape Elites (Supreme Chancellor)

I hope you know me a little bit better by now.
And I know for sure a lot of you won't agree on some of my points of view, but don't let it be a barrier from scrolling down.

Enjoy my topic and please leave a message, I guarantee a response.

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▀█▌║│ Check out my Achiements Log! │║▐█▀

► 23 October 2016: PRIFDDINAS BY NIGHT!
First of all I'd like to mention that there have been a couple of changes made to this thread. New sections have emerged and irrelevant ones have been taken off. Keep in mind that some of the new sections are still under construction. I would also like to say that I've finally added Herblore to the maxed skill list. It was about time, am I right? Anyway, enjoy the video and excuse my inactivity.

Episode 40 stretches out over a period of 3 weeks, in which barely any time is spent working on Crafting. Instead, a lot of clues are completed and make up the most of this episode's content. Other then that, I also complete a slayer task and kill Araxxi! I also talk about my Double XP Weekend plans.

Highlight: Guthix bow; Armadyl chestplate; Ancient platelegs; Ancient coif


► 20 September 2016: MY FRENCH WORLD ADVENTURE!

Episode 39 takes place almost intirely on a French server, as promised in the previous episode. There I take on the Queen Black Dragon and the Twin Furies. At both bosses I improve personal bests. Finally I am actually crafting royal dragonhides! It immediately is good for a level-up! Additionally, some elite clues are done.

Highlight: 97 Crafting; Draconic visage; Dormant anima core helm


► 28 August 2016: FRENCH IMPROVES QBD RNG!

Episode 38 continued with the farming of the Queen Black Dragon. I experiment a little, but it doesn't work in my favour. It is not all gloom and doom though. Weekly elites are done as well and I get something from Treasure Hunter again.

Highlight: Draconic visage; Light gloves; Ancient Chaps; Ancient crozier; Armadyl coif



Episode 37 features more head-to-head combat with the Queen Black Dragon in order to get the materials for 99 Crafting. It's been once more an adventurous ride, but one of fortune. Some Elite clues are completed, coming from various sources. A new XP milestone in summoning is achieved.

Highlight: 40m Summoning XP; 4x Draconic visage; 1m27s QBD PB



Episode 36 continues with me killing the Queen Black Dragon in order to obtain Royal d'hides for 99 Crafting. The time spent there is once more of adventurous nature. While taking on that endeavour, I gain another Ranged XP milestone. My weekly elite clues are done as well.

Highlight: 160m Ranged XP; 01:28 QBD kill; Ancient chaps


► 19 August 2016: QBD'S TIME STOP HEALS YOU!

Episode 35 is completely dedicated towards my new major goal, 99 Crafting. I make a few Royal d'hide bodies and finally start taking on the Queen Black Dragon. The loot is great and so is the adventure. As always, I do some clue scrolls and triskelions. Treasure Hunter, once again, has a reward in store for me.

Highlight: New personal QBD record; Dark gloves; Apple parasol



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If I have an announcement that is of no great concern, humbly request your support for a certain matter or simply wish to share something with you, this will be the place where I will do so.

Currently I'm going through a busy and troublesome time in real life, that's the reason why I'm unable to update my thread at as frequently as before.

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My ultimate goal is to never achieve max total.
It sounds easy, but I want to keep skilling at the same time so I'll need to find the right balance.
One way for me to do this is by playing self-sufficiently.
But self-sufficiency alone isn't enough, so I need to go even further.
I also won't do the lowest of the lowest experience per hour either, that wouldn't be rewarding enough.
No, I try to find out what the best profit per experience is.
And for me that is balance, slow progress paired with a nice profit in the long run.

Here are my current goals in order of priority.


▄█ 99 CRAFTING: killing QBD for Royal d'hides, killing Cockroaches for Carapace

I have chosen to train crafting by making Royal dragonhide and Carapace bodies.
Ofcourse I will be collecting the Royal dragonhide and Carapace myself and to do so I will be killing the Queen Black Dragon and Cockroach soldiers.
With additional loot from the Queen Black Dragon and Cochroach soldiers included, these methods offer the best profit per experience.
I have chosen this mix for a couple of reasons.
First of all, I only want to kill the Queen Black Dragon when my Penance aura is ready to use.
When it's on cooldown, I'll be killing Cockroach soldiers.
Secondly, Cockroach soldiers drop Clue scrolls (medium) which I'm very interested in doing as I hadn't had the opportunity to do many of them.
And as I said before, both methods are relatively the same when it comes to profit per experience and I like a bit of variation, so why not do a mix of both?
Carapace bodies offer a lower experience rate then Royal bodies, so that's another thing I like.
During this goal I will gain experience in Crafting and in many combat skills.
I will keep all the Royal dragonhide & Carapace bodies until I reach level 99, but I won't keep the additional loot.
Sadly I start this goal at level 95 crafting.
I will also be gaining Crafting experience by making items at the Player-owned Port, but I'll try to minimize that.

■ ■█ Progress


▄█ 99 RUNECRAFTING: mining own Pure essence, no Runespan, no ZMI, no Abyss

This is the method I use to train Runecrafting.
First I will be mining Pure essence with the aid of an Abyssal titan.
This will require many Abyssal titan pouches and Essence shipment scrolls.
All of those will be made by myself, ofcourse, so I'll have to collect many abyssal charms as well.
I will craft the rune type that has the highest profit per experience, so it'll depends on what the prices are.
And I do not discriminate on runes, except for the combination ones.
Depending on the type of runes I will be crafting, I will either run to the altar, Graahk teleport or Moonclan teleport.
That means I will not be using Runespan, nor ZMI, nor the Abyss.
While working on this goal I will mainly gain experience in Mining and ofcourse Runecrafting, but also small bits in combat and Summoning.

■ ■█ Progress




▄█ 99 DIVINATION: Converting-to-energy, Elder energy

I will train Divination at the Elder halls, harvesting Elder memories and energy.
Elder energy gives the highest profit per experience point, which is why they are my choice.
All the harvested memories will be converted into energy, granting me only 1 xp per Elder memory.
This will increase profit even further.
I cannot combine this skill with another, so only Divination experience shall be gained during this goal.

■ ■█ Progress




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→ The Date: 28 June 2006
→ The Picture: 99 Strength
→ The Story: When I was F2P I trained this skill mostly at the Moss Giants, I got level 81 there.
When I turned P2P I trained it at Desert Bandits until I reached level 95.
My IRL mate Potterina told me of this very fast training method called Pest Control so I started training there and got 99 there.

→ The Date: 17 July 2006
→ The Picture: 99 Attack
→ The Story: I trained it the same way as Strength, I started at the Moss Giants but I mostly trained Attack at the Ice Giants.
There I trained until I got level 90, yes, in F2P.
When I got members I trained Attack at Pest Control.
I Already reached 99 Strength when I got 91 Attack there.
There I continued training until I achieved 99.

→ The Date: 11 August 2006
→ The Picture: 99 Defence
→ The Story: I trained it like Attack and Strength, first Moss Giants and then Ice Giants.
During my F2P period I got 88 Defence.
When I got 88 Defence my Strength and Attack were still about level 80.
My thinking was, the higher my Defence, the less I get hit and the longer I can stay without banking.
At 88 Defence I turned P2P and after I achieved 99 Strength and Attack I started training it at Pest Control until 99.

→ The Date: 28 August 2006
→ The Picture: 99 Hitpoints
→ The Story: This went along with my combat until I started training at Pest Control, then it fell far behind.
When I achieved 99 Defence and thus maxing out my melee, I only had 96 Hitpoints.
I did get 88 Hitpoints in F2P, so at Ice Giants and 92 Hitpoints at Desert Bandits.
Then I trained with Pest Control and had a great 99 Hitpoints party.

→ The Date: 4 January 2007
→ The Pictures: 99 Woodcutting | Woodcutting Skillcape | Drop Party
→ The Story: This was the first 99 after the Skillcape update.
The way I trained this skill was purely based on making an as big as possible profit.
First of all I cut normal logs until I could chop Oak Logs, then Oak Logs until I could chop Willow Logs and Willow Logs until I could chop Yew Logs.
I kept cutting Yew Logs because I needed money and I did that until I was level 90, which was still in my F2P time.
This was actually my first 90 skill.
When I became P2P, I cut the best trees to get me 85 Fletching to make Magic Longbows.
When I got 85 Fletching I switched to Magic Logs and have been chopping them eversince until 99 and far beyond.

→ The Date: 1 July 2007
→ The Pictures: 99 Agility | Agility Skillcape | Drop Party
→ The Story: Like everyone I started training Agility at the Gnome Stronghold.
The logic would be for me to train in the Barbarian Outpost, but I never trained there.
It's the same with the Wilderness Course, I never used that either.
At about level 40 Agility I got 1000 Brimhaven arena tickets and that got me to 64 Agility.
After that I went straight to Ape Atoll.
I trained their inbetween my great Magic goal.
But at a moment Runescape Elites held an Agility training contest so I no-lifed there and finally achieved the best Agility trainer Award.
It also brought me to 90 Agility.
I planned not to train there anymore for a while and focus on my great Magic goal but I wanted to stay the number 2 of Agility in Runescape Elites.
Someone who was ranked lower had a 99 Agility goal and so I started training as well.
I never trained as hard as I trained Agility.
During my training I did 2 all-nighters, I never did that with any skill before.

→ The Date: 20 July 2007
→ The Pictures: 99 Prayer | Prayer Skillcape | Drop Party
→ The Story: Before I started playing Runescape my mate, Wimpie2001, told me "always bury all bones", so I listened to him quite well.
When I trained combat I buried all bones from the creature I killed and bones from creatures the people around me killed but didn't bury.
Prayer is actually the skill that got me 100 Combat, 66 Prayer to be exact.
My other mate, Potterina, always told me my Prayer level was too high for my combat but I always said it would pay off in the end when I would be going for 99 Prayer.
Somehow he never believed I would become 99 Prayer.
The last Prayer level I got in F2P was 71 Prayer, I was level 108 combat at that time.
In P2P I got 1 more non-PC'ed Prayer level, level 72.
For all the other levels, until 99, I used Pest Control.
I am actually proud I did that because it's harder then just buying all the bones.
So this makes my 99 Prayer a very rare unbought 99 skill.

→ The Date: 20 September 2007
→ The Pictures: 99 Fletching | Fletching Skillcape
→ The Story: As you already read, I have a big passion for Woodcutting.
I used this passion to aid me with Fletching.
Yes, that's right, I cut all the logs myself to get 99 Fletching and collected my own Flax to craft into Bow Strings.
And from 85 Fletching I've been cutting Magic logs.
I am very proud to say that my 99 Fletching is a totally unbought 99 skill.
Even my experience after 99 is completely unbought.

→ The Date: 3 August 2008
→ The Pictures: 99 Magic
→ The Video: My Training Method
→ The Story: My mate, Potterina, said that 55 Magic was very usefull, so that was my first goal.
I made my own Air Runes and Mind Runes to cast strikes all the way to 55 Magic.
Then I casted more strikes and bolts from all the runes I got from monster drops.
I also High Alchs Steel Plates in F2P when I trained Smithing.
The Nature Runes I used in F2P are all from monster drops during combat training.
I got a lot of them at the Moss Giants.
When my F2P period came to an end I had 62 Magic.
The first thing I did in P2P was go to the Magic Training Arena to get Bones to Peaches and some time later I got Infitiny Boots.
With the High Alchs, Binds, Blasts and teleports inbetween I got 74 Magic.
That was the time when I decided to start my biggest goal ever, a goal so big and hard it makes Slayer and Runecrafting look easy.
My goal was to get 99 Magic by cutting my own Logs, picking my own Flax and mining my own Pure Essence.
I started with 16k Yew Longbows which I made to get 85 Fletching so I can make Magic Longbows.
When I achieved 85 Fletching the hard part started, that is cutting my own Magic Logs and Fletching them into Magic Longbows with my own pick Flax which I crafted into Bow Strings.
Doing this I made about 360M, so cutting about 150k+ Magic Logs.
With that I got rank 90 Woodcutting (46.2M exp) and top 250 Fletching (30m exp), all unbought.
It also got my level 85 Crafting and level 80 Runecrafting.
Someone calculated that training Magic this way gives about 5k exp per hour.
This goal took me about 2 years of hard work and is most likely one of the hardest goals someone can achieve.

→ The Date: 25 October 2008
→ The Pictures: 99 Ranged | Steel Arrows Birthday Present | Dragon Bones & Hides Quantity | Random Junk Loot | Trophy
→ The Story: First I never really cared about Ranged as a combat skill thus I started leveling this pretty late.
When I trained combat at Goblins and Moss Giants I collected all arrows I could find.
At one point I needed bank space and instead of just selling or dropping my arrows I wanted to get rid of them in a usefull way.
I actually started training ranged in Goblin Village and moved to Barbarian Village bar when I got about level 20 or something.
At level 30 I started ranging Moss Giants, all with own collected arrows.
For my 17th birthday I got 5k steel arrows and 40k fire runes from my friend, Potterina.
I think I trained my ranged to 60 at Moss Giants and moved to Lesser Demons in the Karamja Volcano until I became P2P.
When I became P2P I had 72 ranged.
I did 2 or 3 ranged levels at Fire Giants before I stopped training it for a year.
In between 98 and 99 agility I wanted to prepare for the Fight Caves minigame which I was gonna do in between 98 and 99 Prayer.
I wanted to get at least 90 Ranged with before it.
That's actually the time where I made about 30k steel arrows from scratch.
I trained on Blue Dragons then because it's a great potential profit from hides and clues.
Sadly I didn't bank my bones when I trained to 90 Ranged.
When I got 90 I didn't train again for a year and collected a lot of arrows.
Before I actually started training for 99 ranged I gathered 300 Iron Darts, 3k+ Steel Darts, 200 Iron Throwing Knives, 200+ Mithril Bolts, 500+ Silver Bars which I crafted into 5K+ Silver Bolts, 27k Iron Arrows, 35K Steel Arrows and 27k Mithril Arrows.
Because of my earlier awesome profit from Blue Dragons I decided to train on them again and since Black Dragons drop visages I decided to train of them for the last level.
This time I banked the bones as well as the hides and things like Rune Daggers, Adamant Full Helms and Mithril Kiteshields too.
After I got 99 ranged I still had 22k Steel Arrows left from all of it without having to make new arrows.
I made 62M+ from the bones and hides and 1m+ from the Rune Daggers, Adamant Full Helms and Mithril Kiteshields and stuff.
The Treasure Trail rewards obviously aren't included in the rewards but I estimate I got about 5M+ worth of profit from clues.
Sadly I had no Draconic Visage from the more then 1000 Black Dragons I killed.
Also this 99 maxes out my F2P combat skills and I got it together with 2000 skill total while still having level 1 summoning.
2000 skill total with 1 summoning was another goal I wanted to complete.
I'd also like to mention that I didn't die during my ranged training even when I came really close with 19/99 hp at Blue Dragons at one time and 13/99 hp at Black Dragons and not once did I tele due to lack of food, I had to get full inventory first.

→ The Date: 10 January 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Fishing | Fishing Skillcape | Total Shark Quantity
→ The Video: Party Video by Iamyourboo2
→ The Story:When I was training combat and my HP got low I just let it regenerate by waiting.
After a while I got tired of letting it regenerate all the time so I decided to train my fishing and gain food to train combat at the same time.
First I did some net fishing until I was able to use a fishing rod.
By the time I fished with a rod I already had already quite some bait and feathers banked.
I didn't have so much bait but I did have a lot of feathers banked from when I trained on chickens in the first month of Runescape.
The reason I saved the feathers is because they were stackable so I didn't have to bank and the biggest reason is because my friend said feathers are quite usefull.
When I finished with bait fishing and fly fishing I had enough fish to train combat.
After combat came a big F2P woodcutting goal so I didn't need food for that.
Almost a year after I last fished for food I started fishing again because I wanted to train combat again.
This time I needed better food because I started training combat on ice giants.
I was about level 51 at that time so I could fish all F2P so as patient as I am, even back then, I started on swordfish at the Karamja docks obviously.
When I went to Karamja I always brought a tinderbox and an axe to be able to cook my tune and swordfish there.
The reason I did that was because I didn't want to bank my tuna but I wanted cooking experience from them.
After I cooked the tuna I sold them to the shop in Karamja to get the traveling costs back.
It took me quite a while to get a decent amount of food banked so my friend, Potterina, suggested that I changed to lobsters, which I did.
It did go way better and I kept on doing that until 73 fishing, the level I got P2P with.
When I got P2P I did some random fishing until I got the level to fish sharks which I quit fishing for a while after.
Some time later I needed a lot of sharks because I was running out of the ones my friend gave me when I became P2P and if you know me then you know I didn't want to buy the sharks.
The problem was that I had a low cooking so I'd burn most of the sharks so my plan was to fish trout and swordfish until level 90 fishing and after that I'd go to 91 fishing on sharks.
Ofcourse I completed that goal quite easily and got quite a cooking level of 96 after this goal.
About a year and a half later, while randomly getting 92 fishing from fishing events, I decided to go for the ultimate fishing level.
Again the decision was made due to a shortage of food.
I decided to get 99 fishing on the hardest but most rewarding way possible, by sharks.
During the goal I did not use any experience boosting equipement such as shark goves and Stealing Creation harpoons, even though it's been suggested.
So after a 2-3 months of fishing I finally got 99 fishing and I ended up with 55679 sharks and 14 big sharks.

→ The Date: 17 January 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Cooking | Cooking Skillcape
→ The Story:There's not really much to say about how I trained cooking.
Whatever I fished I cooked.
There's only one time I had a cooking level goal and that's 95 to no longer burn sharks.
As you can read in my fishing history I caught a lot of tuna and swordfish just to get close to that goal.
Sadly 90 fishing on tuna's and swordfish didn't give me enough fish for 95 cooking but I got very close.
With all the tuna's and swordfish cooked I had 94 cooking.
From there I had to endure one level of shark burning.
So since I got 95 cooking I trained mainly on own caught sharks until 99 cooking.
This is by far the easiest and most effortless skill there is on Runescape.
Though I'm still glad I got it unbought unlike the other tens of thousands of players.

→ The Date: 14 March 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Construction | Construction Skillcape | Player-Owned House Costs | Trophy Angle 1 | Trophy Angle 2 | Trophy Angle 3
→ The Story:Just after the construction update in Runescape I immediatly bought myself a player-owned house.
Then I started building random stuff, nothing too good or too fancy.
I continued like that until I was level 6.
Then I gained a few levels from quests and lamps until I was level 27 or something like that.
When I bought my first barrows item I wanted the best armour repair stand really bad.
To build that I needed level 55 construction so I decided to train it.
The method I used was mining limestone near the place where the odd old man is and then crafting it into limestone bricks.
After doing that I went to my house and build limestone fireplaces.
It was a tough thing to do but I kept pushing myself until I finally reached level 55.
After that I only trained my construction through tears of Guthix, genie lamps, experience books and later penguin points.
With all of that I reached 74 construction after quite a few months.
I quit using genie lamps, experience books and penguin points on construction when I started summoning because it wouldn't take long before I would set my mind on 99 construction.
A good month later, after getting 99 cooking, it finally was there, my next goal, 99 construction.
For months I have already thought about how I was going to train it effectively.
Yet there are 2 people who I have to thank for inspiring my goal, Ilovearagorn and Azhrei Dp.
Thanks to Ilovearagorn I had a foundation of my goal.
She gave me an idea where to cut my oak logs and how to convert them into planks the best way.
First I wanted to make oak larders but when I read Azhrei Dp's thread I rethought my oak larder idea and changed it into flatpacks.
That actually happened 2 days before I finished cutting my oak logs.
Anyways, my final plan goes like this.
First of all I cut 100k oak logs which I planked depending on how much dual rings I had.
For planking my logs I went with the hot air balloon to the sawmill and teleported to castle wars with the dual ring.
Ofcourse I got quickly out of run when I first started to I took a bath in the salt water spring at Oog'log which gave me unlimited run energy for about a half hour.
When I was out of dual rings I would usually go construct my oak planks into flatpacks.
First I started out with making oak benches because I thought advisor Ghrim would buy your flatpacks depending on the Grand Exchange value since oak benches were worth the most.
Not too much later I found out he buys your flatpacks at 10% of the resource costs so it didn't matter what oak-based flatpack I made so I decided to continue with carved oak tables since they require 6 planks instead of 4.
That means I could make more flatpacks in the same time.
I also used a spirit terrorbird to carry extra oak planks so I had to use less law runes.
After a spirit terrorbird went away I would usually rest out a little while selling my freshly made flatpacks to advisor Ghrim.
The cost of 99 construction alone is around 21.73m which most likely makes me the person to pay the least money for 99 construction.
By using sacred-clay hammers and selling my flatpacks to my kingdom I managed to reduce the price to it's minimum.
The whole goal took me around 2 months to complete.
With a high construction level you obviously need to build a great house too.
Obviously that would be the part that eats the most money.
My house costed me about 52m.
Last but not least I want to thank Alex 43 for making me another 99 trophy which he saved from 3 different angles.

→ The Date: 22 August 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Slayer | Slayer Skillcape | Last completed task before 99 | Slayer Points & Charms | Exchanged Slayer Points Value | First slayer task
→ The Story: I started slayer like most of people at the Burthorpe slayer master but I was around 114 combat at that time, obviously this is before summoning.
My first task was kalphites and as you can see on the screenshot and on that task I got a lot of levels
For the second task I went to Vannaka and I stayed there until 55 slayer.
55 was my goal because I wanted to be able to cast slayer darts to do some barrows.
After 55 slayer I started neglecting the skill.
I did a few tasks whenever i felt like it, but when construction came close to get over it I started training slayer because I wanted tears of Guthix experience to go into construction instead of slayer.
Once again Vannaka was the slayer master I got my assignements from.
I was still going through the same phase in slayer when smoking kills came out.
The first tasks in a row actually came from Vannacka still, but I wanted to get the slayer helm so I moved up to Chaeldar.
At that moment I did not have a Guthan's armour set and I have level 1 summoning too, so I had to rely on bones to peaches a lot or normal food to do my slayer tasks, that's why I didn't go to a higher slayer master.
Another reason is because I didn't want iron, steel or mithril dragon tasks.
Since I completed wolf's whistle on the 1st of Januari of 2009 I completely quit training slayer since I did not have to get it up anymore because all the tears of Guthix experiece would go into summoning now.
A few months later after 99 construction it was finally time to seriously train my slayer.
I liked the fact that it provides with a lot of money from the drops and I liked that the skill has such a lot of variation.
Also I noticed that summoning could be very useful in my next goals so since I can collect a lot of charms with slayer it seems a good idea to get 99 in it.
Ofcourse the skillcape is by far the best looking one in game since it has my 2 favourite colors.
During my 99 slayer goal I swore never to use a cannon for tasks because that way it increases my profit a lot and it's more melee experience.
Another thing I wanted to do is never skip a task since slayer points can make a lot of money as well.
However I did remove 4 tasks, those are warped terrorbirds, scabarites, skeletal wyverns and steel dragons.
As for the drops I got 7 dragon medium helms, 5 dragon plateskirts and platelegs, 2 dragon spears, 1 king black dragon heads, 1 granite legs, 25 granite mauls, 59 dragon boots, 15 abyssal whips, 1 abbysal head, 12 dark bows, 6 amulets of ranging and the best drops of all 2 draconic visages.
I don't have a screenshot of the value of all the drops together since I sold them when I got it.
Personally I'm half happy about all the drops.
What I am happy about is the amount of dragon boots, granite mauls and the draconic visages.
I did expect over 30 whips and over 20 dark bows.
The clues were also pretty good, dispite no 3rd age item, but I managed to get 2 Robin Hood hats.
When I started going for 99 I was already maxed combat, except for summoning, so I really enjoyed the extra experience.
At 99 slayer I had over 15m magic experience, 16m ranged experience, 32m defence experience, 34m attack experience, 42m hitpoints experience and last but certainly not least, 45m strength experience.
The last finished task was the 782nd in a row which gave me 16638 slayer points.
My charm count at 99 slayer is 22250 gold charms, 16259 green charms, 24587 crimson charms and 3871 blue charms.
After exchanging all the points I and price checking the runes the total value was 40,968,750 gold pieces.
From 75 to 99 slayer I made about 200M, so with the money from the slayer points it's 240M.
I'm also glad to say that I have never died during my slayer goal.
Click here if you want to view my slayer achievements, log and drops.

→ The Date: 12 September 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Summoning | Summoning Skillcape | All Self-Collected Tertiary Ingredients | Value Collected Tertiary Ingredients | #1 Daily Experience Gain | #1 Weekly & Months Experience Gain
→ The Story: I started summoning on exactly 1 january 2009, the day I did Wolf Whistle.
Right after I finished Wolf Whistle I exchanged 45 penguin points, which gave me 4500 summoning experience and that got me 20 summoning and 128 combat.
Because of that I was never 127 combat.
Tears of Guthix, penguin hide & seek, lamps and other experience reward items and skills all went into summoning which got me 79 summoning without ever using a charm for training.
When I finished slayer and collected a lot of charms it was time to finally get 99 summoning.
Obviously summoning requires a lot of tertiary ingredients and because I wanted to collect them myself it took quite a while.
I had to collect around 15k swamp toads, 3018 swamp lizards, 2957 unicorn horns, 3740 water talismans, 2069 raw rabbits, 2069 wolf bones, 1000 abyssal Charms, 2187 iron platebodies & 7931 yak hides.
Collecting all of those things was pretty tough at some points, especially while doing great orb project for water talismans.
However I did manage not to stray from my goal and collected everything after more than 3 weeks of hard work.
All the tertiary ingredients I collected were worth over 36m together.
Then it was time to train.
The first day, half day actually, I did all the 15k barker toads and over 1k swamp titans.
Day 2 was also a half day, then I easily finished the swamp titans, unicorn stallions, geyser titans, wolpertingers, abyssal titans, iron titans and I could've finished the pack yaks too, but thanks to the personal shop update I ran out of spirit shards.
My daily experience record in summoning is 7,535,390 experience which could've easily go to 10m if I hadn't run out of spirit shards.
Not much time later I was able to easily do the rest.
The cost of the spirit shards brought the cash in my bank from 159M to 122M.
I still had 2988 unicorn stallion pouches, 1002 abyssal titan pouches, 1758 pack yak pouches and 57k spirit shards left in my bank.

→ The Date: 31 October 2009
→ The Pictures: 99 Firemaking | Firemaking Skillcape | Bird's Nests Collected | Seed's Value from Nests
→ The Video: My Burning Method
→ The Story: Firemaking is in my opinion a very useless skill therefor I never really had the intention to train it.
When I heard that yew logs were a good source of money I wanted to get 60 woodcutting.
That obviously would give me a lot of unwanted logs, but instead of dropping them I decided to do something useful, I set them on fire.
Burning the logs from 1 woodcutting to 60 woodcutting gave me 65 firemaking I think.
From that point I kind of forgot what I did between 65 firemaking and 73 firemaking.
What I do remember is getting 10k willow logs from Inera when she invited me to her weekly clan event at the rogue's den.
That's probably what got me 73 firemaking.
I do remember selling the rest of the willow logs.
But why exactly I sold them, I forgot.
A few years later, during the time I trained slayer I used to cut maple logs whenever I updated my goals & achievements thread.
Those I burned whenever my clan was massing.
Eventually that led me to 82 firemaking.
After achieving 99 slayer and summoning I thought it would be a good idea to get the inferno adze, an item I wanted for quite some time.
Then I figured, why not to put the inferno adze to good use and get 99 firemaking while I'm at it.
The method I used was first chopping maple logs at Seers Village and then burning the logs in the roque's den.
I chose to cut maple logs because they give a lot of nests while cutting them and it's pretty close to a bank.
Also maple logs are quite decent experience so I don't have to click that much.
The reason for buring in the rogues den is because it's really fast to bank.
You can position yourself burning the final log really close to the bank and after you refilled your inventory with logs you won't need to close the bank, you can just click on the minimap and start burning logs again.
That means that you there are only 1-2 seconds between ending your first inventory and starting your second.
I calculated it and it was possible to burn around 1390 logs per hour.
Anyway, at the time I had enough logs banked for 99 firemaking I had around 61.6M Woodcutting experience and rank 93 woodcutting.
In the end I also colleced 268 bird's nests in total.
The total worth of the seeds I got from the birds nests was 2,486,977gp.

→ The Date: 6 February 2010
→ The Pictures: 99 Mining | Mining Skillcape
→ The Videos: Party Video by Dino K1d | My Iron Ore Mining Method
→ The Story: Mining has been a fascinating skill to me since the day I started to play Runescape.
Because of that it was also the first skill I set a decent goal for.
This goal was 60 mining.
Unfortunatly, because it is such a long time ago, I don't exactly remember where I mined copper and tin.
I think I mined it south of Varrock, but I'm not all that sure, it could've been in the dwarven mines as well.
What I do remember is smithing the copper and tin I mined and then selling the bronze items to the general store.
With the money I got from that I bought a better pickaxe from the shop in the Dwarven Mines.
After I had a high enough smithing level to smith iron, I switched to mining iron ore.
I mined iron ores in the dwarven mines and I think I banked and smith them until I was able to smith steel.
At that time I really wanted to get 60 mining to get access to the mining guild so I kept mining iron at the same place and I would sell them at the store in the dwarven mines not far from the place I mined at.
Everything I said so far happened a very long time ago so some things might have been different.
After achieving 60 mining I spent a lot of time mining mainly coal in the mining guild.
I mined iron ore too so I could make steel to train smithing.
That way of training continued until I was around level 72 mining.
At that time my fascination switched to woodcutting.
72 mining was also the level I ended F2P with.
After I became 72 mining I didn't mine decently for about 2 or 3 years.
In that time I might've gotten a few levels in P2P from quest experience and whatnot.
At one point smithing had become one of my lowest skills and since I wanted to keep construction my lowest skill so I could get Tears of Guthix experience in it, I had to start training smithing again.
Once again I started mining coal and iron ore so I could make steel for training.
When 99 construction became my goal I could neglect my smithing level so I didn't have to mine anymore.
At that moment I was 83 mining.
7 months later, after I finished some goals that were more important to me, I finally set my mind on a goal that would get me 99 mining.
This goal was to get 99 smithing by making cannonballs with my own mined iron ore and coal.
I mined coal in the Living Rock Caverns and iron ore at the Kandarin monastery.
During this goal I also mined a few shooting stars.
The runes and the gold pieces are a great reward, but what I was really doing it for was the mining boots which allows you to mine double ores.
After about 3 months of mining I achieved 99 mining in the Dwarven Mines.

→ The Date: 7 August 2010
→ The Pictures: 99 Farming | Farming Skillcape | Value of Harvested Fruits | Value of Remaining Tree Seeds | Leveling Picture by Jebby | Leveling Picture by Krammy
→ The Video: Hunthing the Giant Mole without the Falador Shield 4
→ The Story: When I first became a member I mostly killed monsters to train combat.
As you all experienced yourselfs from time to time you get seeds as a drop and since they're stackable I always picked them up.
There are a lot of different kinds of seeds so it required a lot of bankspace.
On day I was close to running out of bankspace so it was time to clean it up a bit.
I really didn't like that all those seeds demanded so much bankspace, but I didn't want to just drop them either, so I decided to use them.
That's basically what made me start farming.
I mostly farmed on allotement patches and when I had a decent farming level I started farming trees as well.
The tree seeds I used all came from bird's nests and from Tessamijack, who gave me the seeds she didn't want instead of dropping them on the floor.
Also Rambi1989 gave me a lot of seeds when he sadly quit Runescape.
When all those seeds were gone I was around level 83 farming and I quit for a really long time.
During that year or so I gathered many more seeds and when I got 99 firemaking it was time to start with kingdom management and farming.
First I only did tree and fruit tree runs because I wanted to safe the herb seeds for when I got 99 farming.
But a few months later I started doing a herb run after every tree run too.
And even later, when I accepted a race to 99 farming against Superdavo2, I started using the other allotement patches too.
Though I don't think I would've done allotement patches if the giant mole's claws and hides didn't provide me with so much allotement seeds.
Giant mole hunting was another way of me to get more tree seeds, which I started doing after I ran out of acorns, willow and maple seeds.
Eventually, almost 9 months after I got 99 firemaking, I finally got 99 farming.
During that time I only planted low level trees and fruit trees such as oaks, willows, maples, apple trees, banana trees and orange trees.
Ofcourse because of that I have plenty of high level seeds left in my bank from kingdom management.
To be more exact the value of the tree and fruit tree seeds I have left is 14,916,044gp.
I kept most of the things I farmed from the allotement patched and from the fruit trees in my bank too.
The value of that is 15,182,849gp.
As you can see, from that alone I made around 30M gold pieces and that's excluding the herbs.
Sadly I didn't keep any record of the herbs I got from farming.

→ The Date: 18 December 2010
→ The Pictures: 99 Smithing | Cannonballs banked @ 99 Smithing
→ The Story:
Since the very first days I played RuneScape I was a big fan of smithing.
And we all know that to train smithing you need ore.
So one of the first things I did was mine ores specificly to train smithing so I could make myself some better armour.
My smithing level besically kept growing as my mining grew.
I've also never really set a smithing goal, unless it was for a quest or something like that.
Ofcourse I got a lot of ores from killing monsters while training combat skills, so that helped my smithing level too.
At times where I really needed to raise smithing I would mine iron ore and coal to make steel platebodies from it.
When I turned member I had a smithing level of 61, but my training method didn't change.
That's how I raised most of my smithing until around level 69, where I pretty much stopped training for a long time.
At one moment I started training again to keep my level above my construction level for the purpose of getting free construction experience from tears of Guthix.
When I started to train construction for real I was around level 74 smithing, so I stopped training smithing for a while.
I still had a lot of steel bars, which I made to keep smithing higher then construction, but I didn't have to use them.
So after I got 99 construction I heard about how profitable cannonballs were.
I'm not sure where I heard it from, but I think it was Ilovearagorn who informed me.
But after hearing that I started to put my steel bars into good use and melt them into cannonballs, which I sold.
All those steel bars were enough to get me level 77 smithing.
My next goal was 99 slayer.
During that I didn't gain any smithing level at all but I did gather many charms, more then enough for 99 summoning.
Ofcourse I wasn't going to let them sit in my bank and I decided to go for 99 summoning.
My plan was to make iron titans from 95 summoning to 96 summoning.
Iron titans require a lot of iron plates so I made them myself and because of that I managed to go from level 77 smithing to 80!
Even more time passed in which I achieved 99 summoning and firemaking, but then it was finally time for 99 smithing.
Many months before, when I made my first cannonball, I was talking to my friend, formerly known Zezimanie, about how I was going to train smithing.
At that time I didn't really like making cannonballs, so I said as a joke that I would probably make them until 99 smithing.
He said that would be completely crazy if I did that and I actually agreed.
But even though I agreed I actually started to get motivated into actually setting this goal.
And after 99 firemaking that was indeed the goal I set.
So from 80 smithing I mined my iron ore at the Kandarin monestary and coal in the Living Rock Caverns.
Those I would use to melt them into steel bars and then into cannonballs.
It took over 13 months to finish finish this goal.
When I finally finished it I had 40,728,814 mining experience and peaked at rank 97 mining.
At 99 smithing I made a total of 984,296 cannonballs, of which I sold 123,196 for 42,608,999gp and 861,100 of them were left in the bank.
When all cannonballs were sold, I made a total profit of 418,288,624gp.
From level 1 to 99 smithing I have never bought a single bar or ore to use as purpose of training this skill.

→ The Date: 25 October 2012
→ The Pictures: 99 Herblore
→ The Story:
The earliest Herblore related memory is one I assume we, veteran players, all share, killing Chaos monks. At that time they were the go-to place for everyone seeking to advance in the Herblore skill. Only the quests that had a Herblore requirement motivated me to actually go grind the early levels. Besides that, Herblore served of little purpose as I hardly ever used potions. I didn't want to waste them on just regular mobs and I rarely fought bosses. So, my early level grind at Chaos monks took until I was able to complete all quests that required Herblore.
Afterwards Herblore was removed from my priority list and so I never returned to the Chaos monks. From that point I just used the herbs that I got from random events, monsters and Farming. Note that I not once sold a single herb that I got from Farming, or for that matter, any herb at all. I preferred to use the herbs I aqcuired to actually fabricate into useful potions. Yes, I also made use of kingdom management, but very rarely actually, thus making the influx of herbs from my kingdom negligible. I did not really want to spend the money on it and preferred to get the herbs by hard work. This methos would last until, well, as I'm writing this.
With the release of Extreme potions, Prayer renewals, Super-antifires and Overloads, Herblore claimed a more prominent role in RuneScape. When it comes to combat it could no longer be ignored. So, after Smithing, I chose to intensify my herb gain, thus returning to the grind, with the intent of achieving level 99 Herblore. Unlike the previous herb grind, I did not return to the Chaos monks as they only drop the more low-level herbs and lack seeds. For medium- to high-level herb and seed drops, I turned to other monsters; such as Aberrant spectres, Nechryael and Turoth. These three also drop clue scrolls, which is something I enjoy spending time on, so, besides the higher quality of herbs and seeds, that's another reason why I chose them. Why three, you may ask, well dear reader, purely due to variation. Every time I would get a clue scroll, I'd complete it and move to the next monster. First Aberrant spectres, then Nechryael, then Turoth and the cycle repeats. It keeps the grind more interesting. While fighting an Aberrant spectre on the road to 99 Herblore, I managed to get the Champion's challange scroll, so that's a nice bonus. A lot of herbs that I used for training came from those three aforementioned monsters and obviously all the seeds I got added to the herb yield. What secondary ingriedents are concerned, I, obviously, got them all myself as well.
Now, about the training. Obviously I started heavily training when Extremes where already released, however, I opted out of that option, simply for the fact that they are untradable. My RuneScape goals are very wealth-driven, so, my plan was to get 99 with just tradable potions and then sell all of them. That is not entirely what happened when I did reach 99 though.
I did manage to achieve 99 by just making tradable potions, but decided to keep a significant amount of them, just because of their usefulness. Since I had a large number of them, I was easily able to make a significant amount of Extremes, which I then used to produce Overloads. This sent my herblore XP soaring and as I'm writing this, I am 3m XP away from 120 Herblore. Yes, I realize that I should've written this 99 herblore story a whole lot earlier.
Due to me deciding to just sell a small amount of potions, it is hard to accurately say how much I profited from 99 Herblore, so I choose to refrain from that. Also note that I did not gain a single XP in Herblore during a bonus XP or double XP weekend.

ͼ═╪═╬═╬═╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╡├┘└{ ᵜ Ѿ ᵜ }┘└┤╞╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╛╘╦╩╦╩╦╩╦═╬═╬═╪═ͽ


This section is the dislay case for all the items I have gained. These can be Treasure Trail rewards, boss drops, PvP loot, etc. Whatever I get that is an item and is special comes here.

▐█▌ Weapons or weapon components:
Dual Ascension crossbows

▐█▌ Armour or armour components:
Steam battlestaff

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Everything that does not belong in the 'Maxed Skills' and 'Item display case' sections goes here. That can be Achievement diary completions, post-maxed skill milestones, minigame achievements, etc.

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Videos that mean a lot to me:


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[font="Century Gothic"][color="#4B0082"]I want to thank Runescape Elites for their support during my training. Without them I would've never gotten 99 Agility.
Specific people I would like to thank as well are:
- D Sweetheart: She motivated me a lot through many of my goals and she's one of the sweetest persons I ever met.
- Ilovearagorn: She gave me insight in how to train Construction.
- Alex 43: He made an awesome trophy for me when I got 99 Ranged and 99 Construction.
- Wimpie2001: He taught me that Woodcutting was a good way of making money.
- Treyd103: He's a great supporter, a nice and friendly person as well and he helps me to correct mistakes on my thread.
- Dyablo55: She gave me a Dragon Impling which in turn gave me 3 Amulets of Glories.
- Ladyavalon: She helped me when I got muted, she also helps me if I have a question about the Runescape rules and supports me loads.
- Tessamijack: She let me be your seed deposite guy and she gave me tips about Mining.
- Znake Zlavik: He helped me when I needed help.
- Europa Bk: He helps me a lot with RSC things, if there's something I don't know I can always go to him and he'll help me and he's an awesome guy too.
- Rambi1989: He gave me a lot of things like ores, seeds and many other things when he quit because he got hacked.
- Pure Kwak: He also gave me a lot of things like potions, armour and water filled vials when he quit Runescape.
- Dead Walker0: He gave me all his spirit shards when he quit P2P.
- Thomie Thebe: He donated Teak and Mahogany logs to support my construction goal when he planned to quit P2P.
- Bertjuh1: He helps me a lot if I don't think something about IRC or other applications and other things and he also made my 99 cooking party the first 99 party that became an official event in Runescape Elites.
- Milky Desire: He's one of my biggest supporters, had the most posts on my thread for a long time and helps me correct typos in my thread.
- Harypotr2: He's also one of my biggest supporters, has currently the most posts on my thread and helps me correct things in my thread if it's needed.
- Wazup232323: The best damn noob ever who has helped me with my goals and kept me going <3
- Svartsneger: He showed me an easy way to mine Pure Essence.
- Simons Rules: He taught me how to kill tormented demons, he's a great supporter and posts frequently.
- Ancient Shed: He helped me get a lot of typo's out of my thread and posts a lot too.
- Narcadius: He's very active on this thread. He doesn't only post a lot but his posts are quite impressive as well.
- Iamyourboo2: He made a video of my 99 fishing party. (Watch video)
- Barthez16: He really supports me a lot and he corrects me a lot if I make a mistake on my thread and stuff.
- Zezimanie: He gives a lot of support and helps me get insight into the things I train and am about to train.
- Quinny Rocks: Thanks to him I am now able to exchange noted artifacts from pyramyd plunder to Simon Templeton and he also gave me useful tips on kingdom management.
- Rffh: He gives me a lot of tips on how to slay more easily.
- Missemrld: She helps me a lot with slayer and gives me tips too.
- Dazuz: He helps me a lot with IRC scripting.
- Death Sleepy: He helped me with a spreadsheet thingy, he's a really good mate and he support me a lot.
- Slamajama: Thanks to his help I was able to edit my thread again when I was unable to. He helps me in a lot of other things too and he's an awesome guy as well!
- Squirl100: He had the solution to my editing problem and he helps me when ever I need help as well. He's FTW!
- Dtwizy69: He gave me a deeper understanding of how to produce quality videos and helped me produce and upload the first video with a quality I liked.
- Dino K1d: He made a video of my 99 mining party, which you can see by clicking here. He's also one of the nicest people I ever met and always very cheerful.
- Atarah: He's a helpful, dedicated and friendly person that helped me a lot with issues.
- Ante 662: He posts a lot of replies and the ones he posts are really good too and he supports me greatly!
- Jebby: He's always cheerful and really nice. He motivated me a lot.
- Santairo: He has been an good supporter for a very long time and helps me correct mistakes in this thread.
- Rulthulu: In the past years he has posted many great replies and still continues to support me after such a long time!
- S Diamant Y: Always kind, always friendly, always eager to help, as she did with me in my hour of need. It is obvious why she's a player moderator.
- Will Miss It: Gave me a lot of recognition in his '10 Players Who Changed RuneScape' video.
- Capt Spiff: Brilliant RuneScape player, always giving tips, always ready if you need help, great person to talk to, awesome friend

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#12164620 W13 -- Back To The Runescape

Posted by W13 on 10 November 2009 - 02:51 PM

Posted ImagePosted Image

History of W13

I've had my main W13 since early 2001. You may be wondering why I'm so low leveled if I've had my char since 2001. The reason is because Jagex banned me (no reason provided, no evidence provided, no blackmarks, all appeals rejected) for 4 years on July 13, 2005. I just recently got back my character and have gotten back into RuneScape as a result. During this time, most of my old friends either quit or probably deleted me because I didn't log in for 4 years! :-( But that's okay. RuneScape is one of the friendliest games I've ever played and I can make friends thanks to my big in-game mouth.

I was the 4th person to buy an adam plate when it was released (3 people bought it seconds before me). I was also top crafter for a day when Crafting came out. I was in top 50 herbalist for a week when Herblore came out (it was called "herblaw" then). I was at the Christmas cracker drop and nearly all other special events. I was also one of the first people to rush into Asgarnia when it was released. And, I was involved in merchanting Adam and Rune during the smithing monopolies in Runescape's early years. I dealt with many people, including Zezima, Musashi22, Bluerose13x, and Iampenguin (my very good friend back then), and Piranah.

People ask me how I came up with the name W13. W is the first letter of my first name, and 13 is my date of birth.

Goals and Achievements

Posted Image

Skills I need to work on:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Construction :-P Too low to list
Attack - I want to get at least 75 so I can wield gs Now to get 99.
Strength - I want 99 str
Magic - I want to get 99, just because it's so easy.
Farming - I can use this for the cash it earns, and I can also use this for herblore!
Summoning - I'll keep pouring XP into this with penguin points every week.

31-December-2010 Goal
I want to get 99 in all combat stats including magic.


Posted Image
May 11, 2010
35 RC-ing (what a pain!) I did cosmics. 69 Cooking. 19 Dung (thanks to Tears).

May 10, 2010
64 Fishing (Fish flingers is good xp)
Posted Image

May 7, 2010
68 Cooking, 55 Summoning, 42 Construction, 69 Woodcut.

May 4, 2010
Had some flax in the bank and this happened:
Posted Image
Also 15 Dungeoneering (I know it's not a huge deal). 77 Magic (thanks to teleporting lol).
Posted Image

May 3, 2010
Thank you penguins!
Posted Image

Apr 24, 2010
Completed medium seer's diary. Gained a bunch of Farming levels in an attempt to clear out my bank of seeds. Gained agility lvl as well. Went on Dagg Kings trip (thanks Cthulthu)

Apr 21, 2010
53 Summoning. Thank you penguins!

Apr 19, 2010
71 Smithing. Whoopti doo... I can make adam hatchets and mace with stout... yaay... not. :-(
Also got 76 Constitution.

Apr 14, 2010
100 Combat! FINALLY! :-D Pic of level up.

Apr 08, 2010
Throne of Miscellania quest is complete along with Sea Slug quest. Gonna do Tears of Guthix to boost my Hunter lvl.

Apr 07, 2010
1407 Skill total. I did penguins for Summoning. :-) Been lazy lately. I need to work on Smithing because the next RuneScape skill to get updated is Smithing ;-)
Posted Image

Mar 29, 2010
1400 Skill total! (thanks to 51 Agility... thanks to Circus :lol:)

Mar 26, 2010
It's been a while since I posted my stats. Red ones are the ones that went up since last time, and blue ones are those that didn't.
Posted Image

Mar 18, 2010
1398 Skill total. Got 61 Herblore just a few minutes ago. I've been pouring penguin points into Summoning exp. I hit 40 today.
Posted Image

Mar 04, 2010
74 Mining. 34 Summoning. 96 Combat. 1365 Skill total.

Feb 12, 2010
80 Attack! This is my first 80, so I'm really happy about it!
Posted Image
Posted Image

Feb 05, 2010
I've been working on my low level Member skills like Summoning and Construction. :-)

Jan 19, 2010
Posted Image
Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza helped with these :-)

Jan 15, 2010
Got a fishing to 60 finally, and cooking to 66. I think I'll get 61 fish and 67 cook just because I'm on a roll. I'll use the swordfish and tuna I'm catching for combat training soon. Also got to 30 farming (from 25) - not a huge accomplishment but meh.

Dec 28, 2009
Nothing new. Just spent a bunch of time in Castle Wars. It got boring and repetitive and for some reason my team kept on losing.

Dec 22, 2009
1300 Skill total :-D Did a few quests ( making history, monkey madness, and the eyes of glouphrie )
Posted Image

Dec 17, 2009
Wow, time flew and I forgot to update this blog :-D I have been semi-active in RuneScape though. I did the Ghosts Ahoy quest. It was a pain! I gained some levels :-) ... worked on summoning too.
Posted Image

Dec 4, 2009
I got 77 Attack. I'm not sure why I kept going after getting 75. Oh well, I'm not stopping myself. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Also, I got 72 hp.

Dec 4, 2009
I got 90 combat! :-D Pic

Dec 3, 2009
Posted ImagePosted Image
Thanks to Pest Control and Living Rock caverns, I got fast xp and got to 75 Attack (from 71 in just a few days).

Dec 2, 2009
I'm working on Attack using Pest Control. It may not be the best xp but at least it's fun. Time flies in PC and it feels good to trade in 100 points for tons of attack xp at a time! I'm going for 75 attack so if I buy a BGS, I can equip it. :-)

Nov 10,2009
Posted Image

I love events!



One of my hobbies in RuneScape is to annoy people:
Posted Image

Pest Control is fun:
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#15205536 Where Legends Are Born - Runescape Dinasty Closes

Posted by Icedrop on 23 January 2013 - 05:29 PM

Runescape Dinasty Closes


After nearly 12 years of existence, Runescape Dinasty is closing its doors. It was not an easy decision or something that was a spur of the moment thing or a decision on reflection of recent events. It has been an accumulation of discussions over time and circumstances going forward that have led up to the final decision to close. The decision was based on the future and what it looked like, where things were heading and it is a decision felt to be in the best interests of the clan. It will come as a surprise to many, but it was something that was due.

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We've had the privilege to have thousands of fights against hundreds of clans, many of which aren't around anymore either. On behalf of RSD I thank the entire clan world that we have been a part of for all of the experiences that we have accumulated over the years. The moments and fights that we have had against everyone have been something great that most likely will never be forgotten in regards to the history of RSD. We cherished every fight that we were able to get and grateful that so many clans’ were willing to fight over the years.

Through it all some things just didn't change, RSD being one of them. We stuck to the foundations from day one until the end, which was the genetic make up for the clan. No matter the challenges or difficulties other clans provided for us, RSD remained standing tall through it all. That strength in loyalty and commitment was strong until the very end and I couldn't have asked of anything more. It showed what RSD was, is, and always will be; greatness at heart. The clan world game of today is completely different to the place RSD started in, likewise our member base. But as it has all gradually changed RSD have always stuck by our principles, the RSD way of thinking and mentality being passed on to the next generations of RSD over the years. Our 2003 website described RSD to the outside world as a place of friendly atmosphere, active, family orientated, loyalty, strength, organisation, honour, courage and commitment. Such words could be used to sum up RSD in any year we have existed.

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Few other clans can say they have been involved at the top end of clanning for pretty much every era of the clan world. From the emergence of clans and RS1 wars, to the emergence of RS2, the gradual development of RS2 clan world tactics and then throughout the rollercoaster of changes the game has seen since then, Runescape Dinasty have made an impact throughout. I could praise certain years in terms of our achievements, but I can honestly say every year has been a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

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Though opinions may vary on just how significant it was, there is no doubt that Runescape Dinasty has left its mark on the clan world. More importantly we have left a reflection on those people who were able to be a part of RSD at some point as in turn they have left their mark on RSD. There are so many great memories that are there to be reflected upon and so much history written that barely scratches the surface of all of the great memories that people have had. Words can only begin to describe the multifaceted entity that is RSD. Our lifetime as RSD may have come to an end but everything that we have done will surely not be forgotten.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has put in the effort and who made RSD what it has been for the last 12 years. Some have been RSD for a fair few of those years, others less, but no matter the era and duration of someone’s stay RSD has always been a great place to be and a place hundreds, thousands have called home.

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Our forums will remain open for all former members and any guests who want to stay in touch. To pay tribute to some interesting moments from RSD's post we have released a forum open to anyone who wishes to reminisce or learn more about RSD as a clan.

RSD, where legends are born. We are no more, but may the legend forever live on.


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#13220225 Nex Drops - 90-99 Rc With Effigies From Tds (1.2B Loot) - Comp Cape

Posted by batman 6125 on 12 September 2010 - 12:43 PM

Hey, Welcome to my Single Achievements topic. I'll post my recent drops and goals here.

Current Goals:
- Rebuilding bank.
200M str exp, long term goal. I'll be camping dark beasts for it.I'll be holding a dbeasts tab like i did with tds.
-Top 20 summ, I currently have charms for around rank ~20.

Max Total + Comp

http://img38.imagesh...6/maxtotalj.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img219.images...10709183129.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


Recently i've lost some cash due to stupid mistakes, bad luck etc. So i'll be nexing for awhile, to get torva + virtus back.
http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/6129/110805190004.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

200M Str

Current exp:

http://img695.images...10811132416.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
Str has always been my highest skill, and i've wanted 200m for a while now. Most of the exp was from pvm and some from slayer. I've started doing dbeasts recently, because they are good exp (110-120k exp/hr) decent charms and effigies, and afk-able. :-P

Tab started at 125m str exp, so these drops are from 10m exp
http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/2236/110811175956.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img855.images...10805200202.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Teleport with the elf crystal to the dbeast temple. I use extremes and not ovls, because i afk them most of the time.

Top 20 Summ Goal

A few year ago i've been rank 20 for a while, but i got lazy and didn't want to spend cash on it anymore. Now i want a rank in the top 20 again. I have enough charms for rank 20 or so right now, i'll be using them on the next bonus exp weekend. (Will need some more because i won't be the only 1 using his charms)

Current summ exp: 36m
Exp in charms: 26m

http://img854.images...10811175836.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


FFA + split drops

http://img819.images...10405100421.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^225m split

http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/6164/110404114152.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^49m split

http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/698/110329124506.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^94m split

http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/4182/110328161852.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^100m split

http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/970/110328175617.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^204m split

http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/759/torvahelm1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^64m split

http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/6695/virtuslegs1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^32m split

http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/1536/pernixchaps1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

^124m split

http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/2217/torvalegs1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^157m split

http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/4042/pernixcowl2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^70m split

Missed drops

Pernix body miss #1 (105m split)
Pernix body miss #2 (157m split)
Pernix body miss #3 (160m split)

Pernix chaps miss #1 (114m split)
Pernix chaps miss #2 (49m split)

Pernix cowl miss #1 (No split)
Pernix cowl miss #2 (20m split)
Pernix cowl miss #3 (32m split)
Pernix cowl miss #4 (25m split)

Torva plate miss #1 (107m split)
Torva plate miss #2 (117m split)
Torva plate miss #3 (100m split)
Torva plate miss #4 (104m split)

Torva legs miss #1 (135m split)
Torva legs miss #2 (94m split)

Torva helm miss #1 (70m split)

Virtus top miss #1 (90m split)
Virtus top miss #2 (80m split)
Virtus top miss #3 (61m split)

Virtus legs miss #1 (36m split)
Virtus legs miss #2 (34m split)
Virtus legs miss #3 (32m split)
Virtus legs miss #4 (34m split)

Virtus mask miss #1 (23m split)
Virtus mask miss #2 (20m split)
Virtus mask miss #3 (18m split)
Virtus mask miss #4 (14m split)

Zaryte bow miss #1 (No split)
Zaryte bow miss #2 (35m split)
Zaryte bow miss #3 (35m split)

Coinshare drops
http://img809.images...10805112707.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img269.images...rnixcowlcs1.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

No split drops

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1517/110120144151.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
^my first nex drop, 1 week after release.

Tormented Demons

I didn't see myself get 99 Runecrafting the normal way, but i do want to get max total so i thought, why not collect effigies for it? So i searched for a monster with a decent droprate, and found Tormented Demons the best option.

After doing some calculations i found out i would need around 140 effigies (calc included dragonkin lamps but also the average chance of getting a Rc effigy)
So to be sure, i got 150.

My Droprates

Claws 1/299
Armour pieces 1/280
Effigy 1/76

This is the loot from ~2 months of camping, a little over 11k kills.
I spend around 200M on supplies

http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/8610/101022182325.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img843.images...effigies150.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/4216/101022182617.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img530.images...01022182834.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img530.images...01022182946.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

(13:21:35) -[EE]RuneScript- *** [ END ]: You gained 7,506,917 runecraft exp in 1hr 47mins 49secs. That's 4,177,601 exp/h. Estimated time to level up: 19mins 6secs

(13:22:16) <@[EE]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: [Overall] Exp gains for Batman 6125 in last 2hrs: Overall(+14) +20,789,703 | WC(99->100) +1,755,000 | Fish(96->98) +3,062,786 | FM(99->100) +1,795,000 | Mine(96->97) +1,525,000 | Agil(96->97) +1,735,000 | Thieve(99->100) +1,720,000 | RC(90->99) +7,506,917 | Hunt(96->97) +1,670,000

(13:22:16) <@[EE]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: Con(99) +20,000

My TD gear

http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/8967/110128163745.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

I get 65-70 Kills per trip with this setup. 45-50 per hour. I use the 2 spawns at the north of the cave.

Or if i want to mess around:

TD Gear Void

TD Gear Magic

Pride in Domination

I recently joined a new PvM clan called Pride in Domination. It's a very active clan with multiple events each week. If you are interested in joining please Click here

Posted ImagePosted Image

Thanks to everyone that voted on me. Posted Image

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#13577488 A General Plea To The Clan World

Posted by -=3xt=- on 05 January 2011 - 10:31 AM

This topic isn't directed at one person or clan. I really think that we are all collectively to blame for letting this problem get out of hand and it is currently destroying what Runescape used to be all about for clans.

There was a time in Pking where if you got into a fight, you died and called it quits. That's how it was, you die once and you admit defeat and go do something else. Than came a time where some clans decided to return after dying and wouldn't quit after just one death. This became the popular thing to do and more and more clans started doing it. Clans fought for hours and hours sometimes with no clear victor. There was flaming in game, on RSC, and on their respective forums. But it was all fine. Battles were fought inside Runescape without any outside interference.

Than came a time where few people started DDosing to get an unfair advantage over the other clan. First it was done on people, than on Teamspeaks, and it seems like now it's being done on Runescape worlds. I don't want to know who started it first and who is still doing it but for the last time. STOP!

We all like to blame Jagex for messing up this or messing up that about Pking. But what have we done to Pking over the past year and a half? Instead of fighting our battles in game and leaving it at that, we have looked Ddos the other clan, people or ever worlds to get rid of the competition all together. What ever happened to fighting a clean fight and determining who actually is the better clan? We've always had rivalries in the clan, some even more intense than the ones currently in the clan world. But regardless of how much you hated another clan, when it came time to fight them. You did it on the battlefield. You fought them to see who was the better clan, organization wise, dedication wise and motivation wise. Not to see which clan knows or has more hackers on their side than the other.

Lastly, people like to think that knowing how to Ddos is a big advantage. After more than a year of this crap going on; which clan has really benefitted from this? How many rivals have you closed because you Ddosed them to death? A rival clan isn't going to be demoralized if you Ddosed them and won a battle, they will be demoralized if you beat them over and over again in clean fights. Because than they know they have nothing to complain about. The only thing Ddosing is doing to rivals is having them look for someone who can do the same to you back. And that is what has brought us to where we are today.

So for the last time STOP! Just end it. It doesn't benefit you, it doesn't benefit the other clan. Fight your fights inside the game like they are supposed to. You are taking this game to a level it doesn't need to go to. Jagex isn't killing the clan world, you are. More clans are closing nowadays than ever before. So please set aside your difference on this one issue and let's move forward together. It will help all of this in the end.

Proud Clan Pker for 7+ Years

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#12277441 How Lootshare Points Work

Posted by libum1 on 17 December 2009 - 07:46 PM

well, been wanting to write a useful tip for a while but didnt come up with anything original - viper put the corp tip (and tbh i dont really want more people knowing how to corp properly :P).
anyways, someone asked about lsp in questions forum, and i spent 5 mins writing it out for him then figured mite as well post here too, as so many people do not have a good understanding of how the system works, even many of my 130+ friends.

if you havnt lsed for a while, your lsp is generally 0. every drop you miss (be it worth 100 gp or 100m gp) adds to your lsp. pretend you coinshared an item worth 1100 gp mid in ge, 1000 min. each person would receive 200 gp, and the item would be put in ge for 1.1k (and would lower/raise if it did not sell right away, as the price fluctuated).
now for lootshare, whoever gets the actual drop gets the full 1.1k worth (1k at min). every person there (including the person who received the drop) gets lsp equivalent to what the coinshare split would have been (200 gp), though the person that got the drop also loses the value of the item (so +200 gp lsp minus 1k gp lsp). so, 100m (min) item 5 man you'd gain 20m lsp, etc, and person who got drop would +20 -100 = -80m lsp.
now, lsp has been confirmed to move towards zero by 10% daily (mod posts on rsof when jagexl updated ls system). this is 10% of your current lsp. so take for example the person who received this 100m drop, is now -80m lsp. the first day, assuming their lsp doesnt change from use, it goes towards zero 8m lsp (10%). the next day they have -72m lsp, so they move 7.2m towards 0. if this continued for a week, their lsp would have gone down to ~39m, which is at a rate of ~52%/week.
if you have negative lsp, you cannot, ever receive a drop over 2 people with higher lsp then you in the cc. the 2 highest lsp in a clan chat (or duo) generally receive the most loot, while anyone else with positive/zero lsp can (and does) receive drops (ex. 6 man corp the other night, 0 lsp guy got spectral over 100m, 70m, 70m, 40m lsps). if you are negative, you cant get loots, unless of course you are one of the top 2 lsps. so: if on a team of 5 people, lsps are 5m, -1m, -1.1m, -5m, only the 5m and -1m person can receive loot, the others cannot ever. if team of 6, 4 people have 0 lsp, one has 5m lsp, one has -5m lsp, the -5m cannot ever get loots while everyone else can, though the 5m lsp generally gets more (bigger the difference, more dominance).

in conclusion, if you miss a drop and gain lsp, its ideal to continue using lsp daily, or you're wasting it. another way to think is: between a group of 5 friends, csing an item gains the team 100m bank value. if you lsed instead, at the moment of the drop, the team as a whole has already gained 100m, and 4 of the people have 20m lsp which can be used in other teams for higher chances of drop/payoff which is all extra profit. the person who received the drop (if its a large drop) is now negative lsp, so should either cs or go do something else, but they're gaining all that value back for doing nothing half that value a week. when they get to 5-20m lsp (depending monster hunted) its easier to just go raise it via missing a drop, but this is much more productive. example appying to me: 5 of us friends corping, one gets elly sigil free 400m. if cs would ahve been 400m, end of story. it wasnt, so the 1 person goes cs/skills for a month, the rest of us all went corp masses, and obtained 2 other elysians and 2 arcanes between the 4 of us. this, with the small loots, equated to approx 4x the value of the original drop, and then we could still go coinshare anyways with all -lsp.
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#13442999 Stop Gaining Any Unwanted Levels

Posted by FiftyAttack on 24 November 2010 - 10:48 AM

Go to skill tab:

Posted Image

Set an xp goal in any skill you don't wish to gain levels in, I'll be using an example of a defence goal:

Posted Image

Set the goal to 1 xp above your current xp. For this example I'll be setting my xp goal to 1 since I have 0 xp.
Posted Image

Now you will have a goal set at 1 xp above your current xp in your skill you don't wish to train. If you accidently start to gain xp a noise will happen and text will show up in the chat box saying you have reached your goal. This goal will tell you that your gaining xp in the skill you don't want to be gaining xp in, telling you in turn to stop training.

Posted Image

This is just a warning, it does not stop you from gaining the xp if you choose to ignore this warning.

Skills this might have a use in:

Stops pures from ruining their accounts, whether you are 1 defence or 45.

All Combat Stats: Stops skillers from gaining xp.

Dungeoneering:Not necessarily Dungeoneering itself, but rather gaining xp from having shared on, telling you to turn it off.

Any other skills!: Just put your xp goal 1 xp above your current level and you don't have to worry about gaining xp in that skill, but just need to pay attention about getting a warning!
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#13896832 Are You In The Closet?

Posted by Portugal252 on 29 March 2011 - 08:35 PM

http://img683.images...49/ddddddul.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
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#12705587 Fantabulous Tips For Dungeoneering

Posted by Cernunnos on 25 April 2010 - 09:56 AM

Posted Image
Thanks for taking this to the front page on Zybez, W13!

Hello everyone, its your good friend Robert E. Lee here and I'm posting a few tips for our new latest skill called Dungeoneering. At the moment, I am attempting to write a full guide on Dungeoneering that discusses important aspects such as tiers, challenges, bosses and monsters and other various tricks I've learned as I've been down in the dungeon. I've decided to put some tips here for you to read as I continue working on my guide.


For 8/29/10:
- Added "Special Dungeon Items Category" to tips for special items such as shadow silk hood.
- Added new tip under misc. category.

Monsters' Category:

- Pay careful attention to Forgotten Warriors! They come in different armor outfits and it tells you what attack styles they are weak against. If you find a Forgotten Warrior not wearing a top and helm, they are real weak to slash attacks. If you find a warrior wearing a chainbody and plateskirt, they're also weak to slash attacks. If you find a Forgotten Warrior wearing a platebody and platelegs, they are weak to crush attacks.

- Forgotten Mages, just like Mysterious Shades, are a major pain in the rear. Unlike most mages you fight on the surface who only use damaging spells, these guys will also lower your stats which makes fighting other things a little bit more of a challenge. Forgotten Mages, coupled with meleeing or ranging monsters, make them very difficult foes. It is advised to kill them off before killing the rest. Forgotten Mages are weak to slash attacks, always.

- Forgotten Rangers are typical monsters who hit often with their bows and should be considered a threat depending on their level. They're weak to slash attacks, always.

- Most if not all animals (eg. Giant Rat, Dungeon Spider) boast an appallingly weak attack and defense and it is rare they will beat you. They are weak to slash attacks.

- Hill Giants and Ice Giants are, despite their appearance, weak to slashing.

- Ice Trolls, like Forgotten Warriors, have various weaknesses. If you find an Ice Troll carrying no ice shield, his weakness is stabbing, crush if he is carrying one. Thrower Trolls are always weak to stabbing.

- Ice Warriors are melee and are thus weak to crush attacks.

- Ice Elementals can use all three attack styles, but are weak in all but melee. Its weakness is crush attacks.

- The zombies specialize in only 2 attack styles: Melee and ranged (throwing axes). Nothing too difficult about them, they don't seem to hit often, but they do hit hard if they do. They are weak to slashing, always.

- The skeletons specialize in all 3 different attack styles and their appearance helps you identify each one. Gray skeletons and giant skeletons are melee, yellowish skeletons with no weapons are rangers and gray skeletons with black robes are mages. They are all weak to crushing, always.

- Brutes are (or used to be) enemies who obstruct your path, forcing you to fight them if they're between you and another enemy. They're attack styles are always crush based and you can easily identify that by the mauls they always use on you. They are weak to stabbing.

- Mysterious Shades are, without a doubt, the biggest pain in the rear you will find in the dungeons. They have 2 attack styles which is ranged (looks like a yellowish-brown bolt) which causes magic-based damage and it has a magic attack which looks like a little blue ball. The heavier your armor, the more often you will be hurt. You can pray against one attack type, but it uses them both evenly so you'd only be able to block 30%-50% of the time. Kill them first after you kill any Forgotton Mages. They are weak to slash attacks.

- Necromancers are your typical Forgotten Mages, but unlike them, they are capable of conjuring up a single zombie minion which is usually stronger then the necromancer himself. When he conjures the zombie, ignore it and keep killing the necromancer, the zombie will automatically die shortly after he dies. They should be taken higher priority over Forgotten Mages, but under shades. Necromancers are weak to slash attacks.

- Animated book are real easy to dispatch and practically serve no real threat. It only attacks with magic. It is weak to slash attacks.

Boss' Category:

- Astea Frostweb is actually quite easy, once you get to understand her. She has four attacks, one is Ice Barrage which will freeze you in place, one is where she cast icicles at your feet that later explode, hurting anything within one square radius of it; think of that attack like a Carnivorous Chinchompa's. Her third attack is a simple melee strike that does hit hard, but she rarely ever uses it even if you're right up against her. Her fourth attack is conjuring an Ice Spider to fight for her and it does count as an attack since she loses her attack move when she does it. Her weakness is actually crush.

- Icy Bones is a relatively easy monster to understand. He's basically an ice troll with a strong sense of magic. He will use all 3 attack styles (which are sometimes hard to identify since he likes to use an attack which makes an icy ring underneath him that doesn't let you know what attack style it is). He has a spell which will conjure icicles mostly to either stop rangers and mages from attacking him or keep you within arm's reach of him to strike you. He also has a spell which stuns you for a moment or two. Icy Bones has a crush attack weakness, his large ice shield is proof of that.

- Gluttonous Behemoth is another relatively easy monster to defeat. He has 4 attack styles that incorporates all 3 attack types and the fourth is a trample if you move underneath him. Once he reaches a certain level of damage, he begins to eat and heal himself to full health and the only way to prevent this is to stand between him and his food source. Gluttonous Behemoth is weak to stabbing attacks.

- Luminescent Icefiend is another easy monster to defeat. It only uses ranged and magic attacks and when it recieves enough damage and multiple intervals, it encases itself in ice and starts raining icicles upon you. When you get the message saying so, you must run around the room dodging the icicles because if they hit you, they knock you down and deal a good bit of damage. His weakness is stabbing attacks.

- Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz is actually another easy boss, even easier if you have high ranged. Despite what the Smuggler says, Lakhrahnaz isn't 100% immune to ranged and magic so if you're not wanting to play a wild goose chase with it, range it near the entrance. If you're having a hard time fighting it, use a protection from Ranged prayer since it ranges you a lot. It is weak to slash attacks.

- To'Kash the Bloodchiller is a bit difficult, he uses all three attack styles and magic and ranged uses the exact same attack appearance which is him lobbing deadly snowballs at you. He has a fantastic melee attack, but prefers using the deadly snowballs instead. Every now and then, he will freeze you in place then shatter your block of ice, causing undodgable damage along with his melee attack which can be blocked. This guy was meant to have another player with you so he can break you out of the ice before To'Kash does. He is weak to crush attacks as well as magic.

- Skeletal Horde is more of a large constantly spawning monster army then it is a boss. Inside the room are 5 holes in the wall which spawn all skeleton types and in the corner closest to the door is a Divine Skinweaver. Standing on the platform the skinweaver is one will allow it to heal you, starting with tiny heals which double with each cast. The goal in this boss room is to kill enough skeletons until the skinweaver says something along the lines of "The portal is weakening, hurry and collapse it!" When that happens, go to any of the 5 holes in the wall and close it up and then resume killing skeletons to repeat the process. Since ranging skeletons appear more often then any other, you want to pray against range attacks. Remember, ALL skeletons are weak to crush attacks.

- Night-gazer is a tedious, but easy monster. In the corners of the room are unlit torches and until at least one of them is lit, you cannot hurt the boss. The more torches that are lit, the more damage you inflict. After you kill him, he takes a 2nd form which is him floating in the air. All torches remain lit on his 2nd form so all you need to do is just beat him up. Watch out for his special attack! When you see him looking like he's charging up then rising in the air slowly, step 1 square away from him! If you fail, he'll slam into the ground, hurting anyone standing next to him, causing them to fly back into the wall and get hurt a great deal of damage. Pray magic, his ranged attack is practically pitiful. He is weak to slash attacks.

- Hobgoblin Geomancer is a rather tedious boss, but not difficult to manage. He casts magic a great deal, but sometimes he'll bind you and teleport away so he can cast magic on you while you're stuck to the ground. His special attack is him casting a form of magic that has a 50/50 chance of hitting. If it does, it disables your prayer and heals him a little. If you melee, he might melee back with his stony spear. Like the other hobgoblins, he is weak to stab.

- Unholy Cursebearer is an easy, but annoying boss. He has no particular special, but his room causes your life and skills to deteriorate in multiple intervals which double whenever it hits you. His attacks mostly consist of magic and melee so magic prayers are the best choice. If you've recieved enough hits from the deterioration effect, you can restore in an unholy font, but doing so also heals the cursebearer. He is a skeleton and all skeletons are weak to crush attacks.

- Bulwark Beast is basically a tank with armor you can just break off. Before you begin the fight, you MUST have a pickaxe to break his armor because without it, all of your attacks will be useless. On the top of the screen is his armor bar and when you attack him with a pickaxe, his gauge decreases. When it is gone altogether, switch to your weapon and finish him off. His magic attack is pretty deadly so pray magic when you fight. He is weak to crush attacks.

- Lexicus Runewright, quite possibly the most annoying boss for you to fight! He has a natural ability which deflects 30% of all melee damage back at you and he boasts a real high defense. He is known as a Libraromancer conjuring books instead of the dead to fight for him. His book minions specialize in all 3 attack styles and prayers will not stop them from hitting you anyway. They look pathetic, but they pack a mighty punch on all 3 styles, but fortunately have 10 hitpoints making them the easiest minion to kill. Lexicus's strategy is also annoying as well. When the fight begins, he'll summon a small army of 1-5+ books to fight. Its advised to kill the books first before concentrating on the boss. His attack styles seem to be magic and melee and he uses magic a lot so its advised to pray against it. After a couple moments, he'll shout "Book barrage!" And when he does, kamikaze books appear to bomb you. After he shouts, get as far away from him as possible, wait for the books to explode then resume fighting. He may do this a second time then teleport away to another section of the room, conjuring more minions and resuming the whole fight process. Bring as much food and a skinweaver if you can if you're in a 5:5 team, chances are you WILL run out of food and prayer before the fight is over! His weakness is ranged (which he can't deflect which is good) and slash attacks.

- Rammernaught may look like an easy picking, but fighting him in an even melee match will prove to be your downfall! His normal attacks are always crush based that seem to have no problem hitting through your defense. After a while, he'll start to use special attacks which is him spinning his big mace around, potentially knocking even backwards and stunning them which lasts a long time. He'll then go to one of the targets (if you're in a team. Otherwise, its just you) and use a different normal-special attack that stops your prayers and lowers your defense. The Smuggler's advice is also true: If you use ANY prayer/ancient curse on him, his special attacks will increase in frequency. His other move is a charge which he'll let you know in a loud shout and a long wait. After a while, he'll rush at you at high speed. Its advises you back into a corner so he'll hit the wall and stop the charge. If he hits you, you're stunned and he does the defense lowering attack again. His weakness is stab and magic.

- Sagittare is perhaps the easiest boss down in the dungeon. Do not be afraid of his spiral room, it only postpones is death! He uses a ranged prayer throughout the fight, making him 100% immune to your ranged attacks and since he's naturally wearing leather armor, he's also hard to kill with magic. The only way to kill him the quickest is with melee, so run up and beat him up! After a while of damaging him though, he'll tell you to back off then shout arrow rain then teleport away from you. His normal attacks is a simple arrow attack that, if it hurts you, stops you from running and he also has a magic attack which stops you from moving at all if it hits so its wise to have protection from magic turned on. When he says "arrow rain" he shoots an arrow into the air which seem to multiply into a shower and come down and hit anything within 2 squares of where it was shot, causing undodgable damage which stops you from running. He is weak to slash attacks.

- Shadow-forger is a tough opponent, but not difficult to kill. He uses all 3 attack styles, but his ranged attack which is him spewing multiple gobs of goo all over the room causes undodgable damage, regardless if you're praying or not. His special attack is him charging up with a golden light surrounding him before shooting it at you. While he's charging, hide behind one of the 4 pillars he's attached to. Failing to do so will not only cause massive damage, but also severely lower your combat stats to the point you're practically useless against him. Don't hide behind the pillars forever either, shadows appear at your feet and attack you constantly. His melee attack is extremely deadly so pray against it. He is weak to slash attacks.

- Bal'lak the Pummeler is a relatively easy boss to manage in combat. Unlike his other demon boss brothers, his attacks mostly consist of melee instead of magic attacks so prayer against melee is a top choice. His special ability is while you keep fighting him, his defense level rises and when the defense bar reaches its peak, he's virtually impossible to hit unless he's low leveled. He sometimes casts a spell that opens up "portals" on the floor that does constant damage if you stand on them. If you lure him to stand on the portal, his defense gauge will decrease slowly. He is weak to slash attacks.

- Gravecreeper is another easy boss. His attacks are only ranged and melee so prayer against ranged is wise since he uses it a lot. A lot of times, he'll cast this spell on the floor, causing purple bubbles to surround him, meaning you'll get hurt constantly while meleeing the boss. The best choice is to step away and see if you can lure him from the portal he made before continuing the fight or simply range attack him. At certain intervals of damage, he'll run into a plinth and disappear, hiding him in a couple now-glowing tombs. You can either bless them and smoke him out or wait for him to come out on his own accord, but that would mean the glowing plinths would explode and unleash a constant damage portal around them. Since he is actually a zombie, he's also real weak to slash attacks.

- Runebound beast is a special kind of monster and it is wise to bring ranged or magic equipment along with melee when you fight. He uses all three attack prayers at the same time, making him completely indestructible, unless you deactivate these special stones in the room. Each stone deactivates one of its prayer depending on the stone. An example would be if you deactivate the Stone of the Warrior, the monster's melee prayer is turned off. Be quick though and attack because his prayer turns back on after a while, but the stone doesn't reactivate for another couple minutes. He attacks depending on what you're weak to. If you're in melee armor, he'll mage you and if you pray against that, he'll range you. His special attack is real deadly, conjuring up a large energy globe and lobbing it at you, the globe breaking off to multiple mini-globes that fall and hurt anything standing near it. The best strategy when he's charging is to run around him and get behind him so his specials will miss. He is weak to slash and crush.

Magic Category:

- High Alchemy is a real good spell down here in the dungeons! Using High Alchemy on an item yields about 2x the gold had you sold it to the Smuggler's shop. It also helps if you're gathering things from either fallen monsters or resource gathering so you can convert the items to gold instead of returning to the Smuggler. This spell also really shines in members' servers because more expensive items like Blue Charms will appear which you can also use the spell on; the Blue Charm can yield 10k-12k when you use High Alchemy on it.

- If you got the quests completed (Lunar Diplomacy and/or Dream Mentor) and have the appropriate magic level, it would be wise to craft runes needed to cure poison. Furnished and Abandoned floors tend to be crawling with poisonous Dungeon Spiders.

Special Dungeon Items Category:

- The Shadow Silk Hood is arguably the most useful item to have in the dungeons. With the hood equipped, it renders your character invisible to all humans, still living and undead. If you find a room full of hill giants, skeletons and forgotten warriors and rangers, they will not notice you and allow you to pass through them. Some monsters can still see you and will attack. The monsters include all animals, mysterious shades, hobgoblins, ice elementals, ice warriors, magic-casting skeletons, forgotten mages and necromancers. Watch out for Forgotten Mages and Necromancers! Of all the other detecting monsters, these two will disable the effects of the hood, revealing you to all other monsters in the room that couldn't see you. If you have the hood, kill them first above all others.

Items Category:

- Spears do not yield such a high strength bonus like the 2H or the maul, but they are extremely versatile! Spears have the 2nd fastest attack in the dungeon, second only to daggers. What makes them real good though is that it has all three attack styles, meaning no monster or boss is strong against you because your spear can expose any weakness. It has a moderately good strength bonus and attack bonuses too and can hold its own in combat.

- Do not ignore gauntlets and melee boots! With one metal bar, you can get a single piece of armor that boosts your strength for harder hits. It is advised to get gauntlets before boots though because gauntlets give more strength bonus then the other.

- If you have 5 metal bars, do not make a platebody first! A full helm and platelegs actually offer more defense then a platebody, yet require the same amount of bars.

- Poison is love! If you have the proper herblore level, you can make weapon poisons which you can add to your arrows, daggers or spears. This is highly advised as it could give you an edge in combat. If you want to wipe the poison off, simply weave some cloth using salve nettles and using it on the poisoned weapon.

- Mine and smith ANYTHING you can find, it will raise your defenses no matter what it is and you can sell later when you find better armor or weapons.

- An option is that you can bind arrows instead of runes. Arrows are hard to make and come by as well as being particularly expensive so are oftentimes worth being bound over nature runes. (UPDATE) Due to a recent update, casting alchemy spells on bound items is no longer possible. It is advised to just bind nature runes and use alchemy spells on all items monsters drop for money.

Skills Category:

- Before you give up on a door that requires you to have a level higher then what you have, take a step back and check to see if any of your skills can be boosted with a potion. If you can boost your skill with herblore to open the door, do it! That room does count towards bonus experience and abandoning it is not a good idea.

Money Making Category:

- Three words: Air Rune crafting! At a minimum of 44 Runecrafting, you can buy rune essence at 50 gold a piece, craft air runes and sell for 12 a piece. At 44 runecrafting, you can craft up to about 4 air runes which means you profit by selling 5 runes for a total of 60 gold which makes 10 gold profit. The higher your runecrafting level (55>66>77>88>99), the more profit you will gain from runecrafting air runes! This tip is particularly useful if you're low on money and you need to buy some materials for armor. (UPDATE) As of the release of the occult floors, air runes have been nerfed and no longer allow profit when crafting.

- Before you go off and sell the charms you don't need, check to see if you can turn them into summoning pouches first! They sell for a little more then the charm alone. You can profit a little if you buy the materials to craft the pouch, but you make total profit if you find the materials instead.

Misc Tips/Strategies Category:

- Do not ignore the opportunity to use Summoning Obelisks! In members' servers, monsters and bosses are very powerful and some bosses are near impossible to defeat without some form of help. Believe you me, summoning a high leveled Skinweaver could mean the difference between winning and losing when it comes to boss fights.

- Try and get artisan and gatherer ring tiers to at least level 5! Both rings allow you to receive reduced damage from failed attempts at skilling things such as fishing vile fish or failing to burn the debris in a skill door or failing to mine stone from a wall then failing to craft stone weapons for statues. The gatherer ring also enables you to get more raw resources, meaning you may have the potential to mine 10 ores instead of just 5. The artisan ring enables you to save one resource when crafting with it. An example would be if you made an argonite platebody, you may just end up using 4 bars instead of the usual 5.

- Prestige is actually a lot easier to understand then how JaGex explained it! If you're on the 20th floor and you've explored the others previously, leave the dungeon and return to the lobby. Open up your party interface and look at the bottom of the window that shows "Current Progress" and "Previous Progress". If current progress is at 20, click the reset button near it and select yes when a prompt appears. Your previous progress will now be 20, and any floors you explore again from 1 up you will gain even more experience in.

I have more tips, but I'll leave these for you for now.

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#13132248 How To Get 1.45M Profit A Day In 45 Minutes

Posted by HAR on 18 August 2010 - 11:03 AM

Welcome to HAR's guide on:
How to get 1,450,000gp Profit
a day in 45 Minutes!

Posted Image Posted Image

The first ever guide to win "Most Informative" and "Best Overall Guide" categories in a single GOTQ competition!

I've always been a player who hasn't had much time to play RS. Therefore I was rarely able to go on many hour long Boss Trips to get much needed cash with which I could train skills and generate even more wealth. So I had always been somewhat "limited" to playing quests, completing Area Diaries unlocking areas and new abilities.

I had always hoped for a single, difficult quest, which if completed would give you access to a large money generator. One such quest never was released. However over a period of time, I began to notice that Jagex had been releasing a series of money making "facilities" all along, not along with a single quest, but over time with many quests and diaries or areas.

So this guide is mostly, but not totally, based around small tasks you can do each day in a routine method which can earn you big cash at the end. I did use and check out some ideas from other game guides and fan-sites to see if some of the tasks they proposed were worth doing. I am fully aware that these are not 'new concepts' however all the previous "guides" or "tips" I have read have merely stated only a fraction of the total number of tasks possible and in no particular order.

What my guide does, separating it from others, is include far more little tasks you can complete and puts them into an appropriate order forming this inclusive routine, which when totally completed can generate you sometimes in excess of 1.45M gp per day in less than 45 minutes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide and I hope it is beneficial to you;
[email protected]~



Firstly, this guide does work. I'm quite a skeptical person when it comes to something that seems too good to be true. As I've said, I was never a fan of just staying online doing the same thing for hours on end to make money (plus the fact my luck with drops was never very good) nor was I a fan of merchanting. For some reason I would go in with 10M and come out with 5, it just didn't work. So late 2009, I had read a few tips connected it with stuff I, myself knew about the game and linked the ideas together to come up with this guide. So coming from someone who is quite conservative when it comes to spending money to make money, it might just encourage you to try this.

This guide is almost purely based around tasks you can do once a day. There are a few other little additions or things you can do more than once a day but this routine will give you a healthy return if you do it correctly and completely. Therefore I can confirm now that it involves:

  • NO Player-to-Player Merchanting.
  • NO repetition of tasks and clicking for hours on end.
  • NO luck whatsoever.

The process itself is exceedingly efficient. Since it requires absolutely no luck at all, you will always profit. Pound for pound, it is probably one of the most reliable and efficient methods of earning cash possible.


Quests, Tasks, Abilities -&- Skills:

I will not kid you, there are a LOT of requirements for this to work to its fullest extent. As you may have guessed, this is Members Only so F2P players - sorry guys, no dice.

Since there are so many, I will just list them in alphabetical order however I will break them down into Quests, Diaries, Abilities and then finally, Skills. You don't have to have completed all of them, some of them are merely for easier transport - you can always try and do the sections of the guide you do have access to, but don't expect such a grand reward if you have to miss sections out.

Due to the update which introduced the Elite Tasks, the rewards can be even greater. However only a limited number of players will have all the necessary skills. I consider myself quite high leveled with a 2050+ total and I can't complete a single one. Since the majority of people can't complete these quests, I won't include them as part of the main routine because by doing so the guide will still apply to many more players. For those who are interested in Elite Diaries' rewards, read the section below the Routine.


1. As A First Resort » Access to the Oo'glog facilities.
2. Druidic Ritual » For the ability to clean dirty herbs.
3. Eadgar's Ruse » For the ability to use the Trollheim Teleport.
4. Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift » Access to the Fairy Rings without a Dramen Staff (can be done with only FTP2 done).
5. The Fremennik Trials » Access to the Rellekka facilities.
6. Ghosts Ahoy » For the ability to use the Ectophial Teleport.
7. The Hand in the Sand » To be able to receive sand deliveries from Bert.
8. Horror from the Deep » Access to the Lighthouse facilities.
9. The Lost Tribe » Access to Nardok's Bone Weapon Shop.
10. Lunar Diplomacy » Access to the Lunar Island facilities.
11. Monkey Madness » Access to the Ape Atoll facilities.
12. Mourning's End Part I » Access to the Lletya facilities.
13. My Arm's Big Adventure » For use of the disease free herb patch.
14. Plague City » For the ability to use the Ardougne Teleport.
15. Recipe for Disaster » For the ability to use the RFD Chest and the Ape Atoll Teleport.
16. Royal Trouble » For maximum kingdom resource gathering.
17. Shilo Village » Access to the Shilo Village facilities.
18. Tree Gnome Village » For the ability to use the Spirit Tree network.
19. Watchtower » For the ability to use the Watchtower Teleport and access to the Gu'Tanoth facilities.
20. Wolf Whistle » For the ability to summon a Magpie.


1. Ardougne Cloak 3 » For the Monastery and Allotment Teleports, Wizard Cromperty's 150 Pure Essence and Yanille teleport.
2. Explorer's Ring 3 » For the Cabbage Teleport.
3. Fremennik Sea Boots 3 » For item deposit at Peer the Seer and faster approval rate gaining at your kingdom.
4. Karamja Gloves 3 » For Dell Monti's 40 Pineapples, Shilo Village Teleport and half price boat rides.
5. Seer's Headband 3 » For Geoffry's 120 Flax.
6. Varrock Armour 3 » For the GE Teleport and for buying 64 Battlestaves from Naff.


1. Access to Entrana » No combat gear allowed.
2. Ali Morrisane's Rune Stores » Access to his Elemental and Other Runes Stock.
3. Access to Oo'glog via Charter Ship » For quick access to Oo'glog from Port Sarim.
4. The Home Teleport set to Lumbridge » In order to save runes when teleporting to Lumbridge.
5. The Varrock Teleport set to the GE » For quicker access to Varrock city, the GE, the Spirit Trees and the Fairy Ring.
6. The Watchtower Teleport set to inside Yanille » For quicker access to Bert and the Magic Guild after teleporting.
7. Your House should be located at Rellekka » For easiest access to the Fremennik area without using inventory space.


1. 62 Farming » For planting Kwuarm, Snapdragon, Papaya and Whiteberry plants.
2. 59 Herblore » For ability to clean Kwuarm and Snapdragon herbs.
3. 66 Magic » Wizards Guild Entry and Teleport Spells.
4. 47 Summoning » For being able to summon a Magpie.
5. 45 Woodcutting » For cutting down Maples with a Rune Axe in your kingdom.

Necessary Gear -&- Equipment:

The items you will need to wear are mainly just for small bonuses that are provided by the Task equipment. The inventory is mostly filled with runes and different means of transportation around the map - and of course, the money that you will require to buy the listed items. All of the required gear is listed as follows:

http://img163.images...cewar110529.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


  • Seers Headband 3
  • Ardougne Cloak 3
  • Seal of Passage
  • Rune Axe (or a greater/lesser equivalent)
  • Varrock Armour 3
  • Karamja Gloves 3
  • Fremennik Sea Boots 3
  • Explorer's Ring 3


  • 21 Air Runes
  • 9 Water Runes
  • 17 Law Runes
  • 1 Nature Rune
  • 5 Earth Runes
  • 8 Fire Runes
  • 4x Kwuarm Seed
  • 1x Snapdragon Seed
  • 4x Limpwurt Seed
  • Magpie Pouch
  • Elf Teleport Crystal (1+)
  • Ectophial
  • Monkey Greegree
  • Games Necklace (1+)
  • Ring of Dueling (1+)
  • Light Source
  • 1,750,000gp

If you are going to use this for your first time, ensure all Herb Patches have Toadflax/Kwuarms planted, the Disease-free Herb Patch has Ranarr/Snapdragon planted, Fruit Tree Patches have Papayas, Berry Bushes have Whiteberries and finally Tree Patches have Willow Trees planted and fully grown.

If you chose to repeat this method the trees and bushes will remain, you'll only need to replant the Herbs and Limpwurts each time, something you can do after your harvest at each patch.

The Method:


This routine includes buying stock from Personalized Shops and then selling them on for profit at the GE. The reason why its easier is merely because the Shop prices are always stable and predicable - they restock over 24 hours and will always remain constant and will increase predictably as you buy a certain number of their stock. Therefore you can check up on GE prices just before you do the routine so you know exactly how many of the stocked shop item you need to buy to get a profit, every time, without buying too many of the item and making a loss.

So, before you go through the steps, check and write down the MID GE Prices of the following items - since these are the most unstable and the buying price of the items, when you start buying them out, can exceed the selling price - I'll obviously update this from time to time but since I am retired this probably won't be done too often. Bear in mind some items may crash and "should" be added to the following list but since I won't be update to date with all these economic changes, just be wary yourself:

Most other items will always sell out of stock before they reach the item's Mid GE price - thus you will always get a profit.

Why Mid Price?
I find that I still get a reasonable profit without items taking too long to sell. Any stubborn items which aren't shifting you can merely leave over night and by the morning they will most likely have all been sold. If you know a certain item is in short supply and high demand or are willing to wait a bit longer, stick the items on Max Price for an even greater profit.

One last word - this guide won't ALWAYS give you exactly 1.45M every time. Prices WILL change, items crash and sky rocket on a daily basis and the profit margin could be affected as a result. Accept that as a fact and enjoy the 1M+ at least, I'm yet to have a run where I fall under 1M - after all you can always sell your items for Max Price instead of Mid all the time.

To illustrate the above point, here is an automatically updating spreadsheet of Items and prices to show you your net profit submitted by Divine Rice. Since I am not in control of it (and I don't think I can edit it either) it may not include all items/be totally up to date but it gives you a very good idea of roughly what you can expect.
Automatic Price Updating Spreadsheet - by Divine Rice

- means "roughly".
* - means you should check the GE Mid Price before buying.


I've broken down the stages into "Area/Task Based Chunks" to make it a bit easier reading and hopefully a bit more understandable. I've tried to make it as short and concise as possible to ensure it doesn't become confusing.

Take note, the Magpie Familiar will only last for approximately 35 minutes and can vary with how many items it will find. As a result, always be wary when your Magpie will disappear because it will drop all of the items it has when it does - so when it has around 5 minutes left, withdraw all the items and bank them. An example of the loot can be seen in this picture.

So, this is the walkthrough. Starting at the Lumbridge Bank Chest Basement and around 45 minutes later, finishing at the Grand Exchange; where you turn out 1,450,000gp richer.

Routine Video:

I was able to make this video of the Routine to prove that it does work but also to the best way of getting around things and how the Routine links together if you're finding the block of text difficult to work through.
  • Buy 300 Chocolate Bars and 50 Cooking Apples.
    • The food comes in items so you'll need to bank each inventory. Once done, pull out the runes, Light Source, Explorer's Ring (3) and a Monkey Greegree.s
    • Go through the cellar hole to the Dorgeshuun Mine and trade with Nardok.
    • Buy 300 Bone Bolts.
    • Cabbage Teleport and run South to the Dock. Deposit your Ring. Take the boat to Entrana. Run West to trade with Frincos.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Vials and 1000 Eye of Newts.


    • Teleport to Falador. Run North-West into Taverly to trade with Jatix.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Vials and 1000 Eye of Newts.


    • Home Teleport. Run North-West to the Fishing Shop to trade with Hank.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Kill a nearby Goblin or Man. Take the bones. Cast "Bones to Bananas" and keep the banana.
    Ape Atoll
    • Teleport to Ape Atoll. Run West to trade with Tutab.
  • Buy 1000 Water Runes and 1000 Earth Runes.

    Camelot -&- Catherby

    • Teleport to Camelot. Fully gear up at the bank. Deposit your Greegree. Summon your Magpie. Run South to talk to Geoffrey in the flax field.
  • Receive 120 Flax.
    • Run East to Catherby. Talk to Arhein.
  • Buy 80 Seaweed and 40 Pineapples.
    • Run East along the short to the fruit tree patch.
  • Pick and note 6 Papaya.


    • Run back to the bank. Deposit the Pineapples, Flax, Seaweed and Papaya. Pick up the seeds. Run North to the allotment.
  • Pick and note ~7 Kwuarm and 3 Limpwurt Roots.
    • Replant them with supercompost and water. Stock up on 7 buckets of supercompost.
    • Teleport with the Ectophial. Run West to the allotment.
  • Pick and note ~7 Kwuarm and 3 Limpwurt Roots.
    • Replant them with supercompost and water.
    • Operate the Ardougne Cape 3 to teleport to the Ardougne Allotment.
  • Pick and note ~7 Kwuarm and 3 Limpwurt Roots.
    • Replant them with supercompost and water.
    • Teleport to Trollheim. Run down the mountain, into the stronghold and up onto My Arm's farming plateau.
  • Pick and note ~7 Snapdragon.
    • Replant it with supercompost.
    • Use an Elf Crystal to teleport to Lletya. Run east to the fruit tree patch.
  • Pick and note 6 Papaya.
    • Run to the bank. Deposit the Elf Crystal, Ectophial and Papaya.
    • Operate the Explorer's Ring 3 to Cabbage Teleport. Run North to the allotment.
  • Pick and note ~7 Kwuarm and 3 Limpwurt Roots.
    • Replant them with supercompost and water.
    Port Sarim -&- Void Knight Outpost
    • Run South to Port Sarim into the Rune Shop to trade with Betty.
  • Buy 300 Water Runes, 300 Earth Runes and ~7 Death Runes*.
    • Run South to the Fishing Shop to trade with Gerrant.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Run South-East and sail to the Void Knight Outpost. Run South to the Rune Shop to trade with a Squire.
  • Buy 1000 Water Runes, 1000 Earth Runes and ~70 Death Runes*.
    • Run to the bank. Deposit your Kwuarms, Snapdragons and Limpwurt Roots.
    • Sail back to Port Sarim. Run to the Southern Dock. Take a Charter Ship to Oo'glog. Run West to trade with Chargurr.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Raw Bird Meat.
    • Jump in the Salt Spring just North. Run South-West to trade with Frawd.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Run East to the Bank. Deposit the Raw Bird Meat.
    Al Kharid
    • Operate the Ring of Dueling and teleport to the Duel Arena. Run South to talk to Ali Morrisane.
  • Buy 300 Water Runes, 300 Earth Runes and ~70 Death Runes*.
    • Run South-East to the cactus patch.
  • Pick and note 3 Cactus Spines.
    • Run South-West to Shantay Pass to trade with Shantay.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Use the bank chest. Deposit the Cactus Spines and Ring of Dueling.
    • Teleport to Ardougne. Run North-East to talk to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Receive 150 Pure Essence.
    • Run West to trade with Aemad.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Vials of Water.
    • Operate the Ardougne Cape 3 to teleport to the Monastery. Run just East.
  • Pick and note 4 Whiteberries.


    • Teleport back to Ardougne. Run South-East to the Dock. Sail to Karamja. Run South to the fruit tree patch.
  • Pick and note 6 Papaya.
    • Run South of the main building to talk to Dell Monti.
  • Receive 40 Pineapples.
    • Activate the Karamaja Gloves 3 and Clap teleport to Shilo Village. Run South to trade with Obli.
  • Buy all packs for 1000 Vials and 1000 Vials of Water.
    • Run East to the Fishing Shop to trade with Fernahei.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Climb upstairs and trade with the Slayer Master.
  • Buy 3000 Unfinished Bolts* and 3000 Broad Arrow Heads*.
    • Drop downstairs to the bank. Deposit the Pineapples, Papaya, Whiteberries, Pure Essence, Unfinished Bolts and Broad Arrow Heads.
    Yanille -&- Gu'Tanoth
    • Teleport to Yanille and run North-West to talk to Bert.
  • Receive 84 Buckets of Sand.
    • Run East and up to the second floor of the Magic Guild to trade with the Magic Store Owner.
  • Buy 1000 Water Runes, 1000 Earth Runes and ~700 Death Runes*.
    • Run out and South around the City. Run into Gu'Tanoth marketplace to trade with the (green) Herblore Ogre Merchant.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Vials and 1000 Eye of Newts.

    Rellekka -&- Lunar Island

    • Teleport to your House. Run North to the town marketplace to trade with the Fishmonger.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Run just West to trade with Sigmund the Merchant.
  • Buy all packs for 300 Vials and 300 Vials of Water.
    • Run North-West and sail to Lunar Island. Run North-West into the City to trade with Melana Moonlander.
  • Buy all packs for 1000 Vials.
    • Run North to the Chicken House to trade with Baba Yaga.
  • Buy 1000 Water Runes, 1000 Earth Runes, ~200 Death Runes* and 20 Battlestaves.
    • Run South into the bank. Deposit the Battlestaves. Operate the Games Necklace to the Barbarian Outpost. Run North and up the Lighthouse to trade with Jossik.
  • Buy all packs for 1000 Vials, 1000 Vials of Water and buy 10 Greenman's Ales.

    Varrock -&- Kingdom

    • Teleport to the GE. Run South-East to talk to Naff.
  • Buy 64 Battlestaves.
    • Run South-East to trade with Aubury.
  • Buy 300 Water Runes, 300 Earth Runes and ~7 Death Runes*.
    • Teleport back to the GE. Run North-East to the Spirit Tree. Teleport to the Gnome Stronghold and just East to the fruit tree patch.
  • Pick and note 6 Papaya.
    • Teleport from the Stronghold to the Tree Gnome Village. Follow Elkoy out of the maze. Run South-West to the fruit tree patch.
  • Pick and note 6 Papaya.
    • Teleport back to the GE. Run North-West to trade with the Zamorak Mage.
  • Buy 1000 Water Runes, 1000 Earth Runes and ~70 Death Runes*.
    • Run South to the Fairy Ring. Travel via "CIP" to your Kingdom. Cut a few maples for popularity. Run East to trade with the Etceterian Fishmonger.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Run South-West to the bush patch.
  • Pick and note 4 Whiteberries.
    • Run West to trade with the Miscellanian Fishmonger.
  • Buy 1000 Feathers.
    • Work your way up the castle and talk to Advisor Ghrim.
  • Receive (best consistent combination) 1250 Flax and 270 Coal.
    • Teleport back to the GE - withdraw everything you've collected and sell them at your leisure.

The pictures in the "Rewards" section are taken directly from this run which can be seen below.

Bear in mind, I only took 1,700,000gp on this run - and this was the day I found out that Battlestaves from Baba Yaga were 7,000gp each constantly (and didn't raise in price the more you bought), and I therefore bought 20 instead of 16 ... so when I came to buy other supplies I ran out of cash and had to go get some to buy what I missed. Thats why I raised the cash from 1,700,000gp to 1,750,000gp.

Elite Task Profit Boosters:

The Elites Diaries require extremely high levels in some very difficult skills to train - and since you can still get a very solid profit without them, I didn't want to include them in the main Routine since it wouldn't apply to as many people. However for information on how the Elite Diaries can boost your profits further - read below.

  • Seers Headband - Level 4
  • When you talk to Geoffrey, instead of 120 Flax a day, you are given 200 Flax. This increases your profit by an extra 7,000gp.
  • You can get 200 Coal planted directly in your bank. This increases your profit by 55,000gp extra.

Additional Profit Boosters:

There are a number of small things you can chose to do to increase the profit you have even further. These are optional and depend on the time that you have available. If you need the extra cash and/or have the extra time to spare, these can be ideal for you. Some are more time consuming than others but its totally up to you which methods you chose to employ:
  • Karamja Gloves - Level 4
    • When you obtain pineapples from Del Monti, you can run East and down to the TzHaar area. By talking to the banker, he will give you 8,000 TokKul. Since an Uncut Onyx Gem (after the Personal Shops update) costs 2.7M TokKul but around 15M GP street price, the 8,000 TokKul has the equivalent price of 1,900 GP. It will take you 337 days (just under a year) to get enough Tokkul to buy an Uncut Onyx. Personally I wouldn't bother since you would have gained 488M just by doing the Routine in the same time.
  • Ardougne Cloak - Level 4
    • When you talk to Bert, instead of 84 Buckets of Sand a day, you will receive 120 Buckets of Sand. This increases your profit by an extra 12,000gp.
  • Varrock Armour - Level 4
    • When trading with Naff, you can buy 80 Battlestaves instead of 64. This increases your profit by 23,072gp extra. You will however need to take an extra 112,000gp at the start of your trip to pay for the extra 16 Battle Staves.
  • Kingdom Resource Gathering
    There are a number of different ways you can distribute your Resource Gathering workers on your Kingdom. Profits can vary depending on how much time you wish to spend with your resources, chose the method that suits you. Please refer to Zaoir's Guides to Effective Kingdom Management - Section 11: Profitable Strategies - for more information since I do not wish to plagiarize his work here.
  • Humidify
    You can cast the Dream Mentor quest reward spell, Humidify, to fill up your empty vials into water filled ones. Since you can fill 25 vials at a time, to fill 4,200 vials you need to cast Humidify 168 times. Buying 168 Astrals costs around 33k. Fires and Waters are negligble since you can use those you have bought or preferably a Steam Staff. This cost brings down your Net Profit Increase to 120,000gp extra from 150k. You also gain 10k Magic EXP.
    This one takes a lot of time to change magics and then cast however it is worthwhile if you have the time to spare.
  • Chocolate Dusting
    You can chose to grind down, with a pestle and mortar, the Chocolate Bars into Chocolate Dust. This method takes very little time do complete, costs nothing and earns you an extra 20,000gp.
  • Mage Arena Store
    You may chose to also visit Lundail at the Wilderness Mage Arena cave. He will sell you 1000 Water Runes, 1000 Earth Runes and ~200 Death Runes*. Getting there can be very dangerous and risky especially if you are carrying a lot of the items and cash listed. It is also difficult to get to and I chose not to include it in the main routine, however I thought it would at least be worth a mention. It costs an extra 110k but when selling for around 150k, boosts your possible profit by an extra 40,000gp.
  • Slaying Bork
    Most Daily Tasks Tips and Guides include Bork so I might as well here. Personally I'm not a fan of it, he's difficult to kill, takes 10 minutes gearing up and killing him and your going out of your way to get to him. The main Routine gets you 32,222gp per minute, Bork gives you around an extra 15,000gp worth of items and cash in 10 minutes, which is less than 2k a minute - and not worth it. You can get an Elite Clue but again, its based on luck which I'm not a fan of. Its up to you. If you have completed the Varrock Elite Tasks, drops are improve but not fantastic still.
  • Giant Ent
    Instead of using a Magpie, you can chose to Summon a Giant Ent which gives up to 50% harvesting bonus when collecting from Bushes, Fruit Trees and Cacti. I've done some maths factoring in the luck of getting the extra harvest and the results are similar to the Magpie however due to the luck, the profit can range. Sometimes its lower than the Magpies but on a day where every harvest is 50% (unlikely), you COULD gain around an extra 5,000-10,000gp since the profit would be between 25k and 30k - the Magpies average being around 23k. The Ent CAN give you more than the Magpie - but since it depends on luck and you will very rarely - if ever get a 50% harvest on all patches - the Magpie's consistency wins in my opinion who almost always picks up items worth more than 20k.


Now onto the interesting part. I've gotten most of my runes and seeds from monster drops so that often removes a large expenditure. So the only real expense is the 1,750,000gp cash you take with you from the start - seen in this picture, also found above.

What you end up with is quite a bit different, as seen in the picture below.
I always take 1.75M in case of price fluctuations at the GE allowing me to buy more of the shop items, plus 1.75M is a fairly nice round number and easy to calculate from.






(Starting Cash)


(Leftover Cash)


Total Cash Spent

So, by spending about 1.73M, the Total End Value of all the items you've bought and obtained is as follows:

http://img714.images...cewar114020.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img714.images...cewar114022.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
http://img714.images...cewar114132.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]






(Total Value of Picture 1 & 2)


(Total Value of Picture 3)


Total Value of ALL Items







1,452,794 GP

(Total End Value)


(Total Cash Spent)


(Kingdom Wages)


Total Raw Profit

Check the maths if you don't believe it.

After spending 1,810,000gp on buying these items and on kingdom wages, I've come out with 3,262,794gp therefore making me 1,452,794gp (1.45M)
richer in less than 45 minutes.



After always hoping that Jagex would release some large money maker as a reward for completing quests and gaining advantages and access to different places in RS, its possible to run around, buying and selling items from these areas from shops to the GE for profit - taking very little time and effort at all. There will always be demand for these items making this routine, pound for pound, an exceedingly efficient, if not one of the most efficient and stable methods of making money - generating over 1.45M cash each day in less than 45 minutes.

Doing so every day for a week: 10M
Doing so every day for a month: 45M
Doing so every day for a year: 530M

Thanks for reading, enjoy;
[email protected]~


29/12/09 »


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« Adding details on the RFD Chest, Shantay Pass Feathers, Chocolate Dusting and Humidifying for extra profit.
25/11/10 »

Lt Rhapthorn

« Adding details on buying Greenman's Ales from Jossik at the Lighthouse.
25/11/10 »


« Adding details on buying Bone Bolts at the Goblin Mine.
25/11/10 »

Divine Rice

« Engineering an automatically updating spreadsheet of Profits.

Update List -&- Achievements Archive:

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20/08/10 » Official Guide renovations completed.
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#13623156 It's Over

Posted by Matt on 17 January 2011 - 05:58 PM

As of now (If honored by both sides) the Crash war (Involving RoT, TT, DF, CoR, EoS, VR) is now over.
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#14442473 [+10 Boost] Summon + Agility Effigys!

Posted by Tayyab on 05 October 2011 - 11:05 AM

For this to work you'll require someone who can edit your clan citadel and a battlefield in the clan citadel.

Tell whoever is able to edit the clan citadel to edit the battlefield to add in a Power-up (stats) tile, you will need to create 2 of these tiles, one for agility and summoning if your require your stats boosted in these both levels.

http://img59.imagesh...11005174935.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] http://img810.images...11005175350.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Once both tiles are created, join or initiate battle, and stand on the powerup tiles for your +10 boost in whichever skill and then use your effigy for the experience!
(This way you can complete the effigys at levels 81, 83, 85 and 87 summoning/agility)
http://img135.images...11005175633.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/7730/111005175859.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Pm [EoP]Tayyab if you are interested in using our citadel for this and I will let you.

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#13531329 One Free Elite Clue

Posted by Tact on 22 December 2010 - 02:25 PM

Credit for this tip goes to Colifin, who discovered and posted this additional reward it on the RSOF. (QFC: 160-161-228-62049943)

Before you go searching, make sure your Game chat is set to on, not Filter. Also do not wear any metallic armor that would interfere with the Alerter's function.

Only one of these 4 possible locations will hold your clue. The location is random for each person.

Requirements: Completed Do No Evil, Ava's Alerter, Spade

Reccommended: Lletya teleport crystal, antipoison, food

Equip Ava's Alerter and start in Lletya. Run west out of Lletya, cross the tripwire, and go through the dense forest to the northwest (not over the leaves). Next, go northeast and hop over the leaves. In the next clearing your alerter should start bwuking. Dig where it bwuks four times. Enjoy your free elite clue scroll. :D I've only tried this with two people, so I'm not sure if it works for everyone. I'd like your feedback to see if it works for most people. Who knows how many of these spots are out there?

If this doesn't work for you, you may want to try the one on Lunar Isle. See the posts below.


Okay, so one of the people that it didn't work for in the elven lands found one on Lunar Isle, on the southwest part of the island. It's worth checking out.

It appears that you either have the elf one, or the lunar one. The lunar one does not work for me, but the elf one did.

There are probably more places in the world, perhaps every person has one of these places assigned to them. Let's see if we can find them all!


A third possible location for your clue is on the iceberg north of Rellekka. Take the boat north from the rock crabs.


A fourth possible location is in Meiyerditch:



Q: Will I need to complete Do No Evil to find my elite clue, or only do the quest up the point where I get an alerter?

A: You will need to complete the entire quest before you can find your clue. (confirmed by towelly)
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#12310161 Cj's Skilling Log

Posted by Wicked Cj13 on 27 December 2009 - 09:14 PM

http://img63.imagesh...">approved host.]Posted Image
Posted Image

http://img28.imagesh...aboutmetext.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Real Life

My name is Connor. I'm 19 years old and I'm almost finished with my second semester of college. My major is Computer & Information Science. I don't have a job right now, but I'm looking for one.

Some things that I like to do in my spare time are bowling, play console games (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed games), and obviously play Runescape.

I love animals, I have two labrador retrievers, one yellow and one black.


I started playing Runescape in early 2007 on the account Sir Cj91. I played on this account for around 10 months, in that time I achieved 99 woodcutting. In November 2007, I lost interest in Runescape and quit.

I decided to log into Runescape one day in February 2008. I began playing Runescape again, but wanted to start fresh with a new account. This is when I made my current account, Wicked Cj13. I was a level 3 skiller for around 11 months, in this time I achieved 99 firemaking, mining, fishing, and cooking. I decided to get combat up on January 10, 2009, since I didn't see the point in being a level 3 skiller anymore.

I'm not going to go over all the 99s I've gotten right now, I'll save that for a later section, but this is when I started to achieve a lot on Runescape.

http://img834.images...rkingontext.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

After finishing 200m mining experience, I wanted another big goal to go for, but I really didn't feel like training one skill for years again. This is why I have decided to go for a high amount of farming experience. I can do farm runs every day, and still train other skills. I am hoping to get 200m farming experience eventually, but it won't be for a very long time, especially since I don't have much money to spare right now.

I will be growing maple trees, papaya trees, and herbs for extreme potions/overloads. I will also do some Livid Farm once in a while, but not a lot, as I would rather train other skills like runecrafting to make money.

Farming Achievements

25M Farming Experience
26M Farming Experience
27M Farming Experience
28M Farming Experience

Making nature/blood runes is currently my only way of making money, so this is what I will probably be doing most of my time on Runescape, since I will be needing a lot of money for future plans. My method for this skill is graahking nature runes.

Posted Image

Runecrafting Achievements

20M Runecrafting Experience

Now that Jagex has released the maxed cape, I finally have a reason to get the rest of the 99s needed for maxed total (2475, not 2496).

Most of the skills I have left to get to 99 are combat skills. I will be training ranged, attack, defence, strength, and hitpoints via slayer. I will use the charms I get from slayer for 99 summoning, I am unsure of what I will be making for summoning.

I will use money I make from slayer or runecrafting for training prayer. I'll be using dragon bones on my gilded altar.

I will train dungeoneering by soloing or duoing with a friend.

I also have fletching left, which I will be training by cutting and stringing yew longbows.

Posted Image

Slayer Achievements

Posted Image

Ranged Achievements

Posted Image

Attack Achievements

85 Attack
86 Attack

Posted Image

Strength Achievements

85 Strength

Posted Image

Defence Achievements

85 Defence

Posted Image

Hitpoints Achievements

88 Hitpoints

Posted Image

Prayer Achievements

77 Prayer
78 Prayer
79 Prayer
80 Prayer

Posted Image

Summoning Achievements

Posted Image

Dungeoneering Achievements

78 Dungeoneering
79 Dungeoneering
80 Dungeoneering
81 Dungeoneering
82 Dungeoneering
83 Dungeoneering
84 Dungeoneering
85 Dungeoneering
86 Dungeoneering
87 Dungeoneering
88 Dungeoneering
89 Dungeoneering

Posted Image

Fletching Achievements

94 Fletching
95 Fletching
96 Fletching

http://img193.images...futuregoals.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

These are goals that I have put on hold, or plan on starting soon.

I will be cutting ivy for woodcutting until the semester is over, after that, I will be switching to powercutting teaks.

Posted Image

Woodcutting Achievements

20M Woodcutting Experience
25M Woodcutting Experience

http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/3276/latestachievementtext.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Posted Image

Posted Image

May 21 - May 27 2011

This week I finished planting my pineapples, so I will now be growing papaya trees. This means I'll be getting farming xp a little bit faster from now on. I currently have about 28.6m farming xp.

I reached 200k dungeoneering tokens and purchased my chaotic rapier on Sunday. I also got 85 attack while dungeoneering this week.

After getting my rapier, I decided I didn't really want to start slaying right away. I began to make some bloods and I'm really enjoying it right now, so I think I will be sticking to runecrafting for a while. I will be using the money I make runecrafting on farming and 90 prayer.

When I learned that Surreal's next skillweek would be slayer, I went back to dungeoneering so I would have tokens to use recharging my rapier. I got over 100k tokens this week, and level 85-89 dungeoneering. I also got a few combat levels this week from dungeoneering, including 85 defence, 86 attack, and 88 hitpoints. This brought me to 119 combat.

Herbs Week #3 |86 Dungeoneering | 87 Dungeoneering | 88 Dungeoneering | 89 Dungeoneering | 88 Hitpoints | 85 Defence | 85 Attack | 86 Attack

May 14 - May 20 2011

I am still doing my daily farm runs. I achieved 28m farming experience on Thursday.

I did a bit of runecrafting, I mostly made bloods, but I used 2 or 3 Graahks also. I didn't achieve anything in runecrafting from this, though.

I also did some fletching, I continued cutting my yew longbows. While doing this I achieved level 96 fletching.
I have around 7000 more yew logs to cut, then I will begin to string the yew longbows.

Most of the time I played Runescape this week, I was dungeoneering. I'm currently going for 200k tokens for a chaotic rapier.
Once I get this, I will start slaying. I'm at about 145k tokens right now, so it shouldn't be too long before I get my rapier.
This week, I got levels 83-85 dungeoneering. I also got 85 strength while training dungeoneering. I'll be 86 dungeoneering when I reach 200k tokens, then I will stop doing dungeons
for a little while to slay.

Herbs Week #2 | 96 Fletching | 83 Dungeoneering | 84 Dungeoneering | 85 Dungeoneering | 85 Strength | 28m Farming

May 6 - May 13 2011

I will try to add a new blog entry on Friday night, every week.

I continued my regular farm runs this week, and reached 27M farming experience. I'm still
working on growing herbs for overloads, I will add a picture of my herbs on each blog entry from now on.

This week I participated in my clan's woodcutting skill week, which ran from May 2 to May 9. During this competition, I achieved 25M woodcutting experience. I cut ivy for most of the competition, since I've been busy with homework, but I also cut some teaks.

Once the skill week ended, trained runecrafting for a bit, which got me to 20M runecrafting experience. I crafted both nature and blood runes during this time, but from now on I will be making only blood runes.

I decided to change my goal to 2475 total this week (all 99s). I banked 99 fletching, however I will be saving fletching for my last 99. I began fletching at level 93, and reached 95 this week. I trained fletching by cutting yew longbows, and stringing a couple hundred.

After getting 95 fletching, I trained some dungeoneering. I solo'd floors 35-41, then duo'd with a friend for floors 1-15. During this, I got 82 dungeoneering.

27M Farming | 25M Woodcutting | 20M Runecrafting | 95 Fletching | 82 Dungeoneering

http://img847.images...shmentstext.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


99 Firemaking was my first 99 on this account. I started to train this skill as a break from mining.
I decided to go for 99 just so I could have a trimmed mining cape right when I got 99 mining.
I regret getting this as my first 99, but oh well. I burned maple logs in Yanille or at the Grand
Exchange all the way to 99. I achieved this 99 on May 15, 2008.

[99 Firemaking Picture]

http://img156.images...makingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img709.images...miningemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


This was my second 99. When I created this account I intended to mine right to 99, getting
this as my first 99. I banked iron near yanille, and coal in the mining guild until level 90 mining.
From there I mined granite in the desert until 99, and I continued mining there until I had 16m xp.
I got 99 mining on July 3, 2008.

When the Living Rock Caverns were released I began mining gold there. I had 16m experience
in mining when I started mining there in October, 2009. I used many methods of mining gold:
banking, superheating/banking, superheating/dropping, and just dropmining. I mined there
for around a year and a half, and reached 200m experience on April 18, 2011.

[99 Mining Picture] [200m Mining]


This was my third 99. I don't remember what I did before 65, but once I hit 65 fishing,
I used fishing potions to get into the Fishing Guild, and fished lobsters. I fished lobsters
there from 65-85. At 85 I decided to switch to fly fishing in Shilo Village. I found this
boring, so once I hit 90 I went back to the guild and fished lobsters, swordfish, and
tuna. I achieved 99 fishing on November 2, 2008.

[99 Fishing Picture]

http://img854.images...ishingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img808.images...ookingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


This is one of the most boring skills there is. Cooking was my fourth 99. Although
I'm not very proud of this 99, I am proud of the fact that I got this 99
without buying any of it. All of my xp came from the lobsters, swordfish,
and tuna that I caught for 99 fishing. I got this 99 on November 8, 2008;
six days after achieving 99 fishing.

[99 Cooking Picture]


Hunter was my fifth 99. I started to catch red chinchompas right when I hit
63 hunter, and caught them all the way to 99. I enjoyed this skill at first,
but when I was 92 I got bored, and quit hunting for two months. During
that time, I also gained combat. In early February of 2009, I began to
hunt again. I got this 99 on February 14, 2009.

[99 Hunter Picture]

http://img688.images...hunteremote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img197.images...armingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


99 farming was my sixth 99. I started farming before I got 99 mining.
I was originally only getting 30 for a quest, but once I got 30, I just
kept farming because I really enjoyed it. I mostly grew maple trees
and papaya trees, but I did try others. I also grew snapdragons to
help pay for the skill. 99 farming took me a very long time, since I
didn't spend a ton of money on it. I finally achieved 99 farming on April 14, 2009.

[99 Farming Picture]


This was my seventh 99. When I decided to go for 99, I was 82
woodcutting. I had been cutting willows, but once I decided to
get 99, I switched to cutting teaks on Ape Atoll. I used the Inferno
Adze while getting 99 woodcutting, so I also achieved 18m firemaking
xp during this goal. I got this 99 with farming on April 14, 2009.

[99 Woodcutting Picture]

http://img846.images...uttingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img3.imagesha...rcemoteback.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


Runecrafting was my eighth 99. I am very proud of the fact that I
never used ZMI. I crafted nature runes using the Graahk
method from 70-82 runecrafting. At 82, I crafted double astral r
unes. I did this until 87, From 88-91 runecrafting I crafted blood
runes via the abyss. Finally, I had achieved 91 runecrafting.
Obviously, once I hit 91, I went back crafting nature runes using
Graahks. I achieved this 99 on September 28, 2009.

[99 Runecrafting Picture]


This was my ninth 99 skill. I had not planned on getting 99 thieving
when I did. I started to train it because I had entered the thieving
Achievement Skilling Competition. I started the competition at 87
thieving. I played the Pyramid Plunder mini-game to get this 99.
I gained 10 million xp during this week-long competition, which
got me to 99, and also first place in the competition. I achieved
99 thieving on October 13, 2009.

[99 Thieving Picture]

http://img215.images...ievingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img820.images...rbloreemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


99 Herblore was my tenth 99. I trained most of it with herbs I grew
myself from farming. I did prayer potions from ranarrs that I grew
until 63, then I started to farm snapdragons and made super restore
potions until 85. From 85-90 I made saradomin brews from toadflax t
hat I grew. This is when I started to buy herblore with money from
runecrafting. I did prayer potions until 97, which is when the herblore
update came out. This made it very hard to buy herblore supplies,
so I stopped training for over a month. Finally I decided to finish it
off, making super restore potions from 97-99. I achieved 99 herblore
on November 25, 2009.

[99 Herblore Picture]


My 11th 99 was Smithing. At first I smelted all of the ore I mined and
made whatever I could with those bars, usually steel plates once I got
the level for them. I don't know at what level, but soon I stopped smelting
the ores I mined and bought bars to raise my smithing faster. I got to l
evel 88 smithing by making steel platebodies, using sacred clay hammers
most of the time. I then trained from 88-90 making adamant platebodies
using sacred clay hammers. I took a long break from smithing after 90,
but finally decided that since I was mining gold, I should superheat while
I mine. I superheated the gold ore I mined with goldsmith gauntlets from
90-99 smithing. I achieved 99 smithing on April 11, 2010.

[99 Smithing Picture]

http://img560.images...ithingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img812.images.../magicemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


Magic was my 12th 99, and my first combat 99. From 55 magic I just high
alched stuff I made when training other skills, such as summoning pouches,
yew longbows, and steel/adamant platebodies. I also did the circus every
week for about 18-22k magic experience. I did this until 84 magic. I started
superheating gold ore while I mined at 84 magic. This got me both 99 smithing
and 99 magic. I achieved 99 magic on April 22, 2010.

[99 Magic Picture]


Agility was my 13th 99. I don't remember what I did in the early levels, I
obviously started at the gnome course, then eventually went to the Brimhaven
Agility Arena. From 52-70 I trained at the Wilderness course. I then went to the
Ape Atoll course for 70 to about 82. From 82 to 87 or 88 I trained at the Advanced
Gnome course. From there I trained at the Advanced Barbarian course to 99.
I achieved 99 agility on June 24, 2010.

[99 Agility Picture]

http://img98.imagesh...gilityemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

http://img3.imagesha...uctionemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


Construction was my 14th 99. I don't remember what I did until 33, but at
33 I started to make oak larders. I did this until 74 construction, that's
when I switched to oak dungeon doors. I made these to 99.
I achieved 99 construction on July 12, 2010.

[99 Construction Picture]


Crafting was my 15th 99. In November/December 2008, I crafted sapphire
bracelets until 87 crafting. I then stopped and didn't craft again until 2010.
I made green dragonhide bodies from 87 to 99 crafting.
I achieved 99 crafting on September 5, 2010.

[99 Crafting Picture]

http://img856.images...aftingemote.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


I will be posting some of the Runescape videos that I make here that I think will help some people out.





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#12531491 Wanna Log Into The Runescape Website Fast?

Posted by Norman X1 on 04 March 2010 - 11:44 AM

Most Useful Runner-Up:Logging Into The RuneScape Website Quickly - Norman X1

Don't you find it annoying to type your username and password to log into the runescape website?

Method 1

1) Click this: http://img253.images...6/questicon.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
2) Click any Quest
3) click this:http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/7030/questhelp.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
4) http://img413.images...gedinforums.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Method 2:

1) Click here: http://img690.images...buttoncopie.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
2) Click here:http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/5162/forumbuttonl.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
3) You're on forums! http://img413.images...gedinforums.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Method 3:
1) In lobby, Click this: http://img145.images...ssagecentre.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] Then click where it says "Click here"
2)Logged in! http://img211.images...inmanagment.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

I tried to make this as simple as possible. Do tell if not understandings.
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#12345279 Basic Merching Using Ge

Posted by W13 on 07 January 2010 - 03:55 PM

There's no 100% correct way to merch using GE. But here are some newbie tips if you have little to no experience:

1. You can make money by buying something cheap and selling it for a higher price later.
2. Merch using items where the blue line (on the 180 days graph) has an overall upwards trend (like the example below).
3. Buy when the daily average (yellow line) falls below the 30 day average (blue line), and sell when the daily average goes above the blue line. In the financial business, a simple rule is: "If something is going up, it will continue to go up. If something is going down, it will continue to go down". Keep this in mind. If you see the graph start to go down, sell immediately. If you see the graph start to go up, buy immediately.

Posted Image
(Looking at this graph, if I was merching this item, I'd buy it right now. Look at the end of the graph on the right it is turning upwards. Perfect time to buy.)

4. Look for trends. Many items have a weekly trend where they spike on weekends, and fall on weekdays. So, buy during weekdays, sell during weekends.
5. Write down what you bought stuff for. Grand Exchange has a history but it can only contain the last few transactions. Don't depend on it.
6. Merch using items that go up and down in price, or go up only. Look at the 90 days GE graph. If it looks flat, don't bother with the item.
7. Don't trust any merching clans or merching groups. You can't really merch in a group unless one person is taking advantage of all the members.
8. Keep track of upcoming RuneScape updates (read the Dev Blogs). RuneScape updates can affect GE prices. For example, if a new pickaxe better than Dragon pickaxe is released, then the price of Dragon pickaxe will severely fall.
9. Don't be scared to sell at lowest GE price and buy at highest GE price. Just make sure that you're profitable.
10. If you are merching with a higher quantity of an item, for example you are merching with 12 Dragon platelegs, then don't put them all in one GE slot. Make use of all 6 of the slots. This increases your chances of selling an item that isn't selling easily and buying an item that's hard to buy in large quantity. There are 6 slots in the GE, so you'd put in a sell order in each slot for 2 Dragon platelegs.
11. It is better to keep a long-term invested items (like rares) rather than keep coins in your bank. The value of coins is falling all the time. Do not keep any more coins in your bank than you absolutely need to. If you don't have enough money to buy rares, then find items that gradually go up. The rule of thumb here is what I call "triple positives". Triple positives are items that have gone up in the last 30, 90, and 180 days (see pic below). Another indicator is if the yellow line is always above the blue line and (almost) never touching.

Posted Image

Please rep me up using the + icon on the right ;-) if you found this helpful
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